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To West [Air]

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Karisa looked behind her once more as she has yet to leave Hosenka after so many years. She was bringing her two children with Rhea and Charon. They stayed beside her as their little hands grappled onto hers. Her eyes lowered to see their eyes gaze at hers and then turned to look towards Central to then West. "Let's see what Central has for us. Perhaps I will give you some History lessons,~" she giggled as she gave them a teasing smile. They groaned and Charon rolled his eyes as they started their walk. Kazimir will have to wait for her return as she knew he will be busy with his own things in Magnolia.

If her guild is in trouble, she knew her people and friends will attend to it. Her golden eyes mirrored the beautiful forest view as her children's eyes were wandering the magical wonders. Rhea, such a beauty was enjoying the nature of it all while Charon had a more intelligent outlook on it instead of seeing it for the beauty of it. She wasn't going to leave them behind as she did with her other two children, and the one that must not be named. When will she see that one again, she does not know, nor does anyone know about them.

As the time arrived they were there, but they only stopped by to grab some food, drinks and merchandise for the kids. Maybe there were things going on in West, maybe meet an old friend that she still sees as someone who is never lost to her even if he does. Rather or not they will be friends like long ago, will be up in question till the time comes. Their eyes finally spotted the sign of West, holding her two children's hands she went off towards where she believed her fifth child was hiding.


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To West [Air] Sigme10

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