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Pirates [A-rank NQ]

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It had been a few days since her little misadventure with the Redbeard Buccaneers. While at first she was glad that the pirates were taught a lesson, namely not to mess with her family, it did little to stop other pirate crews from repeating the same idiotic mistakes of their predecessors. Today was such a day where as Esperia was wandering through the streets of Hargeon to look for some delicious ingredients for her wife to use for today's dinner, and maybe find some delicious snacks for Hasani and Lily that Esperia overheard a group of people talking near one of the bulletin boards that often carried the requests of citizen who needed help.

"Did you hear about the last merchant ship?" A housewife asked to her friend who was standing beside her, nodding her head somberly. "Yes, how dreadful! To think that once more a pirate crew returned to the shallow waters near Hargeon to prey on merchant vessels..."

It seemed a pirate crew had returned to terrorize the fair people of Hargeon, pirates truly were like weeds that always returned no matter how often the local authorities of Hargeon tried to pull them out, didn't they? Heaving a soft sigh Esperia raised a hand to her cheek and pondered for a moment.

She didn't have much planned for today, and like usually there was a fair bounty on the heads of the pirates... It was tempting for sure!

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There was always something nice about the idea of helping people and getting rewarded for it. While it might had not been necessary, it did help considering the fact that she had all sorts of finances to consider nowadays. It was one of the responsibilities of raising a family, and the rent certainly didn't pay for itself! As such after a moment of consideration Esperia decided to take the job offer, albeit this time she would approach it somewhat differently. This time she wouldn't go and raid a pirate encampment, but instead she had chosen to accompany a merchant ship that with the help of the local authorities would be secretly guarded for an attempt to bait out the pirate crew.

It was a sound plan: The guards would work on protecting the merchants on the ship while she would deal with the pirates. As such when the guards recognized her from her previous endeavors against the various pirate crews they were more than willing to let her accompany them on their mission. After ensuring she let her wife know about her plans the ship soon departed from the port, and already Esperia couldn't help but wonder how long till the pirates would take the bait...

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As expected the pirates didn't keep them waiting for long. After all, whenever a pirate smelled treasure they pounced on it as fast as a naughty Esperia would pounce her wife. Okay, maybe not as fast but one got the overall impression. Only a few hours after they had departed from the port of Hargeon a cry came: Pirates! And as expected she could see from below the deck the pirate ship had fired some sort of anchors onto the merchant vessel, latching onto it like a parasite. While the merchants ran in concern below deck the guards emerged from their hiding places, yet the sight of them did little to deter the pirates, one even tauntingly yelled: "You think some tincans will stop us from pillaging? Think again!"

Yet as the first pirate boarded the ship he suddenly felt a sharp blow onto his stomach, toppling off the edge of the ship and right down into the waters below, leaving his mates to look in bewilderment. "Your opponent aren't those guards~" Esperia's voice made the pirates turn their gaze at her, rage in their eyes as the woman could be seen holding a bow in one arm and a golden gauntlet covering the other. "It's me~"

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The first wave of pirates seemed to be in a frenzy, although it also made them very clumsy and predictable in the sense they had no strategy beyond trying to overwhelm her. A foolish notion as the pirates swarmed around her, but rather than simply defending Esperia pulled her bow string, causing the pirates to think she had gone insane for trying to use a bow in close range, but then without any warning she jumped high into the air, at least six meters high after which she made a second jump while still airborne, bowstring pulled back and a single projectile being fired that split itself up into a shower of meteors!

Each of the meteors went crashing into the pirates, and even if she didn't set them ablaze to prevent the ship from being harmed, the impact of the meteors was still enough to send the pirates straight onto the ground! Growling in frustration their leader emerged from the pirate ship, holding a pistol in one hand and a scimitar in the other. It seemed that unlike the Redbeard Buccaneers this pirate captain wasn't going to hide behind his crew, something that did make this encounter a bit more exciting to her!

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The pirate was swift to stir into motion, raising his pistol toward her and firing a shot, and when Esperia dodged the first projectile fired her way and proceeded to lunge toward him, the golden gauntlet that was aimed for his head instead met the swung scimitar of the man. She could see it in his eyes, despite the fact he was a man of crime, she could see his excitement stirring at the idea of a fight. Perhaps deep inside he had been a fighter? Then at the very least there was one thing about the man he could respect! When his fellow pirates tried to join the fray the pirate captain yelled them back, stating not to interfere in their duel. A warrior's pride? If she didn't know better, if he had not been a pirate they might had gotten along!

Taking a step backwards Esperia decided to try for a new tactic instead, and allowed her bow and gauntlet to disappear, instead making the large sacrificial shield emerge on her back. The brawl was on!

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Although the pirate captain tried to aim his pistol again, in such a close quarters fight it would prove to be a mistake as Esperia punched toward the hand of the man holding the pistol, the angle making her hit his hand cleanly and as the man dropped the pistol with a pained groan the other hand holding his scimitar swung for her neck! For a moment he thought victory was his, his swing too fast and accurate for her to simply dodge, but he realized too late that she didn't even have any need to dodge! When the blade collided against her neck it rebounded as if it had hit something of immense density, and during that moment of recoil Esperia moved in, using a martial throw to throw the man onto the ground, his body crashing onto the ship with a heavy slam and with his grip on both weapons lost Esperia picked up his sword and held it in front of the man's throat: "Tell your men to surrender."

It seemed the battle had been settled...

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