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Hammer time - D rank

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Hammer time - D rank Empty Tue Sep 13, 2022 1:55 am

A job at a smithy eh? Mia was surprised how few of these low ranking jobs actually required magic sometimes, but this one she could get behind. Supposedly it was just her wacking away at hot iron and steel all day, but that was at least a little more demanding than ‘make sure kids don’t fall asleep’ now wasn’t it? She even had some experience with that line of work, though this sounded like it needed less experience than usual.

All the same, it was a way to pay the bills, so she packed up her lunch and headed out from the guild to pick up the job. The lad running the place seemed pretty skilled given the craftsmanship on display, and after a quick chat, the idea seemed to be that he genuinely just needed a temporary extra hand on the cheap. “Hey I mean if you’re paying for it. What exactly you expecting of me?”

“Oh well my assistant will be doing the finer work, but to keep the flow of things going he’ll be laying out the work on the anvil for you, and you just gotta hammer it as he turns it with his instruction. Sound good? I imagine a young mage like you isn’t used to ‘hands on’ work like this.”

Mia quirked her brow, looking down over herself. The tank top she’d worn today doing little to hide the effort she puts into her body. She’d even say she was a lot bulkier than most babes, given a majority of mages tended to somehow develop hourglass figures no matter what, with smooth curves rather than the muscle she built. With a smirk, she crossed her arms, chin rising with confidence.

“Think I can handle it.”

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Hammer time - D rank Empty Tue Sep 13, 2022 1:55 am


Mia got on the rough, worn out gloves she was sure a fair few other part timers had worn before her and walked over to the Anvil with the assistant, scooping out the hammer she was supposed to use, rolling it in her hand to catch out of the air. Had some nice heft to it, but nothing she couldn’t handle. It didn’t have the weight of a weapon, but then, it wasn’t designed to was it.

“Alright mate, lets see what ya got for me.”

He seemed a little fresh faced, though about the same age as Mia himself, easing a metal rod, hot from the forge, over the edge of the anvil.

“Okay so for this one we’re gonna need a right angle, so it may take-“


With a single strike, Mia had struck down through the metal bar’s form. For a trained smith, a strike like that on a rod so thin wouldn’t be much, but with her supposed lack of experience, the sheer right angle on a first strike clearly got some attention, Mia cheekily blowing the metallic embers off the edge of the hammer.

“My dad works in the mines. I tried my hand at a few forges he sold the supplies to as a kid.~”

With little more than a wink, and a quick laugh, everyone was on the same page, and the group got to work putting the metal through the works.

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