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The Divine Nativity [Private]

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The Divine Nativity [Private] Empty Tue Dec 28, 2021 11:43 am


Her golden eyes flickered as she gazed at the mirror in front. She slowly combed her hair with a fickle coral-made pick that she was gifted from people afar while humming a soft tune. She knew what today was as she wanted to look as decent as possible. Hopefully, Kazimir was near, but if not she knew a few others who will ascend by her. Today was the thirty-first, almost time for one of the most important events to happen.

She wanted to be prepared and so she already sent the letter to the person coming during the morning rise. She could feel the sharp pains as they were getting impatient as she was as well. She knew that feeling, but she was finally just leaving to go to the place where it will all begin for them. She wanted to have this event happen in a secluded area with just them and the doctor so it was going to be in the beautiful scenery that had a bed, and everything that was needed. By now, they should be on their way as she could feel they were ready now.

The Divine Nativity [Private] Sigme10

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