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Race — Elixir of Sathora (1000 Points)

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Race — Elixir of Sathora (1000 Points) Empty Tue Nov 22, 2022 3:28 pm



Name: Elixir of Sathora.

Type: Potion.

Price: 1000 Points.


Description: A mystical potion that changes the race of the user.


  • The user must state their current Base Race when purchasing the potion and the new base race that they wish to become after the purchase has been processed. If the user has a Prestige Race, they can change to a different Prestige Race.

  • If the user wishes to change their appearance as well, they may list their new face claim in their purchase post.


  • Elixer of Sathora changes the base race of the user into a different base race.


  • This potion can only be bought once per three months. If used to change Prestige Races, it becomes once per six months.

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