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The Search Begins [SL]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

The Search Begins [SL] Empty Wed Oct 19, 2022 8:01 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
The soft ideals of the land permeated around the young man’s mind. His task was clear to him, but would others see it that way? The thought crossed his mind time and time again, but he felt disconnected more and more from the sinking feelings of concern. What were the thoughts and feelings of most humans….he began to think and shook his head. Casting out the invasive thought. Clinging to his humanity as he passed by a crystalline lake that showed no reflection of the mage. He knelt down and let the river flow through his fingers. The aquatic gift he had received, made the water dance and splash. It was a soothing dip into the wellspring of life. One that he wished he could sustain himself on. But his thirst was more pointed now. Made more difficult by time spent away from his love.

The wind picked up and blew past the mage. His robe fluttered in the wind as he looked back over his shoulder. A small family approached from behind. They smiled at the wind mage and he gave a careful nod back. The smile on the child’s face shifted to fear, seeing the man given the title of wizard saint but standing as a dark race. The child hid, and Kaz turned back to his task.

Without a word he quickened his pace, leaving the family behind, and emerged into the small town on the outskirts of the main city. He pulled his robe up closer to his face, concealing who he was.
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#2Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
The coat trailed behind him. The corners of the town were his friend. He cut through alleys and strayed from the light of the town. He needed to be as unseen as possible. A small doorway was open at the end of the alley. A hand stuck out and waved the mage over. Kaz approached through the door and before him was a small group of Nephilim. They had gathered her for safety. Each one with eyes full of grace.

They questioned the actions of the vampire and stood on the defensive. The only thing that prevented an attack was the title of wizard saint. Despite not being any more worthwhile than that. It had finally come in handy.

“So…how did you find your grace,” Kaz asked without hesitating. The Nephilim exchanged looks with each other. Confused about why this is what he was asking. Fear swam across their faces as they worried about what his motives may be. Kaz stepped further in and leaned on the wall. He checked to make sure there was no one else around them and his senses reached out to confirm that.

One Nephilim finally stepped forward and said that many of them didn’t know. Some of them were met with riddles. And very few were given specific tasks. Most of them hadn’t ever given it thought to become Nephilim. It was just something that happened. The neph pointed a finger at Kaz and questioned the wind mage.

Kaz sighed and replied. “I have met your maker. And he is uninterested. And I want to know why.” Ire filled the Neph’s face.

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#3Kazimir Seiryu 

The Search Begins [SL] Empty Wed Oct 19, 2022 8:01 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
He lashed out with a scolding swing of his arm, “How dare you speak of our kind!” The man yelled revealing his blind allegiance. It saddened the wind mage to hear it. To think about how blind they were to accept it, and also how ignorant he was to his own bindings with the magic council and this world.

“I just want to know about more of your kind. I don’t mean to offend,” he calmed the people down. The neph’s then pointed him in the direction of the church and said there would be more answers there. They were disgruntled but allowed the wind mage to leave unharmed. Something about it…he didn’t really care what would happen to them. At least a part of him. He stepped out and that same flash graced his face once more. His hair seemed almost white for a moment. He shook it off and headed to the church.

With one step he vanished into invisibility and crept soundlessly through the town. The abilities had suited him well in surviving and the covert mission he was on. Once at the church he saw the guards moving back and forth. Once the door swung open, Kaz dashed through as nothing more than a powerful gust rushed by the two guards. He was now within the lair of his perp.

He hurried to the depths below where he was shocked!
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#4Kazimir Seiryu 

The Search Begins [SL] Empty Wed Oct 19, 2022 8:02 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Standing in the lower areas of the church were daemons. “So it’s true,” Kaz said and became visible. “Daemons live in the basement of the church.”

The daemons whipped around to face the mage. With not much of a second thought, they all summoned blades of darkness. They explained they were atoning and finding redemption. If Kaz rose his hands and asked how they were turned. Instead of a verbal answer, the demons lashed out at the wind mage. Kaz evaded with his accelerated speed. He tried to plead that he wasn’t there for a fight. Just information. The distrustful daemons continued their attack of the shadows. The wind mage gritted his teeth. In the flurry, a blade stabbed Kaz’s side. He looked at the blade and back to its wielder. With a flash, Kaz sent the man crashing into a wall. The others dove forward. Kaz whisked around them and slashed them non-lethally. They were perhaps misguided in the rash action. Kaz flipped through the air and crashed onto the final one.

“Information…now,” he grumbled and the daemon spat out the name of the church closer to Baska and Oak. A hidden sect that dealt with other races. Kaz let the demon drop back to the floor, curious as to why a dark entity would protect the church. The deamon just grinned back and said that things are not always so clear. You will find yourself tested in many ways saint. Kaz shook his head and turned to leave when a blade of darkness stabbed his side. Kaz groaned and spun back around. With a flash of wind, he ended the demon’s life. This time it felt hollow.

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