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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Surgery[quest] Empty Fri Jul 29, 2022 12:50 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz returned to the hospital. This time there was ruckus and excitement coming from inside the building. The wind mage eased his way closer to the building. More sounds erupted as people darted around. Kaz sidestepped someone rushing out and then another. The wind mage snaked his way in to see the doctor frantically running around for a reason that was not yet clear.

As soon as the doctor caught site of the robed wind mage, he ran over. Sweat was on his brow and his hands grasped at medical supplies and a box of gloves. The doctor put a hand on Kazimir’s shoulder. Ferver flickered in his eyes and relief washed over his brows. “Good, I need your help come with me.” The doctor led Kaz into an operating room. They both washed their hands and scrubbed up as the man explained that they were going to do heart surgery. Kaz was hesitant but shook his head and focused. Without much thought, he stepped in with the surgeon. His task was simply to maintain the equipment.

He passed the items and quickly cleaned the others. A task that was easy with his water magic. A type he hadn't used too much. The doc took his gloves off and tension left his shoulders. It was done after a few hours. He leaned back and Kaz patted the man on the back. It was an impressive feat and the wind mage had rarely seen such adept work in the medical field.

They both left and Kaz received his payment. Then he continued his journey.

WC 250

Reduction (20% belt, 10%guild, 10% companion, 10% necklace)

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