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Date Game [PKG]

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Looking in the mirror, she saw herself right back through her eyes as her own eyes were like mirrors. Black gems with red in them. Softly, she started to brush her white, blonde hair that was snow-flaking against her shoulder. She tried to get rid of the color black as she tried to dye it multiple times. She didn't want to wear any makeup, so she started to get dressed her sleek dress was black and red. She had see-through fleece that covered her like a cloak. It sparkled red as it shined past the black. Once she was done, she had to put on some dress shoes after some dress socks. She watched as the host started to leave and come back every so often to pick up the ladies and men playing the game. After a few hours, as she was drinking some water, she saw the host come up to her and tell her that it was her turn.


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She followed the host as she was led to a stage. She stood there, all beautiful as she looked at the doors in front of her. She could hear, and they could hear her. The host started to explain that she needed to ask the four gentlemen questions. The real game was not the fact that she would go on a date with whoever she picked, but she also had to figure out which one was human. Tell you the other three weren't human, but if they weren't human, then what were they? Were they datable in general? She went to door number one as she started to ask them questions. She was nervous at first, but then she spoke up. "My first question would be what would you do if you fell in love with someone, but that someone had to have many wives or husbands. Would you still love and be with them? Mostly if you weren't allowed to do the same?", she wondered.


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She walked through the next door as she was trying to think of what her next question will be. There are many questions that I had as she was deeply thinking about each one. Maybe she should ask more questions about them instead of the what-ifs. She knew she couldn't take back a question that she asked by the first door. She asked them what their favorite food was. "What is your favorite thing to eat and if you were allergic to something? I liked. Would you still let me eat it?", She asked randomly. Hers looked at the other doors as she was wondering what their answers will be. She knew she had asked them her four questions first. But she really wanted to know the answer. She was hoping she would answer right, but she really wanted to pick the one that she wanted to see what they were like.


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Now it's time to go to the third door. She was gently escorted to it as it was a little bit more up the stairs. Apparently they had a separate them by a larger space so they couldn't hear each other. Thankfully, she was speaking through a magical mic so all of them could hear her equally. She looked at the third door and put her hand against it, as she wanted to feel the warmness or coldness of it. Does this count as cheating? She wasn't sure, so she had to think of a question so she could go to the last door. "Are you a jealous person? If so, what would you do if a male or female started to flirt with your significant other?", That was her third question. So, she had to go to the next door, but before she did, she looked around and saw that the audience was watching them.


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She looked away from the audience and started to walk towards the 4th door. Once she was carefully escorted down the stairs and two of the more right of the stage, she then wondered what the next question will be. This was the last question, so she had to try to think of something that would make her know the difference between the beings. "What are your top three flaws about yourself? One being something you don't want anyone else to know about," She asked lastly. What about something for a moment. "You can even whisper it to me if you don't want no one else to really know," Lastly said. She turned away from the doors as she went down the stairs to go to the middle of the stage. She waited for someone to give her the answers as apparently they were gonna go buy paper. Maybe because voice will give it away?

#6Kuri the Callous 

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Kuri the Callous
The answers were clear as day as every answer was able to be put on paper. Certain answers may be sad, disappointing or even good, but that is all part of these types of games. Soon enough the paper was handed to Mishiko;

Door number 1; his answer to the first question was that he would just leave. Not even thinking about it twice. The answer to the second question, their favorite thing to eat are noodles with a side of beetle. The third answer was that he was not a jealous person. Finally, the last answer to the last question is that his appearance, species and they love eating humans.

WELL, I suppose that gives it up!

Door number 2; his answer would be that he'd kill all the others so there wasn't any competition. His second answer is that he loves meat, a lot of it. He is a jealous person as he will destroy all competition. Finally, their last answer is that he's bloodthirsty, a brute and not smart -- according to their mother?

Door number 3; his answer is that he'd make sure he was the only one you'd summon if you needed someone. Make sure he was what you really wanted, but nonetheless he'd accept it for you out of love. Second answer is that he absolutely loves sweet foods. Third answer, he'd show off 'our' love in front of them and make sure they know you're his. Their last answer; he looks human, but isn't, anger issues and possessive.

Door number 4; his answer is that he'd wonder why at first, but then want to stay friends. Second answer being that he loves pasta. Third answer, he'd break up with you if you had too much attention from interests. Lastly, he is doesn't care much for many people, lives with their mother and works for someone important.


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She read the letter as it was given to her as soon as it was done. She was curious what the answers were and then read them all due to her being a fast reader. The first one sounded non-human and disgusting in her opinion. The second one sounded aggressive, almost like her, but at the same time it just sounded like some barbarian. The third one caught her attention the most as it sounded lovely. She didn't care if he was human or not, but his answers were sweet and sounded like he was anxious. The tone of the words at least. At the bottom of the page with his apparently had a poem.

She didn't get to read it though as that section was scribbled. The fourth one sounded human, like a knight, but they could also be a demigod, a messenger for a demon or something more.

"I'll take #3, but the human is #4.", Mishiko insisted.


#8Kuri the Callous 

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Kuri the Callous
The answer was 3, number 4 is actually... Well, you don't get to know. Sadly, you lose so no extra pops for you, but you can go on your date with #3! Come on out!" they reported as the door opened. It revealed him. That damn man that seems to always appear out of no where. With his green serpent eyes and black sleek hair. Tall and wearing a suit. He smirked and held out his hand. "May I?", he asked in his velvet tone. If Mishiko decided to go, they'd have a wonderful date as he himself, is a god. As human as one could get.

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