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Under the Surface (D rank quest solo)

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Under the Surface (D rank quest solo) Empty Wed Jun 01, 2022 11:48 am

The day had started like any other for Ittindi, dressed in a three-piece white suit with a white fedora, a black tie, and black dress boots that zipped up on the side. He had just finished working a substitute butler job for one of the wealthier members of the town. He had found that their staff was incapable of scrubbing the backside of the toilets to get out certain stains. It was Ittindi's pleasure to show them how to rectify that mistake, he considered wearing white while cleaning a show of his control. If one could clean while keeping clean, surely others would notice the prowess. Now, he was roaming the streets it had to be 9 PM, maybe even later. Awali would walk right into Ittindi and begin to speak. She was hooded, Ittindi couldn't make out a face, but that was probably why she approached him at night.

"Ittindi, I need the help of Sleeping Calamity. I approached you because I know you are capable of doing more than just getting into needless fights. Are you interested?"

The fact that she knew his name and guild without him revealing any of it was a good enough reason for Ittindi to take the job. He didn't know many that had heard of him, especially the guild he was in. That meant she either got the information from the guild or was wealthy enough to afford the knowledge.

"I'll gladly accept the request, give me the details Madam or Sir"

Awali would give him the details of the job and who to follow, though the why was left off. Ittindi knew that he'd have to get a different set of clothes, even worse he already had a plan. He was going to have to dress as a transient, he had cleaned enough of their feet around town to know the stomping grounds of most. Walking to the closest one, he'd offer him jewels for his outfit and bag, it wouldn't take much convincing. Gagging as he changed in the nearest tavern's bathroom. He'd have to focus up, Ittindi would be scrubbing himself raw after this job. I think I'd rather be fighting than this. I can't believe I get a nonviolent mission and it relies on stealth. I'm not stealthy, but luckily no one pays attention to vagrants. Ugh, I'll have to throw some dirt on my face once I'm out of here as well.

As soon as Ittindi stepped out of the bathroom he was quickly kicked out of the restaurant. He must have made a more convincing transient than he expected. As he went outside, he'd pat his face with some of the dirt, and start looking around town for Wugeth and his cronies. Once he found them he'd stumble pretending to be drunk. Every couple of streets he'd bother someone for coin or get kicked out of a restaurant to keep up the authenticity of his outfit.

As Wugeth's group stopped for their first meeting Ittindi would go into an alleyway and slouch down pretending to be falling asleep. Nothing of import happened as Wugeth talked to the strangers, this wasn't the meeting he was here for. The itchiness of his outfit was starting to affect him. Luckily he had the liberty of scratching himself anywhere and not having his public appearance to consider. The trail would begin anew, for another hour Ittindi would stumble around staying far away from Wugeth. The second meeting was just as boring as the first, Wugeth seemed to be a man of wealth and/or power. Ittindi could tell by the body postures of the men he talked to.

The last meeting was the one he had been sent for. Ittindi would watch, as the men waited impatiently on a street. It was the first time they looked to be on the other side of the power dynamic. After a couple of minutes, a large car would show up. Ittindi couldn't make out who was inside it, he thought about getting closer, but the street was empty and he didn't want to be made. The car itself was a large black sedan, almost long enough to be considered a limousine. It had tinted windows and tires that were capable of traveling in any weather, whoever owned it spared no expense. Ittindi would try to remember as much as he could about it as it took a while before Wugeth exited it. Eventually, Wugeth would leave the car, it would drive off, and Wugeth would be carrying a black suitcase.  Ittindi would close his eyes pretending to sleep and wait at least 10 minutes which turned to 30 by the time he woke up from his mini nap.

Ittindi would return to Awali's designated location, after giving her the entire summary of his reconnaissance she would thank him and tell him his reward would be forwarded to the guild. Bowing Ittindi would rush to the guildhall to shower for the next 5 hours until all of his skin was red, and burn the clothes he had to borrow trying to put this memory behind him.

WC: 853

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