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Directionally challenged [From South to West]

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Directionally challenged [From South to West] Empty Wed Apr 20, 2022 6:33 pm


The time had come, the call had been made and Esperia was ready to prepare for the final steps in the journey she had made toward this goal. After leaving a letter with Valerie after she had explained her reasons for needing to go on this journey alone, and the promise that no matter what, she would return to her side the vampire departed for the outskirts of Hargeon.

It was there her loyal mount awaited her, the white wyvern resting underneath the shake of a giant tree, yet the moment it caught sight of her the creature let out a joyous sound.

Esperia smiled kindly at it, patting the creature's neck tenderly after which she decided to explain her intentions. "Can you take me to Baska as quickly as possible? We got a certain trickster to catch, and then I'll finally be able to return home and start the family with Valerie that we long for~"

The creature nodded its head gently, letting her climb onto its back after which the white-haired vampire held tightly onto the creature's back, the wyvern taking a swift ascend as it raised its body rapidly into the air. In a matter of moments they were amidst the clouds as Esperia pondered about what would await them in Baska. 'she' had asked for her to meet her there, so it must had been related to their mutual search.

Still, to think that it would be Baska of all places. A mere coincidence? Or did it truly mean she would have had to return to the beginning in order to find that what she desired? Only time would tell...

A sudden growl came from the wyvern as it tried to alert Esperia, they had already arrived but it seemed that trouble was ready to greet them when a sudden volley of projectiles made from mana started to charge toward her from the forest underneath them!

WC: 325/300

Normally WC of 600 but I got a discount of 50% due to my mount.

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