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Set to Dance to a Dance of Joy.(Karisa MMG – Masquerade)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

Set to Dance to a Dance of Joy.(Karisa MMG – Masquerade) Empty Sat Apr 16, 2022 2:07 pm

Judith Karlinius
Well after waiting around and preparing Judith would head to the ball so far with very little to do but maybe socialize and meet people to see if she could connect voices she knew to others. He would just wear a plain faced mask but she painted various butterflies and faeries on it to make it stand out a bit. Then again her horns could be consider about it even if they are attached to her head. This as more of a game of fun for Judith then anything else. Entering the room she would look around for her dress is about her normal dress these days while Maybe just adding a butterfly on the centre of the dress for some other style."Dear oh dear, It seems it is a game of wonders is just about to start."Judith mentioned.

Judith would check and ensure her mask is fix in place and everything else was neat, While she pondered where she would go to start with or who she would talk to as well. Part of her wondered if she would talk to some people she knew already or not. But with masks on all of the time it was a harder game to play to guess anyone else.


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Karisa's eyes of the sky of night looked at her two children as she was helping Charon with his tuxedo. "You look handsome, ~ I could eat you up," she giggled and hugged her children as she looked at Rhea, "You will be beautiful as you are adorable," she kissed the top of their heads as she put on her black goddess dress. She wore this for the Guild meeting, so she already had all this ready. The only thing she had to fix was her hair and face as the meeting was quite a bore. So much fighting and war within that group, it was not her favorite. She brushed her long blonde, white hair with her comb that came from the sea. It was created from the people who lived by it as they deep dive, collect unique looking shells and coral and make it into such useful things. It was sad since they could be alive at that moment, but everyone had their purpose.

Other than her family and her loyal followers, she had no interest in mortal affairs unless they affect her own. After she was done putting it into a bun, leaving two bangs fully out they finally left the hotel they were staying at. They slowly walked towards the ball as they first put on their mask to hide their faces as it was required. "Do we have to wear these stupid things?", Charon question. "I don't know, I think mine is pretty and yours looks pretty cool, right mama?", Rhea asked innocently as she smiled happily. Her pink hair was shining from the light as her eyes of her own were dark brown as her normal eye color was. "Of course, I think you both look good," she gave them a motherly smile before they continued on.

"Plus, your aunt Judith will be there so behave," she asked them kindly before going to the door. Rather it's her dragon scent or power, she was able to tell who she was. "Come,~" she told them both as the three walked towards where they will meet up with her sister, "Sister, it's quite good to see you," she had both of her hands on the backs of her two children as she nudged them forward, "This is Charon and Rhea," she introduced them both. She ignored anyone who gazed at her beauty or her children as it was more about the family than becoming some idol or goddess that people fantasied about.


Set to Dance to a Dance of Joy.(Karisa MMG – Masquerade) Sigme10
#3Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
If she had her own choice there would have been other times for this kind of meeting Judith preferred something less crowded around strangers and during mask party. Since it was not an option Judith might as well roll with it."Oh I grow a few inches."Judith went from four foot nine inches tall to five foot three inches tall."I grew horns and pointy ears, Yet you still find me."Judith found it remarkable in it's own sense, Then again Judith also knew very little what might have changed with her as of late, some one can change a fair amount sometimes.

Judith was picky in some way in which was easily guessed. She would kneel to the level of the children lift her own mask up to them her face, Then lift up their masks for a moment to see their, to look upon them smile and then places their mask back on."Keep them on we do have rules to follow."Even saying that making sure her mask was back on then patting them both on the head in delight."I am glad to meet the both of you."If anything Aunt Judith was always happy this way, Maybe if they were not at a ball it would be a bit different.

Then she did given them both a hug,Because that was just Judith's way of being the things she cared about got hugged."Just be careful of the horns."Just in case since she was hugging them both. The horns were a new thing to them. Then she would."You seemed to have been a very busy woman."Judith mentioned to Karisa because well given how long they kind of stopped having a conversation in their own talks to live their own lives, it was not anything out of the normal when they actually lived their own lives, Just at different stages."And I am sure we have a few things to talk about."As they always eventually had some kind of maybe longer winded conversation about things in life, This was nothing out of place at all.




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Karisa's heart, it was weak, but she didn't want anyone to know. Her sisters, her cousin, her family in general had no idea as she always acted, she was fine. She kept on her usual motherly smile that tried to warm everyone up. She hugged Karisa's children as they started to chat with her, "You look pretty, Aunty," she gave a happy smile. Charon scratched the back of his head as she looked away. "Hello, Aunt," he replied as he looked up at her now. Karisa smiled as she accepted this. She knew Charon was quite reserved compared to his sister.

"Shall we go else where to chat then?~", she snapped her fingers with the key in her hand that summoned two servants, Diablo and Raeses. The little girl servant stood beside Charon and Diablo guarded Rhea as he was a rather tall man with demonic feats. Many feared to go near him as she knew she could trust the two with her children. "Let them go feast and please be careful, dears,~" she then wrapped her arm around Judith's single arm. "We have a lot to talk about..." she speaks softly as her eyes were getting colder yet her gentle smile stood. Once they got away from everyone she leaned against the porch rail made of stone. "So... I shall start with what you told Kazimir when you two were alone... Tell me... Do you have any questions? I was there when Kuri and Ana departed happily, you should know..." she changed their history, changed how they died as they were able to move on.

This health issue though was still here.


#5Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
What a time to have conversations of past and life times a go, in the middle of a masquerade, At least they had masks on."I am sure we do have a few things to talk about."But I guess if they where going to talk about when they where unknown faces would help a bit more. A cold voice even if use to it never left anyone comfortable."So he chose to speak of that huh? I should have figured that would be moved to you eventually."Judith would keep it to herself but she assumed it was just gonna be between them with that conversation but alas seemed that was not the case at all. But she did not seem to bothered by it in the end."I should know many things."Her answer was pretty simple with that Judith seems to know that she should know these things, Even if info was wrong as it stands so far figuratively. Even if she had questions it might not seem to be about the people themselves.

She would just ask to start with."Why does it seem with my recollection with these situations, My memory seems always fragmented or gone compared towards your being complete."Sure it seemed like Judith could have focused on the people but seemed like she wanted an answer on how the situation worked differently between the two."Are these memory lapse cause from you? From past me or something else not account for?"It was just her starting ponder, But it seemed her main worry was the past memory problems, Any current memories seemed to not be a worry right now. It was just something she wanted to consider a simple answer. Unless she had something more complex in return partly expected for it to be a bit confusing.

It seemed these things she just wanted to solve, weather or not the answers she seek would help was a good question."Even if you claim they departed happily, Do you worry about when one desires return?"This was also one she considered a fair question they could happily depart until some one just chooses to come back, it was something that Judith might wanted to see if mind is changed or not. Then again it seemed Judith did not account if the idea of her past version wanting to exist again in it's whole state.

But at least the last ponder was simple else simple."Are your pointed ears for show or did your change happen over something else?"Even if the same could be said about Judith they both were a bit different. it seemed it was a good question for general part of the conversation. Sure it was not as serious but it was at least something good to talk about. Since it was still some kind of change. At leas for now anything else could wait and she seemed to have no other question at this time, Since there was other things to wait for.



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