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Underground Associates [Quest-S rank] [Judith]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Underground Associates [Quest-S rank] [Judith] Empty Tue Dec 28, 2021 8:56 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir stuffed the note into this jacket pocket and walked over to slide his arm beneath Ander's to help him walk if he wanted. "Looks like you held your own pretty well out there. Good to see you're alright. What were you doing out here anyway?" He asked not knowing the truth behind things. Nor did the wind mage know that the note in his pocket, from the thugs, talked about targeting the Karlinous family.

"We should get out of here and head back to your house. There is a lot to take about." He started to walk if there was nothing else to be done, but at a slow pace. "I took this note off of one of them. We should see if its a clue to whats all happening." He dug the note back out of his pocket and handed it to Judith. Perhaps she could make more sense out of what was going on. The wind mage took his time, so Judith could look over the note and glanced around, making sure no one else was planning an attack on them just yet.

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#2Judith Karlinius 

Underground Associates [Quest-S rank] [Judith] Empty Wed Dec 29, 2021 2:16 pm

Judith Karlinius
It would not seem like it at first the one who seemed to be effected by this situation still was Judith her husband on the other hand well seemed to be stubborn in trying to seem like he was not overly hurt, Something that well Kazimir could most likely see happening, After all Judith did often tell Kazimir and whoever else that her stubborn behaviour and the toughness was from him."Stopping whatever their plan was, If that did not get the shot they did, It would have been much worst for them."That even was from Judith's husband did sound like you could hear it from some one else.

It seemed while Judith made use her husband was able to walk normally and with out problem, She took the note and seemed to take her time reading it. Sadly it seemed Judith was growing more and more quiet and seemingly more upset, But not anything typical that some one could consider upset from Judith it was starting to show her getting bitter and some what angry, Which was a rare situation over all, But so far the walk back to Judith place, would be a bit more quiet from at least Judith she was keeping whatever the note was going to mention to herself for now.


#3Kazimir Seiryu 

Underground Associates [Quest-S rank] [Judith] Empty Thu Dec 30, 2021 9:48 am

Kazimir Seiryu
It was a silent walk back to their home. Kaz kept glancing at Judith who seemed to be taking in what all the note said. Anders began to walk on his own, as stubborn as all the stories had been about him. The wind mage opened the door for them to enter. Odd considering it was their house, but Anders was still injured and Judith seemed entranced by the note. Kaz checked behind them to make sure no one was following them and then entered, closing the door behind himself.

"Do you think it has anything to do with the racial changes that have been happening around here," Kaz asked and peeked his head out the window, just to make sure once more. "Are you alright Judith? Did you find any clues on the notes? Between this and you becoming an elf, so many things have happened so fast. How did your transformation happen?" Kaz sat down, finally seeing all the preparations that Judith had put into the day.

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#4Judith Karlinius 

Underground Associates [Quest-S rank] [Judith] Empty Fri Dec 31, 2021 12:15 pm

Judith Karlinius
Getting into the house Judith seemed to quietly place lead her husband to a chair to sit down, Even if bothered she had other things to focus on, Surely where her thoughts where many there was other that really needed to be done first.Anders would be more pondering since he did assume Judith was just a lone case."Has there been one then one person?"You know for a man who would be trying to relax he was far more worried about other things happening then being rather hurt.

One would have thought Judith would have been one to want to know these things she seemingly already was starting to work on checking over how back her husband truly was hurt. But she would finally answer the ponder of the moment."They where planning something fare more insulting, They were there looking around for things to, seemingly targeting graves."Managing to avoid spilling what graves could have been by. But one thing would least be mentioned."There are not anything super valuable in two graves I am aware of."Maybe it was just Judith avoiding more stress, Maybe it was just not the time in her mind yet but some reason she revealed that two graves she knew of had nothing of value in them.

Nonetheless for the moment Judith was doing her normal inspection, checking over her husband to see what all has been done."I thought Judith was alone case of this change, Even then I don't assume this has to do with Judith rather then family graves that were close to there, if anything I could assume withe the shovels they had, They where looking to dig around."Anders was a smart man as well, he was pointing out they might have been looking to do some grave robbing and he was not gonna let it happen at that time.



#5Kazimir Seiryu 

Underground Associates [Quest-S rank] [Judith] Empty Mon Jan 03, 2022 11:08 am

Kazimir Seiryu
"Yes...I also have undergone a change recently, and am no longer a vampire. Nephilim have been arriving more and more as well," he spoke casually about it. It was odd to him now thinking about it, that most of the mages in fairy tail had undergone some drastic change in the past year.

"Just grave robbers then. Somehow that is a relief compared to what it could have been," he said and let his shoulders relax a little. He crossed his arms and eyes the note from afar. "What is in the final grave then? Something they were looking after?" Kaz asked as Judith had not volunteered the information about the final grave they were robbing. In the end, they had put a stop to it for now, but they may not be the end of things.

"How do you feel about your transformation Judith?" He asked, now that they had a little more time between needing to track down those people again. The note would also reveal a local hideout that the three of them could stake out and catch the crooks. It talked about needing the armor of Judina as a gift for their boss and that they would likely try to steal it again.

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#6Judith Karlinius 

Underground Associates [Quest-S rank] [Judith] Empty Tue Jan 04, 2022 8:23 am

Judith Karlinius
Letting out a sigh."Well hopefully this matter of everyone shifting did not get too much out of hand in the end."Not that Anders entirely in the end would mind how it turned out for other people, just could only ponder how horrible it could turn out in the end. It was not that so far he seemed to think anyone would dislike the shifts around, Then again he just hid away making things in a shop so, Who knows what was really going on around the place near him while he just worked away.

It seemed at least the simple answer for Anders at least caught on to why Judith was not mentioning names."Armor, Well crafted armor, I heard them mentioning it when I was over there."It was a good way of walking around it at least, So far at least it seemed the grumpy smith would be okay.

For Judith's transformation and how she felt. It was a welcome distraction and she seemed to be a bit less locked upon her thoughts."I have joked about wanting to get a bit taller even if I was an adult, I just did not think it would happen how it did."Judith mentioned at first, Even then the horns and pointed ears were most likely not expected as well."It worry with altering of how I am, what all it could effect down the path of life, But could just be a personal worry."At least it was not super negative feelings towards being an elf now."I do however, have to ponder what other elves will think of one with horns."She knew it was about out there and different, then again she had not honestly really recall meeting elves before this change, Thus she could only ponder it would be weird, She took it in some kind of positive nature, So at least there was some things good.



#7Kazimir Seiryu 

Underground Associates [Quest-S rank] [Judith] Empty Thu Jan 06, 2022 8:11 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz leaned on the table with his hands, thinking about all that was going on. A contemplative and intrigued look flashed over his face. "Well crafted armor, huh. Simple enough. let's go put a stop to them then, before they strike again." he said and adjusted his clothes so they could get ready to march on the hideout.

"Well, you certainly got your wish of being taller," Kaz smiled at the brief lighthearted turn of events. "I'm sure it will change a few things. But Karisa is changing all the time too, so I've gotten used to it," he laughed a little bit. "I'm sure the elves will still accept you. maybe you will create a whole new subspecies of elf," he raised a brow at the fascinating thought. With all that going, on Kaz opened the door so they could head out towards the hideout, while still talking. He wasn't sure if Ander's wanted to come or not, but there was work to be done. He walked out and headed towards the hideout in the middle of the night. It was a small building on the edge of town, that was a spice warehouse.

"Does the change to an elf, change anything else about you?" he asked as they settled into a small restaurant across the street from the warehouse to spy on the people coming in and out.

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#8Judith Karlinius 

Underground Associates [Quest-S rank] [Judith] Empty Sat Jan 08, 2022 11:16 am

Judith Karlinius
Judith for now managed to keep the control the she had wanted too, Because well it should have been time to mention it, But she still was unsure how exactly she would consider the right time to mention it, If anything Judina death was barely spoken about because Judith avoided mentioning it right away. But most likely by then Judith would have a plan for it."You will be okay until I get back right?"Judith merely asked her husband, Which since it was most likely to guess how he was going to answer."You have done enough, I can stay off my work bench and recover."He was stubborn, But one thing he seemed never to test was his words against his own wife, Not that Judith would do anything to horrible to him.

For not it seems they would be leaving him behind, Mostly from Judith wanting to be sure he relaxed, After all he was as good at it as much as Judith was so needless to say he most likely had to tell Judith he would just try and rest because it was needed and well she might force him."Change a few things? What like I ponder."She more wanted to see what he would say here, Because it left her curious what he would say."Yes, She does change fairly often, Not that I have a massive track record of doing that...This was just an interesting rare case."At least that is how Judith would count it in her case, After all she was still fairly comfortable as a human.

As for the part of the other elves, it was also a good ponder."I would have to ask other elves, After all they are as much of a rarity as other races, Not too many werewolves or vampires roaming about now days."Which was true, Judith at least could not mention the last time she saw a werewolf at least one that openly admit they where one, Since most of them tend to be pretty quiet and she knew way, It was like a lingering shadow over some one to be one.

But this last question seemed to be a good one, One Judith did not know how to answer."So far if I am not that different, I could ponder that myself, I guess unless i truly could ask some one who might know, for sure."But that list of who she could ask was fairly sort at zero, But they could easily ponder aloud to one another, They had plenty of time since closing the door and heading on their way to continue solving a problem.Giving Judith more time.



#9Kazimir Seiryu 

Underground Associates [Quest-S rank] [Judith] Empty Sat Jan 15, 2022 2:22 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir nodded as Anders agreed to take it easy and the two guild mages walked out toward the hideout. The wind mage kept an eye out just in case anyone had followed them, but he assumed her would have smelled them. "I hear that elves have a closeness with nature and since you are a nature mage, I imagine there will be some changes there as well." eh was speaking mostly from theory.

"Yes. I've never known you to change so drastically. You've been a pretty stable figure for a long time. That's why this was such a shock." He said in a calm tone, but was still surprised by the transformation even if it made sense. Perhaps nature was just calling her back to it.

Kaz remarked as she mentioned werewolves and vampires. Almost reminding him of his own news to tell her. "Yeah not too man of them," he said nervously, and on the way out of the house he grabbed a small treat to eat while walking. As they got closer Kaz, put his hand on Judith's shoulder and nudged her into an alley, "They are here. The same ones from the cemetery. I can smell it on them."

Around the corner, the same men stepped out of the hideout for a quick second and then slunk back inside. "How do you want to handle it?"

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#10Judith Karlinius 

Underground Associates [Quest-S rank] [Judith] Empty Mon Jan 17, 2022 2:38 pm

Judith Karlinius
It was a good ponder, However if that theory was correct or not."Good ponder, I have not tried to use my magical in a while, Then again I have not noticed much difference in the end. So far everything feels some what close to a normal."Maybe Judith just did not really know the different things in the end of these wonders, She was most likely gonna have to rely on other people mentioning it.

So Kazimir would just be one to dive into these theories and see what happens."Well, I tend to also not be too interesting or wanting of much change to keep things consistent in life, That way people know who they are looking for and to rely on."Gotta be the go to sometimes, so that was just how Judith went about it, Be the one to rely on for such matters you need her to, Then well continue on whatever else happens to be needed to be done.

Smell them? Interesting."Well I tell you for sure, That I can not in fact smell in that manner interesting."Judith was just making more casual things of mention while they were going about this way around, this grave yard. With the good question of how did they handle them."I am still opposed to blood shed, If they are mere grave robber, Best most likely be taking them to jail."So even if these graves they wanted to rob where of extreme importance to Judith, She was still not overly forgotten how important fairness was, She most likely wanted to be offended and take things a bit more harshly dealt with for what could be done, But it was fair in the end, Maybe they would be sure to figure out of to just subdue them.



#11Kazimir Seiryu 

Underground Associates [Quest-S rank] [Judith] Empty Fri Jan 21, 2022 10:39 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
"Oh. I'm sure if there is anything, then it will sprout up when the time comes." Kaz nodded and left it at that for now, but was intent on investigating about elves later.

"That's what has made you such a good friend for so long," Kaz smiled thinking back on how long they had known each other. She was truly one of the few people that remained in his life since coming to the country. "I don't think you'd ever change that much." Something sparked in the wind mage's thoughts. "Actually Judith...Speaking of interesting things about your life. I am marrying your sister now. So I suppose that makes us family." The real question was coming soon.

"Oh...uh. Small note. Not a vampire anymore. My race changed as well. Which is why I was so curious about it all happening. I became a werewolf." He shrugged and turned part of his attention back to the thugs.

"Minimal bloodshed it is then. We'll wait till they are all in the hideout so no innocents get caught up in it either." He leaned back against the wall as the thugs retreated back into the hideout and the sun began to go down, casting orange and red hues over the buildings and roads.

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#12Judith Karlinius 

Underground Associates [Quest-S rank] [Judith] Empty Mon Jan 24, 2022 1:36 pm

Judith Karlinius
So this just meant she would be watched a bit more, not that it was overly horrible Kazimir was just studying the changes of Judith and what all it entails, For the most the part Judith seemed far content with her understanding of what your changes were so far, Maybe she was just simple and happy that way."Sometimes, The tree most stable is the one returned too the most."At least that is how she thought about it for the most part.

It seemed however things did change and Judith had a few things she kind of kept away from others was now known."Well, That leaves me with a few less secrets now."Not that she was upset of disappointed, She did not mind Kazimir now having that relation to him, It just mattered what else he might ask her could be a bit tricky later on.

He was effected as well, just means the world most likely had a lot more confused mages that were once human that were not anymore."Well I guess a lot of people have a fair amount of adjusting to do at the end of the day."He was a werewolf now, which was something interesting not too many of them seemingly showed up, But for now it was interesting to know of these changes.

How long until they where in the hide out was a good question, So it would just be Judith sneaking around they they found it and well waited for the first action of them returning happen as well, Just how long this was a good question, But it was wonderful that Judith had the ability to wait as well. For it allowed time to think up and consider what else could be done or would else they could do.



#13Kazimir Seiryu 

Underground Associates [Quest-S rank] [Judith] Empty Tue Jan 25, 2022 11:04 am

Kazimir Seiryu
"True. People find comfort in what is sturdy. You can't lean on a tree with shifting roots," Kaz replied, and Judith was certainly becoming more in tune with her roots and nature.

"It was an odd change. But its nice to be able to eat like normal again," He said with a sigh of relief and his mouth already watering, thinking about the meal Judith had made for them back at her home.

"But what I mean is...now I can ask about your immortality," Kaz gave a small smirk as the winds changed and the thugs closed up the windows. "Well, time to get to work. I'll send them out if you can heal and bind them with roots," Kaz dashed toward the building and through an open window. A dark storm cloud formed overhead and shrouded the building in darkness. A series of yells and whirling wind erupted from the building. One after another the thugs were hurled half-conscious, but barely bloodied, outside and landed on the road. Judith could then take care of them.

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#14Judith Karlinius 

Underground Associates [Quest-S rank] [Judith] Empty Thu Jan 27, 2022 5:50 am

Judith Karlinius
It was an interesting thing to out right mention."Is that what you assume it is? Or what you were told?"It was an interesting things to pose by to her, For this thing was a bit more."For as far as I know I am not immortal as an elf."Even then Judith knew what he was leaning into and looking to clear up, Judith for the most part still knew some what how to attempt to work around it.

There the reality that Judith to be sure what exactly it was and she was not going to yield to it quite yet, After all Judith had to make sure she remembered a few things herself. It was something she had put off because she was enjoying life."I will have to see if I have a binding spell with in my memory."Sure healing was not a problem, But such another thing might be a good question to think about.



#15Kazimir Seiryu 

Underground Associates [Quest-S rank] [Judith] Empty Sat Jan 29, 2022 5:37 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
"Let's just say I have a few assumptions. but you did say, once I was a part of the family. Just married into it in a different way," Kaz titled his head to the side. It was something he was curious about, but nothing that he was going to lose any sleep over if the woman really wanted to keep it to herself. Kaz still had his secrets after all.

"True. Elves aren't immortal," he let the conversation go for now. The hideout was busted up in a fury of wind, with thugs laid out on the streets. He let Judith handle them however
she could and walked out to help her with any loose ends.

"looks like that is taken care of. Now then, shall we head back to your place for something to eat?" He asked as the men were still groaning on the ground. Having been a vampire, his compassion for them was still dulled from his time as an undead. But no one had any bleeding or serious injuries. Nor did Kaz ever find out specifically what the group was looking for.

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#16Judith Karlinius 

Underground Associates [Quest-S rank] [Judith] Empty Mon Jan 31, 2022 5:44 am

Judith Karlinius
At least he remembered."Then I guess, Both you and I have a fair amount  to talk about."But since Kazimir fit all of the pieces of that agreement he would now get to figure out just as many pieces as he wanted to know. The fact he felt some what that Judith was immortal was already fairly close enough."For you have reached what was agreed upon, Even if it was not how i ever expected it too."Just showed that if Judith had some plans not all of them went to how she wanted them too, Marrying whom he did was not exactly what she had in mind when she made that agreement.

But everything changes, it was a part of having to adapt to life. However things where different, Judith looked upon these defeated would be robbers, For once in some one else's life you could see an actual look of disgust on the normally bright spirited Judith almost like, That she did not even want to do anything she normally would to help a person when they where hurt in these situations.

But alas, Judith's magic did go off, the healing magic went off. It came with a warning."Only warning, Stay far away from the graves you had your eyes on...Or what could happen next will not be something you are spared from.."It would be one of the only times Judith could actually be heard making a threat to some one in general but the group got that said to them.

She left them, to spare them for a chance to leave and never return to this area."I do not see why not, However we should visit somewhere first."It was time to get one of the few things that would need to line up now, Since it was starting to turn into answering questions.




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