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What Separates Man From God? [Private]

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When one loses consciousness they often expect expect a sea of darkness to consume them, to drift them into a slumber, but that was not the case this time. The moment Esperia had lost her consciousness during the rite it was not darkness, but a blinding light that consumed her. She found herself not in a sea of darkness that tried to submerge her into a dream, but instead she felt a pleasant wind breeze blowing against her body, and she found herself stepping on what seemed like a carpet of clouds.

"Is this... my soul?" Yet her hesitant whisper was surprisingly enough met by a familiar voice, yet one that carried much more confidence in her words. "Not entirely, this realm is a mindscape of sorts, one where the essence of the physical and spiritual meet. I like to call it: Dynamis."

Esperia turned toward the voice, and there several meters away from her she stood face to face with the friend she had been forced to leave behind in Tartaros: The Demigoddess Cressida.

"Cressida? Is that-" Yet a light shake of her head was made, a smile lingering on the Demigoddess her lips. "Once more, not entirely correct~ I am Cressida, yet I am only a fragment of her. I am the physical essence of the being you know as Cressida."

The words confused Esperia, a hand raised to her cheek as she pondered for a moment. "Just now you mentioned something called 'Dynamis', but I never heard of such a theory before?"


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The words earned a brief chuckle from the Demigoddess who seemingly had already anticipated her confusion. "Of course, it is a esoteric concept, a theory not many believe in because there are so few who have been capable to tapping into the concept."

The words made sense to her, after all despite all the dreams and ambitions of people, even now the theory behind ascending to greater forms, the theory of Transcendence was one that was mostly considered the stuff of mythology and legends. Most would not even take her serious if she had brought up the idea that mortals could transcend to a stage similar to the Otherworlders that were worshipped as Gods.

"Then what is this concept that brought us here? This thing you called 'Dynamis?'" The question made the Demigoddess nod her head lightly, a step closer being made toward her as she gestured at the space between them. "The concept of Dynamis, in simple terms is the idea that when the Spiritual and the Physical end up working in unison, that should a third catalyst be present, the individual can start undergoing the process you like to call: evolution."

A third catalyst? "Then what could that third catalyst be? Mana?" Yet the Demigoddess shook her head. "That belongs to the Spiritual" Yet as she thought further on it Esperia reached a roadblock once more. "Strength and experience?" Yet that was not the right answer either. "And that is part of the Physical. Let me provide you with a little hint: You often like to tell people that there is one thing, one essential part of a person that allows them to be strong enough to overcome anything, right?"


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The hint made Esperia ponder for a moment. "Dreams and Ambitions?" Yet when the Demigoddess nodded her head and mused softly, Esperia clearly seemed shocked. "And what fuels those things?"

Esperia shook her head, clearly bewildered at the concept. "You mean that emotions are a catalyst to bring forth this change? This evolution? But that sounds outlandish! If so everyone could Transcend beyond their limits-"

Yet the Demigoddess gazed firmly at her. "Is that so? Then can you truly tell me that you never heard of people accomplishing things that were outrageous? Rage, Sorrow, Joy, Happiness, there are so many emotions that mortals feel, and when the scales are tipped to a particular emotion that becomes so strong that it overwhelms all others? Let us go back to a more basic concept that has been known as the principles of Potentiality and actuality. Surely you know of those, right?"

Esperia nodded her head firmly. "The principle that people often call the 'potential' of a person, and the actuality being the effort or events that bring forth such a potential?"

Esperia's words earned a smile from the Demigoddess who nodded her head in response. "Exactly, now what happens if the Soul desires a Actuality, and the Body possesses a Potentiality to bring it forth?"

Esperia went quiet for a bit, thinking carefully on the question. "Then the body will try to bring forth the desired potential?" The Demigoddess seemed to be approving of the conclusion she reached.

"Exactly, and when the body undergoes that process, when fueled with an intense enough emotion it triggers the phenomenon known as Dunamis in Seven, or Dynamis: The energy that allows people to 'change'."

Still, Esperia was still not entirely convinced. "But then why did nobody ever figure out the existence of Dynamis?" A fair question as the Demigoddess nodded her head somberly. "Whether it is by Illumin, or any other creation myth you like to look for, mortals possess a larger affinity toward a certain energy than Otherworlders. The ratio of the energy is so abundant in mortals that very rarely Dynamis is able to manifest as an energy."

And there was the answer: "An energy source... You mean Mana?" Cressida nodded her head. "Exactly~ On Earthland Mana is abudant, and as such Dynamis, or the 'energy to transcend' is very rarely found in enough quantity to allow it to affect a person. In fact should there ever be people who try to surpass their mortal self it is likely they will not even realize, or acknowledge this concept. But does it really matter? All you desired was to find out what Dynamis was, and so I gave you the answer~"

So it was because they were mortals that the chance for them to transcend was so much more limited? Was it because whoever, or whatever created Earthland and its denizen didn't want them to grow? So many questions continued to plague her mind...


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The Demigoddess had gone silent for a moment, when suddenly she answered the thoughts that were haunting Esperia's mind. "I don't think it is necessarily out of malice. The power of Dynamis is very volatile, and in the hands of the unprepared could cause pure disaster. In fact, it might be easier for you to understand by observing a memory of this body you now possess."

A memory? Esperia had to admit she was intrigued, and when she closed her eyes she felt something pulling against her. Opening her eyes Esperia saw to her disbelief how quickly her surroundings seemed to change, gone was the pure sky, and instead she stood in front of what appeared to be a grand temple. A cursory glance at the architecture suggested she was in Seven, a thought that was even more confirmed when she saw Cressida standing in front of the temple, a young man standing beside her.

"It was at an early age I learned of the unusual origin of my ancestry. While the people of Seven revered to me as a Demigoddess, the respect and humbleness did get to me from time to time. People always acted in a way that felt ingenuine to me, as if they were afraid to tell what was truly on their mind. But that changed when I met 'him'."

The words resounded through her mind as Esperia watched the memory unfold, of how Cressida was talking to the young man, not as a Demigoddess and a human, but as true equals. Sharing laughter and talking like friends would.


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The memory changed, showing how Cressida stood triumphantly on top of a slain three-headed hound, a fist raised high into the air as a victory pose while the crowds cheered her on.

"Back then I became considered akin to a hero, whenever there was trouble afoot I would come to vanquish it. I fought, and fought for the sake of the greater good."

The memory shifted focus, showing an injured Cressida having her injuries tended to by her childhood friend. "Although, while I did get injured every now and then, I paid little head to them, reckless perhaps but I had been ignorant that my injuries inflicted an even greater pain onto my childhood friend. He, in all his kindness cursed his own inability to help me, to fight at my side. Back then I foolishly told him that it was simply the way of things, that as a Demigoddess it was my burden to bear, and that him being there to welcome me back was enough for me."

She sighed, a sorrowful look on her face. "But I was ignorant of how feverous his desire to walk at my side had been. He trained diligently, without a break, often to the point of collapsing. And then one day it was too late."

The ominous words were accompanied by a clear change in the scenery as the Demigoddess could be seen searching the temple for her childhood friend. But he had been nowhere to be found...


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Esperia could only feel a unpleasant chill running across her spine as a scream came from outside the temple, and while a priest rushed to call for her, Cressida's panic seemed to become her own. Rushed footsteps followed as she ran down the path, to the training grounds where the young man had been hunched over on his knees, pained breaths escaping from him while a swirling miasma surrounded him.

"Like I mentioned Dynamis is a volatile energy, one normally inaccessible to mortals due to the large amount of mana in the land and its inhabitants. But what if a person was drained entirely of their mana? What if a temporary disturbance robbed the land of its bountiful gifts? Back then Seven had been plagued by a drought, mana had thinned across the land and while our wisest sages were seeking a solution, we had never expected the consequences to be as dire as this. My friend's desire to become strong enough to stand at my side, to become a hero as well had provoked the Dynamis to stir. It overflowed him..."

The man let out a pained scream as the miasma consumed him, causing his body to swell into that of a giant of a man. Although he looked incredibly strong, the light in his eyes had faded, suggesting he had been reduced to nothing but a husk spiritually.

"Although Dynamis had allowed his body to evolve, it was closer to a mutation, for my beloved friend struck in a frenzy against everything around him, even me when I tried to calm him. It was during our battle I came to realize that should a mortal's soul not be strong enough, their entire being can be consumed by Dynamis, transforming them into a mindless abomination."

She could feel it, Cressida's pain as she put her childhood friend, her only friend to the sword... Some might call it a mercy, but it was clear the Demigoddess had never forgiven herself for her own ignorance about his feelings.


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As the memory faded away Esperia was left with a sense of concern: Perhaps the reason mortals were not able to transcend like the gods was out of concern? Because they might not all possess the fortitude to survive the change?

"It is not unheard of for mortals to transcend their limits, but there is a reason why such individuals become the stuff of myths and legends. Although it is important to hold onto your belief that no matter the origin, man can still transcend, they could even surpass the divine should they be given the time and opportunity to do so."

Cressida's words made Esperia nod her head firmly in agreement, a belief that she had previously heard in different terms from the mentor she respected and admired so much.

"But for now that will be enough of our storytelling~ I bet your fiery friend might be getting exhausted keeping the rite going, so how about I lend you a hand by teaching you how to actually use Dynamis?"

The words made Esperia blink in bewilderment. Use? There was actually a way for one to control it? "Normally not, but you do possess the body of one who transcended, so you're like fifty percent already in~ But I should warn you that the process itself is a bit dangerous. If the energy goes out of control you might... suffer the same fate as my friend did..."


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She had already decided long before the warning she would proceed with the rite, Manzo was doing his utmost to help her, and as such she was determined to transcend her limits. Sensing her resolve the Demigoddess smiled weakly, a moment passing when she finally spoke. "As I mentioned before the power of Dynamis is one fueled by emotions, as such you essentially are manifesting these powers and making them your own. Try to focus on a emotion, one particular emotion that you feel resonate through your entire being."

The Demigoddess watched Esperia close her eyes, clearly focusing on the instructions she was given and then it began: At first the sky distorted, several portals tearing open in the sky as monstrous creatures descended. "Already?!" The Demigoddess raised her hand, a golden bow manifesting but before she could fire even a shot a bolt of golden lightning surged down from above, striking down the fiends.

The Demigoddess could only watch in bewilderment as silhouettes of light started to manifest around Esperia, she could sense it: an overwhelming fount of positive energy radiated from the figures.

"Rather than becoming a hero to carry the burden for them like I did, or to become a leader for people to look up to for guidance... You desire to become a guide that will stir people to greatness?"

It made sense to her, rather than the power coming from Esperia herself it seemed Dynamis was radiating from the figures surrounding her. To the Demigoddess who had only known how to fight on her own this had been truly a beautiful sight to behold.


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Esperia slowly opened her eyes, watching the souls of light surround her. Each of them felt familiar, yet their features obscured enough that she couldn't identify them properly. In a way she knew, deep inside that they were there to help her. Friends, allies, each and every one of those beings seemed ready to lend her their full support, as was clear when they lashed out against the monsters that had previously manifested.

"Is this Dynamis?"

Esperia's question earned a soft laugh from the Demigoddess who nodded her head lightly in response. "It is, although I never seen it manifest like this. Most of the divine that I met tend to... react differently when it comes to Dynamis. In your case it seems your desire for friendship and companionship, your feelings of trust and adoration for those dear to you is a powerful catalyst for your emotions. A source of strength that made Dynamis manifest in such a pure and beautiful form."

The words sounded bittersweet when spoken by the Demigoddess, but even now Esperia didn't entirely comprehend the concept. "So... What do I do now?"

The question made the Demigoddess grin at her. "You should make the power your own. Oh~ and if you want to do things according to tradition you should name it~ It's important to remember the source of your power, your origin~"


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The words made Esperia ponder, how in the world could she possibly claim control over something like this? A power that manifested in a small army?! An army needed a leader right? But then again, they were not troops... They were her friends, and as such she would do what she would had done to any friend:

She opened her arms, a smile on her lips as the inviting gesture for a hug was made. The souls of light nodded their head in approval, each and every one of them turning into a wisp of golden light that started to float toward her. With each and every wisp that entered her being Esperia could feel a wave of emotions and memories surface in her being, each one representing a different bond she had forged, some that she might had lost but still remained within her heart.

Yet despite the surge of energy that swelled up within her there was no pain, simply a gentle warmth that kindled within her being, like a drink that helped warm your entire being after you spend days in the colds. Finally the Demigoddess nodded her head in approval to the spectacle, watching as the energy had surrounded Esperia like an aura of immense strength. "So~ What is the name of your power?"

To which Esperia chimed softly: "One For All~" The words made the Demigoddess hum in amusement. "That sounds like a name of a magic from one of those fantasy stories you like~"

Yet Esperia couldn't help but chuckle. "This entire thing feels like it came straight out of those stories."

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