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Baska City Tournament Arc C rank[NQ]

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#1Knuckles Shi 

Baska City Tournament Arc C rank[NQ] Empty Mon Sep 27, 2021 10:28 pm

Knuckles Shi

Knuckles had caught wind of news of some tournament happening at the rock where he had fought the guy when he first arrived within Baska, though his fight ended in his victory it always felt like a hollow win. This time he would make sure that he would have a fun and proper fight or so he had thought. It was typical for him not to kill those he fought unless they were trying to kill him, but on this day as he approached the legendary rock a small man approached him. He offered Knuckles a chance to kill the current champion and they could split the pot. Knuckles was not sure at all how this would benefit him in the least, besides adding weight to his name for besting this champion in combat. When bringing this point up he was then let in that Knuckles would not be able to partake unless sponsored by a man who had fought before. A heavy breath pushed from his lungs upon hearing this. Was the thrill of a good fight worth it? He supposes he had little to no choice if he truly wished to fight, and so he agreed to the deal.

WC 200/1000

#2Knuckles Shi 

Baska City Tournament Arc C rank[NQ] Empty Mon Sep 27, 2021 10:34 pm

Knuckles Shi

When he approached the rock the two men walked to the sign-up station, they filled out the needed paperwork and then got on with signing and agreeing to the rules. Soon enough it would be time for his first fight. Stepping up onto the rock Knuckles looked across it getting a memory of his first fight here. With that image in mind, he gripped his hammed and shield after fitting his helmet to his head. The judge started the fight and the foe wasted no time to rush him, it was foolish and bullheaded to do so on such a small surface. Knux only hand twirls around shifting his weight to move from the charge, when the man passed him he knocked him in the head with his hammer, causing the man to be sent forward from the strike slightly, and into the ground where he landed Knocked out. Knux waited as the judge began to count to ten. After reaching it Knuckles groaned in annoyance. He came here to fight and this was what he was offered? After being declared the winner he moved down the stairs and watched the next few fights until it was his turn.
wc: 400/1000

#3Knuckles Shi 

Baska City Tournament Arc C rank[NQ] Empty Tue Sep 28, 2021 2:19 am

Knuckles Shi

Several fights had taken place as he had watched fighters with some skill fight one another, some who had natural talent but not enough training, and others who had sound skills but lacked the experience to capitalize on it. Meanwhile, there were those who were clearly veterans in the art of fighting and those matches came to luck mostly. It just proved that unless you totally outmatched your opponent in all areas of fighting, there was nothing that defined a certain win. Now that it was his turn and they were moving into the second round of the tournament, Knuckles moved towards the stairs. He closed his eyes and he gathered himself after seeing his opponent fight shortly after he fought. The man was the size of a bear and looked like he could suplex one with ease too. However, after his fight with the Dragon and learning from it, he was not worried about most of these men. When he entered the ring and the match started Knuckles drew both hammer and shield as his armor fit tightly to his body when he moved his shield and hammed closer to his chest. Feeding Mana into his hammer, lighting charged through him as he gained mass throughout his body.


#4Knuckles Shi 

Baska City Tournament Arc C rank[NQ] Empty Tue Sep 28, 2021 2:26 am

Knuckles Shi

With his added strength, endurance, and constitution Knuckles felt as if he was ready to face anyone who stepped into the ring with him. His opponent swung out his legs sending a fire spell at him, Knuckles lunged at an angle dodging the attack and moving towards his opponent at the same time. Another fire user, he thought back to his run-in with the Knights. Anger started to build within, and Knuckles used his Armor's spell within it to gain his full running speed instantly, able to take the man off guard as he laid the face of his hammer into the side of the man's ribs. A crunching sound could be heard from the strike as the man instantly shut his eyes and let out a wale of pain. He dropped to the ground clutching at his chest, clearly showing he was no longer able to fight. Yet the judge just stood there gawking. Knuckles took a step towards him forcing the Judge to look at him out of fear then started to count as if he was just now realizing where he was. After the ten count Knuckles put his shield and hammer away and bent over to the fighter he had hurt. He tapped his shoulder telling him he was a good fighter.


#5Knuckles Shi 

Baska City Tournament Arc C rank[NQ] Empty Tue Sep 28, 2021 2:48 am

Knuckles Shi

Going back down to where he had watched the other fights, it seemed he had impressed some with his actions. Though those of which who were the veterans only gave him a nod or a smirk of approval. He knew he had just issued a challenge to everyone there, and with his last match, he set the tone for the rest of the tournament. Some dropped out as the matches contained till eventually there was only a hand full of them left. Knuckles watch the Champion as he battled on, a large man with tanned skin. His light-based magic could prove dangerous for Knuckles if it hit directly. As far as Knuckles could tell, if he did not have the gear and the weapon he had, he was sure enough to get beat by most of the men who remained. That was their fault though, they had a relationship with magic, were as he did not. He was unable to cast spells on his own, only able to cast them from items such as his hammer and armor. This is how he evened the odds, if one did not have magic and wished to battle against those who did they needed to be well protected and geared up.


#6Knuckles Shi 

Baska City Tournament Arc C rank[NQ] Empty Tue Sep 28, 2021 2:55 am

Knuckles Shi

The fights went on and one, Knuckles fought two more times. He had not taken too much damage, but at this point, he had lost his shield while holding back all his spells on his hammer. He also did not feel the need to awaken the power of his pact in any of these fights, but against the champion now he was not sure. Knuckles knew his weakness was his speed, but he had planned it out with his armor's spell earlier which had made everyone cautious of his speed forcing them into a fight that favored him. When it came down to these last two fighters, Knuckles gave a firm head nod to the champion almost forgetting that he had agreed to take this man's life. Well, there was nothing to be done about that now. As the Judge called for them to start the fight, the champion waisted no time sending beams of light towards Knuckles. The Champion had stretched out both arms as his palms had built light around them and fired them both at Knuckles, but they were too fast to dodge and the only thing he could do was counter in a way he had not shown yet.


#7Knuckles Shi 

Baska City Tournament Arc C rank[NQ] Empty Tue Sep 28, 2021 3:05 am

Knuckles Shi

The beams of light hit his armor thankfully, as it took the brunt of the blow, however for the champion he was dealt a heavy hammer strike as his hammer had cut through the gap of the two beams, threading them and struck the Champion center mass in his chest. Smoke was covering his eyes currently, so he could not see the effects of his attack, but felt and heard the sounds of running. Knuckles started to move forward to take the smoke out of his face but found the champion already upon him. A glowing fist soon met his helmet but still knocked his head to the side and forced him to take a step backward putting him close to the edge of the ring. Holding his right hand out The champion looked to it, then jumped back a few meters prepping a defensive stance thinking Knuckles was going to cast a spell. Which was not wrong, but not the kind of spell he thought as the hammer soon found its place back to his right hand. The action took those who watched it by surprise. And if this spell did that well then they were in for a treat.


#8Knuckles Shi 

Baska City Tournament Arc C rank[NQ] Empty Tue Sep 28, 2021 3:21 am

Knuckles Shi

The champion's eyes followed the hammer and Knuckles lifted it above his head and used his last spell from his Hammer's list. Once the hammer was lifted one second passed and lightning struck down from the sky hitting the man dead center in his head, the smoke lifted from his body as Knuckles ran forward, leaping 2 meters into the air before coming down placing both hands onto the hilt of his hammer and swinging it with all his might letting out a grunt as he did so. The sound was sickening, bone cracked and shattered, blood lifting off the man's skull as the hammer pulled away from his head as the body fell towards the ground. A light pink-colored fluid dripped from the face of the hammer and small pink flesh-like chunks laid stuck to the silver metal of the hammer. The body did not move from where it landed, however, Knuckles bent down and cleaned his hammer on the scorched shirt of the man. While the killing was not against the rules it was frowned upon by most who had entered, but for Knuckles, it was a paid job. It was the first hit job he took though, and he knew this to be proof the further he gave into the power of the demon the more he lost himself.

Becoming the winner, Knuckles took the money and met with the man he had struck a deal with. This was a human version of a demon if he had ever met one, but if this lowlife was a demon what did that make him?


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