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Trade Deal [NQ | D Rank] [Fell]

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Trade Deal [NQ | D Rank] [Fell] Empty Sat Jun 18, 2022 11:04 am

He was here on business. There was no need for him to get too involved in the problems that they were going through, but Fell couldn't help it as he continued to sit in the chair that had been offered to him. Here was what he knew already, and with recent information that had been gathered; The two villages that would usually be fighting each other, now wanted to make some kind of peace treaty between them through a trading system. The only problem was the kid that was currently in a heated discussion with his father wanted to go through with this deal, but the father on the other hand who is the village chief still, did not.

"Okay lads. Let's calm down, and talk this out in a less aggressive manner." Fell thanked his father quietly for teaching him Fiorian, otherwise this would've been much more difficult. "Now, each of you will get a say when asked about this trade deal that is about to happen or not happen." There was a grunt from the father, as the son took the other empty chair in the office. Fell let out another sigh, this was going to be a long day. “Right, now we’ve settled, Sir would you like to go first?”

“That village are a bunch of scoundrels, I do not see why we should become allied with them. What if history repeats itself and they try to invade our village child? I will not be around for much longer, can you handle an invasion?”

Fell hummed, that was a good point, the people who gave him this job were right, this would be difficult in convincing this old guy to allow the trade to happen. Nodding to the chief, he then turned his gaze to the son, before gesturing for the kid who probably was not that much older than himself to give his argument.

“Father. I understand your worries about the village we intend to trade with. I know the history, you have taught me about all the events that I was not alive to personally experience, but there have also been events that I have experienced.” His father grunted in disagreement, before the son continued. “I hope you can trust me father, have I ever once let you down? Yes you will not be around in the future, but I believe that whilst your days are dwindling down, I would appreciate you showing me the ropes, so I can prevent history repeating itself.”

“Okay. Now you have both given your say, and although this has nothing to do with me, I would like to give my two pence in these situations.” Fell crossed his arms as he stretched his legs out. “I have spoken to the other village as well, they want to give the younger generation a chance to experience how the world of leadership goes, and I agree. As a person who will be staying in these villages for the future, I think it is worth giving the younger generation a chance to step in. Forgive me for my rudeness sir, but you are getting on in years, and won't be around much longer. You should teach your son, chief-in-training, all that you can before time is up.”

“Father, please.”

“If you don't, I can always use force, and though I am not fond of hurting people, the old ways are becoming outdated. We can keep traditions, but moving on from the past is always good as well. So sir, what will it be? Do I have to use force or will you agree willingly to help your son in evolving your village's future?”

Fell watched as the old chief sighed, and with a begrudging tone to his force, agreed with his son to dabble in the trade deals. Fell also did not miss the sigh of relief that left the son that he was holding back when the young elf began to mention using force. Grinning, Fell shrugged and nodded to the two.

“Welp. Thank you for the intel, I was kidding about using force, have fun with your future events, I am now going to get my rewards.” Bowing eccentrically, Fell turned on his heel, leaving the office of the chief to go collect his rewards.

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