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Kachow [Flying Travel to East Fiore]

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#1Hitomi Minamoto 

Kachow [Flying Travel to East Fiore] Empty Fri Dec 31, 2021 7:41 pm

Hitomi Minamoto
The fire maiden wasn't a particularly interesting story to tell people but it was a story that Hitomi found quite entertaining. It was written by a man who committed the act of arson all over fiore for thirty years until he was caught by a mage who specialized in water magic. The arsonist in question wrote the book before he set himself on fire which killed him. Moving around the room to pack her bags Hitomi only thought about the book because she was deciding if she wanted to bring it along for another read or keep it behind for another to enjoy if they did at all. It really was a good book but she felt reading it five times was a bit much as is. Being thankful for her frugal spending she didn't have much to pack which would be a godsend on her griffon who she had yet to name.


Kachow [Flying Travel to East Fiore] NRhlo2C
#2Hitomi Minamoto 

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Hitomi Minamoto
It didn't take her long to finish packing and clearing out the room before grabbing Kusanagi and a few other of her more precious items before she departed. Strapping her things onto her griffon ride and making sure it was secure, Hitomi was nothing but excited to be free from Orchidia. She would travel as far away from this area of Fiore as she could and wouldn't look back for a very long time. The sun was just peeking over the horizon which was a perfect time to start traveling. The weather today was supposed to be cold of course but no snow storms or anything of the sort which was just right for her traveling companion. She would want to have the creature struggling to fly in some snow storm and she didn't want to deal with cold that extreme. Though if she did have to deal with bad weather she would be prepared for it or at least stop at a town so she wouldn't be caught in it too badly.


Kachow [Flying Travel to East Fiore] NRhlo2C
#3Hitomi Minamoto 

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Hitomi Minamoto
The glittering sun was a welcomed sight as it began to reach over the horizon, yes what a perfect day to leave this shithole. Directing her Griffon to lower its body as to allow her to hop on its back safely. Once Hitomi was properly ontop and everything was strapped down she pulled on the reigns and the two took off into the beautifully clear skies. It was so refreshing to see the world below her get smaller and smaller as the two flew off higher into the sky. It wouldn't take long before they were flying away from Orchida and North Fiore as a whole. Hitomi was one hundred precent going to take a paid vacation before leaving the organization known as the Rune Knights in order to pursue a path that she could be happy with. Though she was still uncertain of this path. There were so many options ahead of her that she could pick from and perhaps she could try all of them.


Kachow [Flying Travel to East Fiore] NRhlo2C
#4Hitomi Minamoto 

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Hitomi Minamoto
With those thoughts running through her mind she could feel herself doze off into the soft feathers of the griffon. The smooth flight and her already tired body had given out and soon she was in a land of dreams and imagination. With her body soaring through the air she dreamed herself flying without the aid of her traveling companion. She was as free as a bird to go wherever she wanted whenever she wanted. Her flying in the clear skies though were cut short as she found herself slowly descending to the ground where she was placed at the start of a fork in a road. On the right side, the road led to a sun that never seem to set. Its warm embrace reminded her of Seika so much that she thought she saw his face in the sun. A feeling in her heart nearly tugged her in the sun's embrace but she took a look to the left and the other side of the forked road look quite a bit different.


Kachow [Flying Travel to East Fiore] NRhlo2C

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