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Vacation, Interrupted [Travel | East to North]

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Vacation, Interrupted [Travel | East to North] Empty Mon Jul 04, 2022 10:20 am

She didn’t sleep.

How could she have?

The gag in Vyra’s mouth left little option for her, only to simply echo out inaudible curses and unheard pleas upon the Knight, clad in solid armor, shielding much, if not all of their person. It lent for an impossible scenario, impossible to tell just where they were off, where they were going next, none of the sort.

It made no sense. Why had this happened? What had she done to merit such a treatment, to being subject to yet another hostage situation? There’s no reason that this should have been. No longer were she just some girl, happened upon in a place that she may not have belonged. She was a member of Blue Pegasus now, having been in Hosenka on what could have easily been regarded as official guild business if one were to have been creative.

And yet, that did not seem to matter.

Bound and gagged, stripped of her ability to fight back, unable to do anything more than simply accept her situation as much as one could. It was a desperate state of affairs, one that was further eroded by the inherent lack of anyone looking to aid her, no idea whether the situation which took place on grounds neither home to or protected by the Blue Pegasus Guild lent to the situation being one that was out of their hands.

Whatever situation Vyra had brought upon herself to merit this, in their eyes that was exactly this. No reason to involve oneself in affairs that clearly did not matter to them, nor affected them. Nor affected any of Hosenka, judging by the travel of the carriage, venturing far beyond the distance that she had travelled from the south to arrive in the east, leading Vyra to fear just where it was that they may have been going now.


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