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Earthland's Darkness Strikes Back [Dark Universe Incursions - Monstrous]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Earthland's Darkness Strikes Back [Dark Universe Incursions - Monstrous] Empty Thu Aug 04, 2022 2:40 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
The sky turned dark over the city. Astera was a hub of trade and sent supplies to both Baska and Oak City. Portals had opened all across earthland with reports of nearly armies coming forth and laying siege to cities. Kaz had yet to see them, but the dark clouds above billowed with ominous fortune.

The wind mage squinted and looked into the storm. In the distance, a large circle opened. Purple light flooded onto the ground. The shadows shifted in the area as if they too fled what was coming forth. One by one fires burned against buildings in the outfield. Screams echoed from the streets. Raiders suddenly appeared slashing down the inhabitants. Kaz leaned forward when an explosion burst in the distance. A wagon marked for Oak City, carrying supplies, was engulfed in magical ice.

The wind mage rose his hand and blades of wind shipped away the ice, freeing the drivers within. Before he could engage any further...a rumble came from outside the city. Banners flew high into the sky, as almost 5,000 soldiers marched onward to the city. A force of might, capable of taking over the region, if they were aided by these smaller attacks.

Kazimir descended onto the walls of the city. His eyes filled with annoyance and pain at the thought of yet another war to scour the land. It was just like when he was a younger knight standing against the demonic incursions. Back when he had only begun his journey. There weren't any other forces the knights or guards could send. All the city's resources were used to battle the intruders within the walls.

Arrows flamed to life against the dark sea of soldiers, under the new moon. Kaz removed the top layer of his tunic. The fabric dropped to the ground below, leaving him in his battle attire. He dug his feet into the wall, ready to take flight toward the menace.

Arrows lit up the sky toward the wall. Wind gathered around the mage. Magic circles flickered into existence one after the other, across the rows of invading soldiers. The force was mixed with mages and archers. Cavalry raced down the front of the line. Giant wheels squeaked with the non-magical getting catapults ready to bust a way into the city.

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Earthland's Darkness Strikes Back [Dark Universe Incursions - Monstrous] Empty Yesterday at 3:26 pm

It felt good to be free again. Caius turned himself in to clear up his bounty so it would stop others from hunting him. They said Hellsea Bastille was an inescapable fortress but it only took Caius a few days to get out of there. It helped that he had connections and that his demon form wasn't affected by the magic transformation cuffs. He gained valuable knowledge from the Fire God Slayer texts he read in there so he was going to put that to good use. This time he would be more careful as not to draw as much attention. It was good to have a second chance.

Now back in West Fiore, Caius was going to head back to Eternal Nightmare to see what was going on in the guild. Currently, he was in Astera because the jail was in the middle of the sea. Astera was a city with a big port that he was familiar with so that's where he landed. Caius gathered some supplies to travel light and was going to head out of the town to walk the rest of the way. However, fate had something different in mind. The sky darkened and vortexes started to form in the sky. Dark lightning crackled as rifts started to open in the sky. Caius was getting some deja vu from the demon invasions here but this was different.

A few moments later, soldiers appeared in the town armed to the teeth. Without remorse, they started to chase down citizens and cut them down. It was pretty funny. One woman would run up to Caius and beg him for help before an arrow struck her through the back. Caius knelt down and pulled out her wallet and stuck it in his bag. The soldiers then turned their attention to Caius and fired a barrage of arrows at him. Before they reached Caius, black flames surrounded his body and the arrows were incinerated on impact. The soldiers wanted none of that and retreated back to the main force.

One of the town guards started to ring the emergency bell and explained there was an enemy force attacking from the outside as well. Caius would walk to the front of the city and would see what was going on. He jumped up to the tower to see a large force ready to lay siege to the city. Turning his head, he saw another at the tower with him. It was Kazimir . The mysterious mage he saw before he was taken off to prison. "You again?!?!?" Caius would exclaim.


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#3Kazimir Seiryu 

Earthland's Darkness Strikes Back [Dark Universe Incursions - Monstrous] Empty Today at 8:25 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Before Kaz would take off, a familiar voice called out next to him. Wind died down around the mage's feet as he turned to see the Deamon he had recently met. And one he thought would still be in jail. It was almost too humorous to think about the situation they found themselves in now. A rocky first meeting and now they stood on the forefront of battle.

"Cauis??" The wizard saint replied with an equal amount of confusion. Another volley of arrows struck the walls of the city. Siege engines rolled forward at a snail's pace but forward nonetheless. "I thought you were..." He began to question how the man had already gotten out of jail. But given no one stayed in very long it wasn't too hard to figure out. And more importantly...

Kaz scratched the back of his head, "Doesn't matter. Seems like you're out of jail just at the right time." he turned back to face the ever-growing assault force. "What do you say,we team up and take this army out? Probably bad news for both of us not to deal with the situation." He gave the deamon an inviting smile. "As long as you don't mid fighting beside a light mage," he joked, but being a vampire also put him in an interesting position in the public eye.

The cavalry charged against the walls. There weren't any knights outside to meet them, as they were trying to maintain control of what was happening inside. Boulders flung freely as the catapults launched a flurry into the sky.

"I'll take the catapults," Kaz said as he unsheathed the skull-handled sword and flew into the air. He met the first boulder with a spiraling slash, that stopped its momentum. Two more hurled closer. Fear for the people loomed in the corners of his mind. Wind burst from his palm, shattering the massive stones into a fine dust that rained down onto the battlefield. He intended to join Caius once the skies were clear.

The mage darted across the battlefield. The skull-handled sword whispered its curse in his heart. A shimmer from the blade slashed through the arm of a catapult. Kaz landed on the ground and shot up instantly to barrel into the next siege weapon. Ropes split and flung onto the ground from the quick swipe of the blade. Kaz rolled to the side and with a funnel of wind, two more collapsed.

Shards of wood and metal blew by his face. Distracted by the exploding debris of wood and metal, he didn't notice the gathering of mages that had snuck around toward him. They lined up in two rows of four. Each chanted a quick tune and held onto the shoulder of the one in front of them. An eldritch cannon formed and a mammoth cannonball burst forth. Kaz moved to step out of the way, but another catapult was already beginning to launch another boulder. The mage slashed the wheels of the catapult, toppling it to the side. The boulder flung out across the field and barreled over some of the invading soldiers.

The cannonball smashed into Kaz and wrapped him within it. No damage was dealt, but the cannonball took him along with it. The spell carried Kaz thirty meters through the air. The sword cut through the purple magic imprisonment. Sparks scattered and Kaz landed back on his feet, near the front lines of battle.

More squads lined the middle of the force with purple cannons made of magic.

"Hey, Caius. How are things over here,"

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