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Innkeeper For The Day (Solo D Rank)

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Innkeeper For The Day (Solo D Rank) Empty Tue Aug 23, 2022 11:46 am

Dan smiled as he walked into the front lobby of the inn he was going to be working at today. Despite this being a vacation Dan decided to do a few quests to get a bit of extra spending money for souvenirs. As Dan approached the front desk he hit the Belk alerting the woman behind the desk of his arrival. "Hello I am here about the request you put up in town about needing help around the inn." Dan said when she looked up at him with a warm smile. "Yes thank you our staff is a little under staffed today so I requested some help." The inn keeper replied before giving Dan his tasks to complete.

As Dan walked into the room he began his task of making the bed to help out the maids so that they could focus on the cleaning. Though it was boring Dan did not lose his smile because he knew that he was helping people. After he finshed making the beds Dan began his next task as he walked around and looked at the room assignments and knocked on a door "Sir your check out time was twenty minutes ago if you do not hurry you will be billed for a full day." Dan said to the man inside as he hard a loud noise like somebody falling out of bed in a hurry. Dan shook his head in amusement before continuing to the other rooms to inform anybody else who was late of their check out times.

As he finished these tasks he walked back into the lobby only to find Kealoha talking with someone quite frantically. As she sees Dan enter the lobby she quickly waves him over "Thank goodness your here there is a problem with my seafood delivery that I need to go and handle so I need you to man the front desk for a little while so I can go and do it." Kealoha said as she began to hurry towards the kitchen as a good pace. Dan nodded and stepped behind the front desk just as a man walked into the lobby and rung the bell. "Hello and welcome how can I be of service to you?" Dan asked with a smile as the man looked at him tiredly "Yeah I need a room." The man stated looking annoyed for some reason.

Dan looked at the room assignments before replying "I am sorry it seems all the rooms are full right now." Dan said to the man who looked more annoyed now "Then make somebody leave and get me a room." The man said to Dan who shook his head "I am sorry I can't do that but if you return in a few hours we should probably have room then." Dan stated as the man huffed before leaving saying he would be back later. As the man leaves Kealoha returna and pays him for the day before throwing in some sailfin steaks as a bonus. Dan happily takes them before leaving the inn to walk around town.


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