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Mama's Home (Sofia)

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#1Lisa the Narcissist 

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Lisa the Narcissist
Mama's Home (Sofia) EXubKDi
Was she here? The love of her life? The moon to her sun? The woman Lisa had found herself so immersed in that even a being of her stature nearly faltered in her presence? Lisa gazed upon the guild as the moons light showered all that was below. Even in this macrocosm, Blue Pegasus was pulchritudinous. More minuscule, but beautiful nonetheless. Lisa kenned her own nature, she understood that she was a the epitome of narcissism and of course, she didn't cerebrate that it was a negative attribute. As such, she was determined to claim what belonged to her. In this world, in the next, and in all that subsisted beyond; Sofia was hers by the law of fate. So, the Seraphim waited patiently in the shadows consummately invisible with her hand resting under chin. She knew Sofia was at this world's Blue Pegasus...but would she emerge? Would she come to Mama? "Come to me, my second bride to be~" Lisa whispered.

Notes: Lisa is completely invisible at the cost for 500 mana per post at the moment. This thread is specifically for @Sofia to enter only. All other PC's are exempt from entering.


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What is…? The only alert as to their would-be intruder the sound of a soft but significant tinkle of the ornament worn around her neck, Sofia Serena was practically the last person left in the guild hall during these trying times of interdimensional travellers and vengeful cultists, and as such was able to immediately notice the soft chime of her bauble as she went about her business tidying the place up, and was left to blink accordingly because of it as well.
An attack? Long lashes beating like the wings of a butterfly over an eyeline as enchanting and effulgent as a finely cut emerald, the brow of the belle seemed to tighten as she looked down to item she wore around her neck and noted the 'needles' upon it pointing out of the door to tell her that something involving mana and magic was occurring none too far beyond it, perhaps because of how fraught such recent had been the mind of the usually mischievous minx leapt immediately toward the prospect of foul play, and left her glad that her beautiful babies weren't either in the hall or the town as a whole either.

Who could…? Taking the youngsters to be fostered temporarily by their grandmother and an uncle who had surprised her with his sense of renewed devotion after their reunion a couple of years past, while her heart ached to be parted from her tykes the temptress felt more at ease knowing they were miles and miles of ocean away from the dangers which seemed to have been swallowing the south of late, and compelled her to do whatever she could to restore peace and posterity to what was now her homeland.
I can't see…? For that reason taking up arms even in spite of her usual loathing for conflict and violence, the vixen might have felt a little guilty for taking this as a warning and lifting the smooth and sceptre-like shaft of silver from her waist as she marched slowly and cautiously along the path her bauble directed, and felt only a worsening sense of alarm in the fact that there was no obvious sign of action or even a potential aggressor. At least at first.

Oh… Pausing as she slid those heels to rest in the doorway of their guild and narrowing her gaze to look at her magical compass one more, for a second the siren seemed to be confused as it pointed to a patch of empty air, but soon after as she used the gift of the pointy gemstone resting above her brow the whole situation became illuminated. Of a sort, of course.
“Well, well, I didn't you for the sort who could be shy~?” That particular trinket permitting that green gaze the ability to see through spells which were meant to conceal and weave confusion while doing so, though the view wasn't perfect the fair femme could at least glimpse enough of the party responsible to feel a sense of relief that almost anyone else in the world would have found strange, and seemed to lower her weapon a little because of that as well…

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"Make every day its own adventure~"
- Sofia Serena

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#3Lisa the Narcissist 

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Lisa the Narcissist
Mama's Home (Sofia) EXubKDi
Lisa's presence alone would have had the entire city shaken with fear. If these people even thought she was back, there was no doubt that they'd react accordingly. If she hadn't concealed herself, she would be bulwarking herself instead, shifting the entire point of her being here at this very moment. It wasn't just because Hargeon was her abode or Blue Pegasus meant something to her. No... it was because Sofia was the one one constant in every macrocosm that she'd peregrinated to. The goddess watched and waited until the queen finally revealed herself. As always, Sofia was a comeliness well beyond the comprehension of mere mortals. Sofia was like a diamond in a sea full of stones.

It came as no surprise that the emerald eyed femme had sensed Lisa's presence. She expected no less. So, there wasn't a need to conceal herself any longer. With a soft chuckle, Lisa emerged. She wasn't the Lisa Sofia had come to ken, but fate was a comical diety. This was incoherent and Lisa knew it; exposing herself like this for a version of the woman she doted, yet... "What can I say? I still seem to get butterflies when I see you~." Lisa chimed, gradually ambulating from the shadows. One way or another, she would take what was hers. Imagine every Sofia from every universe with her? The wonders, the adventures, the pleasure...


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Is she here to attack the guild? I doubt it… She doesn't seem like the sort to dilly dally when she puts her mind to it? Those emerald eyes tightening a mite as Miss Serena silently tried to figure out what it was that this trans-dimensional traveller had come for, while most might have assumed that her presence was an act of hostility simply on account of the transgressions she had committed thus far, the fair femme couldn't help but feel a sense of doubt about that fact if she was at all honest.
Lisa's are the same that way, I suppose? Perhaps some saying that she was allowing the affection that she had for this woman's alternate self to bleed through in her perception but in her mind this seeming a worthwhile base, she simply couldn't believe that regardless of act or deed two people separated only by the whimsy of fate in their respective worlds could be all that different at their core, and for that reason she doubted this would-be destroyer was here on a mission of devastation. After all, if she wanted to attack, why hadn't she done that already?

“You…? Pfffffttttttt!” Clued in at least a little ways toward her intention with what this less familiar form of the fox she was so fond of said next, for a second Sofia could hardly believe that someone who was spreading such tension could let loose such whimsy toward her, but soon after she couldn't help but snicker because of the resemblance such words inspired for her.
“You might not be my Lisa, but you certainly know how to make me smile just as well, hm~?” It hard for her to honestly say she couldn't see a shade of the woman she had married in this minx with how artfully she comported herself, and the inherent sense of charm she carried as she did so, the slender siren could only shake her head and let loose a sigh as she saw so much of her bride in this beauty, and found herself wondering as well just how far the similarities seemed to go because of that.

“So… What brings a charmer like you to our humble abode, Miss…?” Perhaps for that reason miss serena opting to let her guard down a little and slide the weapon she had in hand back onto the hook which held it at her waist, after pushing her hand back through those wavy locks Miss Serena took a step backward into the hall of her guild and nodded toward the stranger who seemed so very familiar to her, quietly inviting her inside as she questioned her intent a little more directly.
“Is your surname still Vollan where you come from~?” Barely able to disguise her curiosity either as she did so, even now she couldn't fail to show a sense of intrigue as she quizzed a figure who most would view as daunting about such simple but crucial details, and was entirely sincere as she did so as well. I mean, yeah this woman was supposedly some form of warlord or something, but part of her was her wife as well, and as such she couldn't help but feel just a little bit drawn toward her, couldn't she?

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"Make every day its own adventure~"
- Sofia Serena

credit to nat of adoxography.

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