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The Fallen - A Fantasy Humanoid Shifter RPG

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The Fallen - A Fantasy Humanoid Shifter RPG Empty Sun Jan 16, 2022 9:24 pm

[url="https://fallen-rp.com/"]The Fallen - A Fantasy Humanoid Shifter RPG Fallen-ad[/url]

[url="https://fallen-rp.com/"]The Fallen[/url]
A Fantasy Humanoid Shifter RPG

Play-by-post forum RPG • No word count • Sandbox environment
Create your own guilds • Lax character creation guidelines • Open to all humanoid species
Gain magical abilities • Inclusive, relaxed community • Creativity encouraged!

* Must be 18+ to join!

Welcome to the land of Belamire, a now fallen Kingdom that houses four villages. Each village is home to an eternal season and a bustling, unique culture of people, lands and creatures. The people themselves are unique in their own ways as they possess the ability to shapeshift. Magic is potent in these lands, whether you can wield it or not.

It's coming up on the one year anniversary since the bloody war that overthrew the King. On the surface, there is peace, but a lot of the friendly smiles are fake. There is deep rooted hatred on both sides, it's just a matter of who will make the first move.

Wherever you stand, wherever you come from, you shape the future of Belamire now.

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