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Trials and tribulations of a slime queen [Priscilla]

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Trials and tribulations of a slime queen [Priscilla] Empty Mon Jun 20, 2022 12:14 pm


It had been early in the morning when life was stirring in the Ivalice household. While the children were still vast asleep, a small blue slime could be seen bouncing around the living room with the same invigorated excitement of a child. It was a pleasant change of pace, that their days had been peaceful and comfortable, and in the aftermath of the events that led her to take on the role of Osbornes, the slime girl had to admit that she had expected a more chaotic paced scenario. However, in general the slimes were all very gentle and docile, and since most of them stayed in the hidden realm of Osbornes, she didn't need to worry too much about an army of slimes popping up in Hargeon out of nowhere. She dreaded to think what Alisa would have to say about that.

However, instead of focusing on what may happen, she instead hopped over to the bedroom, using her liquid body to slip through the space at the bottom of the door and continued to quietly move closer to the bed, all till she bounced onto her wife who had still been asleep.

"Ah~ Such a soft and snuggly wife~ Truly the best way to enjoy a nap early in the morning." And with those words the slime girl continued to remain in her blob form, enjoying the softness she was snuggling into. "Truly paradise on Earthland~"


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There was something about this, that in any other situation would just leave Priscilla with more quests but everything time something seemed settled and in place something else changes, At least this time Esperia did not have to deal with other parts that might have happen in some way. It was good at least this time it was not anything too harmful, Then again when she was quietly sleeping away, There was this strange feeling of something different on stop of her and it did not feel like a person at this time, which made her if anything unsure what exactly was going on.

It did not help it did ruin a some what of a quiet peaceful sleep she did not even feel the need to shift around at all like she did everyone and a while.Even if the voice she heard she swore was Esperia, she just incase grabbed this strange feeling with both of her arms and bent up form her sleep."Huh, Esperia?" She did not realize yet the slime was who she was looking for but it was pleasant and squishy. Just only slightly hugging it slightly as well squishing it. Then looking down at the slime."Oh? What is this?"She simply questioned in general.


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Esperia couldn't help but smile at her lover at the confused reaction she got from her wife, leading to the slime to respond with a playful: "I thought since this form is lighter, it would be less intrusive in terms of snuggling onto you while you were still asleep~"

A soft chuckle followed as she enjoyed the slight hug and squeeze, proving that her body was both soft and cool to the touch, but also quite easily to change shape as well, as her lover's fingers pressed into her soft body. "It still takes some time to get used to this form~ but it has its perks~"

Suddenly starting to swell up in her lover's grasp, her body started to shift its shape into her humanoid form, the blue-haired lass snuggling happily against Priscilla.

"But I had some ideas for something special today~ It took me a while to figure things out but... I got a bit of a special present for you~ At least if you're interested in it~" A momentary pause followed as she gently raised her hands to Priscilla's face, one hand gently caressing her cheek while the other brushed alongside her hair covering the eyepatch.

"I found a way to get your eye restored~"


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In this manner, she had to be sure and fairly clear what she entirely entailed with that goal, But first a few other things."You might just be entirely correct with that idea." if it was not for any movement really from her and being the right time of the evening she most likely would not have notice Esperia just sneaking on as she did."I won't lie, I had considered going back to sleep."she mentioned because she was, maybe she was just tired still and needed a bit more rest, none the less she really seemed to let out a bit of a sigh with the mention of her eye.

So she would let it out."I do hope you know, it isn't as simple as putting in a fake eye or magical recreated eye much like my old one, I would want my entire old one and the scar healed over."It sounded as if even if she was tired and interested but unsure if the entire point of wanting her eye back was manageable at this point it seemed like a bit of a dream, much like a few other things sh dreamed about.


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the slime girl nodded her head gently in response to her wife's explanation of the desire she held toward the specifics of her eye's restoration. "I expected as much, which is why I pulled some favors from a famous doctor in Bosco~ You see, in the past there were mages who used a specialized form of healing magic that involved the regeneration of their own body. Of course, such a magic was also very precious to those with more malicious intentions and as such most of those mages went into hiding."

She sighed gently, nuzzling against her lover as she continued. "However, it seems their magic can be replicated through alchemy and a medical procedure, in essence by using your body as a template, and the nature of regeneration magic, one is able to recreate your lost eye, and of course mend the scar. Usually it's a very difficult and expensive treatment, but since the doctor was in debt with me, he is willing to do it for free~"


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Expected it? Well guess the little slime had been plotting for a while."Huh, some one must have been busy looking into things for a while huh?"She said in a ponder about it and for now she seemed a bit more interested in the matter that was explained to her."But I guess i won't complain about that."Even if she almost wanted to complain about wanting to go back to sleep but it was now a bit more of an important thing at hand and she wanted. Maybe there was a good thing to come with this.

But after hearing it she did have to mention in general."Just how many people seem to be owing you? I am starting to ponder how not so innocent you truly are."It was meant as a joke for the most part she already knew how things got with her. Gave Esperia a kiss and let out a sigh."But this an offer...too tempting to walk away."But there would also be at least one final joke in about this plan so far, Which well more was just a typical joke over all."Just don't keep me up ten nights in a row."


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"I'll settle for five days of passionate snuggling and a weekend of relaxation~" Esperia chimed jokingly at the comment yet the gentle kiss did help make her cheeks flush up and a sheepish smile to linger on her lips as she gently climbed off her lover.

"I do have plenty of connections from all my little adventures~ For example during the time of civil unrest in Bosco I did help some people here and there, this doctor in particular I saved from a group of bandits that attacked the caravan we were traveling with~"

With her explanation settled she started to gently tap a hand on her torso, causing her clothes to manifest on top of her being and a mysterious looking mask to rest on the side of her head. "I also ended up getting a little bit of a precious little relic during a recent shopping trip~ I think we can take the children with us this time, since I got the means to ensure they can rest comfortably during our journey."

And with those words hinting at her surprise she turned toward the window, musing softly. "I indeed been looking into it for a while~ After all, just like you always take care of me and my problems, it's only natural that I try to return the favor~"


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If something was always interesting with this marriage is because she never asked a lot of questions she always seemed to learn something new and interesting, As for it all just kept make her learn feeling like maybe if even she knew Esperia, She had to questions if she truly knew everything well enough to be considered completely, But felt comfortable enough to not make it a major worry in her life."I will get back to you on your counter offer."It seemed cruel to say but it seemed the spark in their life was still there, They would be some kind of thank down the road for it, Just how she would was a good ponder she had yet to piece together.

It was just going to continue to be a good ponder of what exactly has she gone and done that as good, just as much as questionable. For she knew personally with in her own past, Even if much different from Esperia's was far more questionable with the things she has gone through in life then again everyone had their pasts and their current present."And here, I thought you were busy with me and the children...seems I keep you far less busy."She at least had to add that in, because it did not seem to bother her in the end.

As for taking care of people."It is all in the end what is right, I take care of what I have left for i value them, The missing eye was always just something I considered secondary matter."She knew where her focuses where at, Which was good for she never thought about where her life would be with out the people around her now, For it was not an option in her mind.

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