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Underground Associates (A Rank)(Kazimir)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

Underground Associates (A Rank)(Kazimir) Empty Sat Oct 09, 2021 11:18 am

Judith Karlinius
They were back here in some manner again with these things, It seemed to be adjusting Judith well and in some manner she was getting a bit more prepared for these things. She had all of what she felt she needed here, But in the end she still needed to know what was going on, So waiting casually for the next sign of what was too come. So far with these Judith had naught yet figure out if there was a pattern to how it all worked, But then again maybe that was just the lesson it needed to be.

So Judith would stretch out, preparing for it to be some kind of wild mess she got into for coming along this day, Or just prepared to maybe put up a ruse as she did in the start, So much things she had needed to do, Yet she had a feeling there was still more to it in the end, She wondered if these skills would going to reach her towards a new goal she would never have to use them for, Surely a guild cook and cleaner really did not need acting and combat training? She could be wrong, There was ways to figure that out eventually.


#2Kazimir Seiryu 

Underground Associates (A Rank)(Kazimir) Empty Mon Oct 11, 2021 7:47 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir rushed out of the guildhall with the request in his hand. Judith was stretching in the street near the building getting ready. Kaz ran up to her and stopped only for a second. "Alright Judith. let's go. Lots of work today." He handed her the request so she could read it and then began to briskly walk down the path. The request talked about a group of missing people and some that were found dead. All of the people were related to an event at the dinner they had interrupted days before. Some of them were investigators into the crime family.

"We are going to break into a place and get some info. You may have to use your healing abilities in a way you are not comfortable with. You are a paladin correct," Kaz asked as they continued down the path. The sun had just begun to set. The night had become a preferred time for the wind mage.

As Judith spoke, they would arrive in a shadier part of town and a hotel was in front of them.

"Our target is on the second to the top floor. We can take the fire escape to get up there." he'd answer any other questions she had and begin to make his way up the fire escape.

Once there, a hallway would show three men patrolling with guns. A fourth man carried an unconscious body over his shoulder and into a room at the other end of the hall.

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#3Judith Karlinius 

Underground Associates (A Rank)(Kazimir) Empty Tue Oct 12, 2021 3:59 am

Judith Karlinius
So now it seemed all this would further more dive into things that might make Kazimir even more unsure what she was able to do as she adjusted to these things, no matter what she tried even if she well, always felt like she should know far more then what she was already attempting and did not know how to fix that ponder.

But at least if anything, They both worked together and kept at it, Judith deal with these lingering thought But with what was explained to her."I am starting to wonder if there is that much or a lot of mages are really not up to these tasks."Not seemingly trying to insult anyone, It just seemed to be a general ponder.

But this did get Judith to wonder for a moment."I did not know I was suppose to remember that, But I think I am?"Yet the other magical problem of never using the powers you had after a while is you do not recall many things right away, It was a bit of a pain for Judith but in some manner she was trying to.

So they were going to break into a place."These are sounding and more illegal in some ways.."Then again Judith did know some one else was most likely doing something illegal as well, So it evened out she guessed, But still was puzzling.



#4Kazimir Seiryu 

Underground Associates (A Rank)(Kazimir) Empty Tue Oct 12, 2021 8:35 am

Kazimir Seiryu
"not really," Kazimir responded to Judith. "This is a pretty high-ranking request. Most mages wouldn't take them. There is only one higher level of difficulty." He stared up at the building while speaking. Because of their guild, he was able to take Judith on a quest like this. But even so...there was a reason the ranking system was in place and this could be dangerous for her.

The wind mage smiled at Judith not remembering what her specifics were. "Not a problem. Let's have a refresher then," Kaz nodded and eased the window open. The guards patrolled back and forth through the halls as the fourth one vanished inside a room. Every once and awhile a singular guard would be left walking down the hall. Every time his eyes glanced toward them, Kaz would lean away from the window, but they had the timing down. As soon as the guard turned to leave the hall, Kaz tapped Judith's shoulder.

"Cast a healing spell on him. As long as you view him as an enemy, it should harm him instead. Nothing crazy. Just enough to knock him out," Kaz took his hand back and waited. He wasn't worried, assuming that Judith would likely underplay her magic than accidentally use too much healing power.

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#5Judith Karlinius 

Underground Associates (A Rank)(Kazimir) Empty Thu Oct 14, 2021 6:49 am

Judith Karlinius
So it was neither what Judith thought but she seemed okay with it in the end."I see now."Judith leaving it at that, She would not really seem to worry herself about it all that much, After all it would not seem like she had much to worry about in the end in this matter, As long as everything worked as planned, which it would most likely because it was just how it all managed out. Well and team work too. This was working to have Judith slowly adjust and getting use to that working mage life. Then again there was a lesson to be learned.

This lesson might seem basic, But at least to Judith was still trying her best in this adjusting role of a more working mage.It sounded simple given how Judith was a lady who had not really harmed anyone her entire life, so this might be a bit more of an different task at hand."It does sound fairly basic."Judith said in her pondering about it.

This was more of a test of making Judith actually about to it since she had never actually attempted anything in terms of defensive/combative ways of being as a mage, it was a test of mind over anything else for Judith.



#6Kazimir Seiryu 

Underground Associates (A Rank)(Kazimir) Empty Thu Oct 14, 2021 10:54 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Judith spoke and Kaz nodded. He turned his body to face the villain inside the hall. Then looked back at Judith...then again into the hall. He waited for her to cast a spell on the man, but she paused in contemplation. He reconciled that he was asking her to do something she may have never done before, or if it had been a long time.

"Remember Judith...there is a person in there. maybe more, that needs your help now," he placed his hand on her shoulder to reassure her about the attack. "You can do this," he said and stood up, looking at the roof. "You are on offense now. I'll see you inside," Kazimir gave his final words and then turned invisible. She would feel a small gust of wind next to her as Kazimir zipped up to the roof, leaving her alone and responsible for dealing with the hall guards.

No matter what happened, Kazmir walked along the roof, feeling the minor vibrations that the guards gave off in the halls. he walked until he felt smaller vibrations. "Found you," he muttered and waited for a sign that Judith had begun a potentially uncomfortable frontal assault. Kazimir was ready to dash in and attack them from behind.

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#7Judith Karlinius 

Underground Associates (A Rank)(Kazimir) Empty Sat Oct 16, 2021 9:21 am

Judith Karlinius
What better way to slowly manage these things then to throw some one into the the situation and see what happens, Science was magical in that manner in the theory managing towards it.Was putting Judith on the spot good? Maybe since she might be able to handle it well for being led into it. At least internally it was pretty straight forward she just needed to do it. Guess it was more Judith's mind being the enemy to herself in this situation as well. Most likely leaving Judith with a lot more to ponder after this mission was done.

It might have made her nervous, But in some manner she believed she could manage this, She was not alone and that helped, She would not be here if some one did not think she could do the task, at least she thought, There was always that small amount of doubt, something that anyone expected when putting some one so passive in their strange position, Now Judith would actually attempt it, in more of a way that she could think would be best, By throwing herself in face first because she felt like it was the best way to.

So she showed no fear upfront upon her normal looking expression, Maybe if ask afterwards she might admit she was a bit nervous about being in this matter. So with the effect of her bunny ears she would hope close enough to where she was pointed towards to do this exact action.

When Judith jumped the close enough distance to manage this spell with in the 5 meter range needed between them, starting to channel a spell. Only because well it was only really what she figured out to do in this matter.

In any other matter, smelling sweet pollen being around Judith was a good thing, However for this person, it was not. It would be a thing of nightmares as this heal turned into an attack from Judith. Was this something that would make Judith seem like a lingering monster within? Nonetheless she casted Nature's Tender Touch. However it would not be so tender this time. Unsure what would happen or she if was prepared to hear and see how it worked out as well, The Reality of it being still new.



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#8Kazimir Seiryu 

Underground Associates (A Rank)(Kazimir) Empty Sat Oct 16, 2021 2:07 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir dropped below and opened the window as he heard a man yell. The thug swung his arms widely at the pollen that was bursting around him. Judith had done it, and Kaz knew it was hard on her to use her magic in such a way. He figured she would never resort to something like this, but now she was a little more ready if she had no choice but to do. He hoped that seeing the faces of the people she saved, that it would make the hard choice easier. Plus the man flailed and ran into a wall. The attack dazed him and knocked him on his butt, but caused no serious injury.

As she made her way into the hall, Kazimir rolled in through the window and dashed forward. Two guards crossed into the hall, after hearing their ally fall to the ground. They pulled out weapons and aimed them at Judith. Kazimir dashed forward once more, leaving a trail of wind behind him. His eyes flashed red from his vampiric nature. With a thrust of his hand, a blade of wind appeared at the side of the guards. He swiped his hand to the left and the blade crashed into both of them, sending them violently smashing into the wall. He wondered if the kind-hearted healer saw him as a violent man. Although he assumed she didn't with how well she knew him.

"That's that. You okay," he asked with a smile. his eyes returned to normal. Down the hall, a scared prisoner popped their head out of the doorway. She was snatched back by a bulky arm. Kaz whirled around, just as a bullet burst into his arm. Blood ran down his sleeve, although not entirely his own.

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#9Judith Karlinius 

Underground Associates (A Rank)(Kazimir) Empty Mon Oct 18, 2021 8:22 am

Judith Karlinius
Sometimes Judith wondered if really disconnecting her mind to be able to do these things was really worth it in the end, At least in this situation Kazimir proved that was, Then again They were both wise with in their own means and ways, Judith was a old lady learning new tricks even if she did not look like it. At least one thing for Judith really to think about in the end was well, She might have an easier time adjusting to it. But in the end this situation was over, Judith some what pasted a test, Even if she might not view it as one.

Judith did however seemed to tune out of reality for a bit, But she would slowly gather herself back to normal with in a short margin of time. It would feel like just one single minute passed. Then Judith turned back to normal"Yes, I am okay." Judith seemingly back to normal  as it all just slowly started to continue as it most likely would be mentioned to her.

Expecting Judith to be a bit more sheepish and having her seemingly more"Just something new to take in, I will manage a  bit better with it as i practice."Even if it was a still odd adjustment for Judith after all she still was not quiet sure about if that was still something she could normally, In time she would most likely not even have a second thought ever casting a spell that she could with that manner of harming some one, as long as she felt it was needed,

But it still seemed Judith, was trying to figure out what she needed to here next, even if the shock was gone. she was still not the best planner with these things.

With the world seemingly not slowing down, It just seemed the task was still going on as it did normally."Is everything okay?"Judith was getting back into work stage,rather then shock. This question was also more towards Kazimir so she could plan out what was next, Taking into detail of what was happening.



#10Kazimir Seiryu 

Underground Associates (A Rank)(Kazimir) Empty Tue Oct 19, 2021 7:03 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz waited as Judith vanished from her mind for a moment. He wondered if he asked her to do something too far or too abruptly. But if anyone threatened the people she cared about he wanted her to be able to do anything she wanted or needed to. "Judith...I would never ask you or put you in a position to take someone's life. If I am around, and a situation happens where that is the only path, I will bare that weight."

"It will take some time," he nodded back to her, understanding how difficult it could be to do something so new and uncomfortable as that. Kaz started doff that way once. Times changed a lot for him though.

As she composed herself, blood ran down Kazimir's arm. "Nope," he answered back. "can you heal my arm and I'll push them back so we can get to the kids?" The wind mage spoke as he stood in the center of the hallway. A hail of bullets followed and his magic wasn't the most helpful here. He could move fast but the bullets covered the whole hallway.

Judith was safe behind the wind mage so she could focus on other takes. Kazimir rose his hand and bathed the hallway in a tornado force of wind. The attackers were thrown backward. Kaz marched forward with Judith behind him until they got to the room where the kidnapped people were being held.

Kaz kept his attention focused on the flood of people coming through. In the room, the unconscious man was chained to a wall an old wall with symbols lit up on it. mana poured from his body and was soaked up by another man who stood in the center of the room. The man turned to face Judith with his eyes glowing white. A large magic circle appeared at his feet as though he was ready to cast a spell. Judith would recognize it as a healing spell. Only one that was going to be 16-meters in diameter. The magic circle spilled out into the hall.

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#11Judith Karlinius 

Underground Associates (A Rank)(Kazimir) Empty Thu Oct 21, 2021 6:31 am

Judith Karlinius
It as a true statement, Even if Judith had been unsure of herself in this manner, She was always going to be okay in the end, Just coming to terms was bit more of a different task for Judith. In the end Judith would not seem to question it. At least it was a sign of ways Judith could progress a bit more, It did not take much longer for Judith to return to reality of being some what normal.

After all to think of how horrifying in terms of watching her own healing spell that could look so pretty and harmless just start causing pain, Made her ponder, Does she not know how dangerous she herself could be? for now maybe Judith considered that she needed to stop thinking about that more for the betterment of herself in the end, For it might do her some good in the moment, They did need to focus after all.

She did need to adjust and focus which was most likely the entire idea of what was needed to start with so at least it was able to be managed, But the better question was, Does healing work on a vampire? It was interesting now to learn this.

Since Judith was now some what better, She can manage to press on with this situation at hand. So the spell she just did she would cast again for it's normal purpose to continue on the mission. In which entirely proved in the end

So now it was just how things needed to do after all they needed to finish this task. So this would just be a repeat of the last time she casted the spell moments a go just for the good and not the harm so to say,Which would be a good sign that Judith would be back in focus.



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#12Kazimir Seiryu 

Underground Associates (A Rank)(Kazimir) Empty Fri Oct 22, 2021 10:54 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir flexed his arm and rolled his now healed shoulder. "Thanks," he said, proving that even though he was a vampire, healing still affected it the same. The wound closed up and the bullet fell out. The new thugs staggered back at seeing the healing fix up the vampire.

The wind mage wondered just how powerful Judith could become. He had met healers before that could do incredible things and he knew Judith could reach those heights and beyond. He looked back at her for a brief moment and saw a world of possibility. It was a look that he had never given to Judith before, as her abilities rarely came up. But he was assured and eager to see her magic flourish.

"I'll take care of them," he said and clashed with the people that flooded into the room. He blew them back down the hall until a magical circle of light filled the hall. He knew it wasn't Judith's though. Back in her room, the prisoners groaned in pain as the healing light, harmed them. Kaz dashed inside and snapped the locked cages that held the people.

"Get them out," he called to Judith and stood toe to toe with the renegade mage that used healing spells to cause harm. Luckily they were on the top floor and Kaz had little else to worry about. He held the man of I a flurry of dashes and wind blades until Judith cleared the room out. Once it was just Kaz and the renegade in the room, he would land in front of the doorway.

"The difference between us. I don't use people. I trust in them," he said as the sky turned black outside and the wind picked up. The space was too small for Kaz to get out of, without letting the man escape and put Judith and the others in harm's way too. he hoped they had moved far enough away. A tornado crashed down onto the top of the building, flattening the area. Debris scattered and walls toppled.

Kazimir and the renegade man were buried beneath the rubble. As the dust settled, Judith would see Kaz's hand sticking out of the ruble..."Uhm...Judi"

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#13Judith Karlinius 

Underground Associates (A Rank)(Kazimir) Empty Sat Oct 23, 2021 1:52 pm

Judith Karlinius
It seemed in some manner, the improvement upon what happen in this day would slowly continue Judith's progress into what she could become, Just needed to learn how it all worked. So now the mission had to still be done. Which was good to have Judith back in her focus, she did not take long to recover mentally, more days of training to come at least, Then again it might not scare Judith anymore to have to consider doing these things, Even if up front she never mentioned it scared her, In some manner it might have for some time.

With what Kazimir was ordering to do, It seemed like it was just simple and she had already set off to continue that in which she was told to do. a brisked paced walk would only really be what could be note for what Judith had to get done.

Kazimir did all of the other things, Judith did more of the people helping which was the normal things they were use to at this time, Which was just leaving Judith right back to her normal behaviour of caring and compassionate of other people. Getting them out was now the only goal left to mind.

After Judith had gotten everyone else that she needed to out, She would turn around to wait and see what would happen since she had not seen Kazimir since her rushing out task of trying to get people out of of the building. To it all collapsing in some manner with her not really seeing anything that would progress the situation towards finding Kazimir. In which she would wait until any rumbling would stop and look around.

Calling out her name did help in the manner of searching Kazimir out."Well well some one got a bit stuck didn't they?"Judith mentioned to Kazimir Touching Kazimir hand Judith seemed to have to think about."This is not something I am sure I can get you out of."Attempting to pull slightly to see how light the rubble was for him. Eventually she was sure these two would find a way out for him,A typical Fairy Tail ending to a mission, Like any other Fairy Tail member might do.


Total:2040/1900(10% WC reduction from Guild Perk.)


#14Kazimir Seiryu 

Underground Associates (A Rank)(Kazimir) Empty Sat Oct 23, 2021 8:42 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
He coughed up dust and debris from beneath the collapsed building. He finally felt like a fairy tail mage among the chaos. Perhaps a part of him always belonged in the chaos of this guild. He pushed his hand through, asking for Judith's help. Eventually, he felt a familiar hand on his and was relieved.

"Hey, it's not funny," he joked back. He could blast the debris apart but it may have put others in more danger. "what do you mean? You can control the earth? Can you send a vine or something," he wiggles his other hand trying to get it free.

As they were trying to escape, the quest giver arrived and handed Judith a sack of jewels and put the other reward in Kazimir's only free hand.

"Thanks," he mumbled as they finally got the last layers of rock from around his face and he gasped for air. Now that he could see again, the two mages could finish pulling him out of the ruble. He assured Judith he'd be a bit more careful with his own body in the future, but they both knew that was a lie. The rune knights arrived and took care of the rest.

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