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Checkmate! [D-rank solo]

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Checkmate! [D-rank solo] Empty Sun May 15, 2022 12:59 am


Some believe that to save a person means to save them from a physical threat, yet Esperia knew better. Sometimes saving a person could be done through an action as simple as providing one with company and a listening ear. This was the case today as she was seated in a park in Hargeon, engaging in a game of chess against a child called Bart.

Bart was a prodigy when it came to chess, the sheer amount of insight and intelligence he showed for his age surprised Esperia, it genuinely did and yet the poor lad was troubled immensely. Expressing the troublesome situation at home involving the pressure he felt from his parents when it came to proving himself, and the rivalry between him and his elder siblings who were accomplished scholars made it clear to her that Bart was suffering from a certain sense of loneliness. With no true friends of his age, and constantly being forced to hone his talents left the boy with a burden far greater than what most could imagine.

Nevertheless, as the game of chess ended with yet another 'Checkmate!' declaration by Bart, the moment the boy handed her a pouch full of jewels and thanked her for spending time with him the Demigoddess rose from her seat, a hand ruffling his hair as she spoke. "Just stay true to yourself Bart, you are your own individual, and it is that what you have to show to your parents."

The boy considered her words carefully for a moment as she started walking away, and after a moment of consideration yelled a 'Thank you!' toward her, leading the Demigoddess to smile as she departed from the part.

Today was yet another day well spent, and she could only hope that Bart's future would be as bright as she wanted it to be for him.

WC: 300/300

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