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Emil runs the show. (Solo Quest)

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Emil runs the show. (Solo Quest) Empty Sat Jan 15, 2022 7:30 am

Emil walks up to the entrance of the hotel resort and he is greeted by a small elderly woman that tells him to just refer to he as granny and to not break anything. He smiles nervously and rubs the back on his head, he was here to help but he is already getting scorned, he guesses his reckless way of fighting has caught up to him. She walks him in to the four new hires that he will be watching over and he smiles a big dopey smile at them cause he was gonna be a hard man for them to please because he is use to good hard work when it comes to staff. They come up one by one and give their greeting and their names and he watches them and catches none of their names too excited to be in charge of them to really pay attention to their names.



Emil runs the show. (Solo Quest) Empty Sat Jan 15, 2022 7:30 am

The staff get to work and soon the cracks start to show for which ones are on the right level for this work and which ones are not on the right floor but are close, to their goal on what they need to get to, to serve and act and finish this task in a good amount of time that doesn't leave them in the way of guests that might be rushing through and would use their slow incompetence for a discount for a service this resort offers to its guests. Emil is tough on the ones that seem to be lacking in their skill to do the task, he seems to be making them super nervous and they start messing up more and he back off of them a little so they feel a little less pressure but still feel his overwhelming aura of do it right, they start to get better as he hammers the movements and tasks into them.



Emil runs the show. (Solo Quest) Empty Sat Jan 15, 2022 7:30 am

He feels it is time to test them and he is not gonna take it easy on them just case they are new. He starts with the one taking on the main lobby check in desk and he smiles at them and fakes being nice and asks for a room that is fake double booked, to see how this woman would handle a double booking if another client is already in that room, the girl reaches for the phone and makes a fake call to granny for the permission to upgrade them because they had ended up double booking a room and talks to Emil as a customer and goes back and forth to settle on a room that is still at the same price but on the next floor up so he still gets the same view just a bit higher he agrees and he thanks the woman for her hard word and saying sorry if he felt he was rushing her she keeps her customer service voice and smile.



Emil runs the show. (Solo Quest) Empty Sat Jan 15, 2022 7:31 am

Having finishing with her he goes to the next two who are the cleaning and greeting door staff and he points out small mistakes they are still making but are good enough to pass his test and not make him have to drill into them some more about bigger things, but he feels they will handle a rush pretty well just need to keep their moral a little higher and not so lax. He walks up to the final one who is in charge of helping the kitchen keep the breakfast, lunch, dinner serving bar restocked and he tells her to go ahead and start, and she goes and gets the containers of the fake foods that he had set up so they weren't wasting real food and make granny made at him or them for the actions of this, he walks with her and he times her and helps her see easier faster routes if there was a crowd of hungry guests and not to rush but to hustle and not feel down if she ends up a little slower because of someone blocking their way just ask nicely and they should move and if they don't don't be scared to signal the staff guard and have them moved as the areas are marked not to stand on so not to make her job harder. He gets them to granny and gets them to tell her their growth and he smiles and she is happy nothing is broken and they weren't scared away. She happily pays Emil and he leaves knowing they will be fine.

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