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Fantastic Fabrics [Quest]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Fantastic Fabrics [Quest] Empty Sat Jul 30, 2022 11:24 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Bright pink. That was the color of the flyer that Kaz lifted off the request board. It had a fancy name attached to it and a clothing store address. The wind mage took a stroll toward the building and knocked on the door. Almost immediately a man appeared and the door swung open. Kazimir walked into the fabric store and admired all that was around him. It was truly a thing to behold. The man sized up the wind mage and then shook his hand

“Great come with me,” the shop owner said and explained that he needed to get some more fabric of a specific variety. The owner dropped a large sum of money in Kaz's hands, and without many words, the wind mage accepted. But first, the owner took him around the store. They stopped at each station so the owner could unravel fabric and demonstrate exactly what he was looking for. With that information in hand, Kazimir stepped out of the store and made his way through the shops. He darted in and out of one after another, until he finally found the right fabrics. Jewels on the table, he took spools after spools of it. As much as he could carry.

The mage headed back when a group of thugs followed behind him and eventually circled around him. It was more annoyance than anything at this point. Kazmir passed the goods to Mist, who put them in a pocket dimension. The thugs looked at one another realizing they were in too deep and ran off.

Kaz returned with the items and handed them to the owner. He was paid with a small stack of jewels and then the mage went off once more.

WC 250

Reduction (20% belt, 10%guild, 10% companion, 10% necklace)

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