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God serving time.

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God serving time.  Empty Sun Jul 24, 2022 9:14 am

Emil looks around at the cell he had been put into and he figures this is really were he does not belong as this place was gross and it is under water which just means he is the strongest here as water has no choice but to submit to lightning and increase it's power and he laughs and he begins training as he was going to get out soon and he was gonna make sure that he doesn't just fall by the way side and he is gonna break the chains that bind him as a useless forgotten brother and he needs to just crack loose and he will find a way to not be lost or forgotten by those that just seemed to stomp on him.

He begins running laps he is gonna work on himself and not let himself fall behind as he is the king and he will take his rightful castle from those that wanted to bring him down and make him lose his focus, he will not lose it he is going to get doubly strong and he is gonna tear their walls down and show how useless they really are and how far they had fallen from the graces that they still want everyone to believe they are still doing or holding themselves too. They Knights release him because they figured that he had been given enough time to think about what he had done cause there are bigger fish to fry.

(200+ WC Time Served)

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