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Invaders Must Die (Everyone)

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#26Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

The last item came to life on his display screen as the rolls started to slow and ultimately stopped of a phantom or ghost he could not say which it was outright.  When the item came into focus Knuckles pushed his button and started to become transparent firing off his last red rocket watching it hurl off in the distance. The ghost would reappear onto the screen bringing in another item with it.  The item it would drop would be Bananas it seemed.  As they started to round off the rocky terrain and head back into the city, as they neared it a flash of lightning would strike all around the track but went through him as his transparent body allowed the attack to go through him without damage.  A few moments later he would start to return to his solid self, he had to admit he was enjoying the magic that was coming from this cart. It made him a bit envious of those who could cast magic all the time. It was nice having access to it somewhat freely and he knew he would miss it.

After the ghost power ran off he took the next turn drifting as he had before but pushing in the left pedal engaging the clutch as he shifted down two gears rapidly turning the wheel back and forth as he let off the clutch and punched the accelerator the kart kicking out the rear of the kart putting his kart sideways as he took the last turn before they entered the city once more. Pressing his button once more the trunk of the kart opened up and three bananas popped out and slide out behind him somehow magically following his kart.

Pressing the button once more the kart let one of the bananas off from the trail of his kart and placing them onto the road leaving it in the rearview mirror's sight picture as the drift ended and the boost engaged sending his kart forward at rapid speeds. He shifted up once again and then once more putting him in his last gear which was the fourth one.   He only saw one kart in front of him and was just happy that there was not much left to this run. He was hoping to get out of this magical world and back to the real one. While he had to admit he was having fun but it was time for it comes to a close.  He'd take one last look around the digital city noting all the screens and people watching.  As he crossed the checker black and white line he looked behind him once more to see the screens shifting from the kart in front of him to him then to the ones behind him.  The race was over? Apparent it was, and with the end of the race the game began to break down around him, things started to return back to normal it was time to find who caused this.

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#27Azure Fenic 

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Azure Fenic

With his invincible power, up still going on Azure felt like he could really handle whatever remained of the racers though as he followed behind another racer he tried to copy their moves to the best of his abilities with the lack of challengers he was rather relaxed with finishing this in some style. The music had started to fade slowly as he started to reach the which if he was a beating man would mean that his power-up was coming close to ending. The sound of people had started to pour in oddly enough Honestly now, he thought to himself as he was right behind the person that had crossed the finish line just before him as he slammed on the break Azure's body jerked back and forth as the car had crossed the line and entered him into the winner circle, Oh man my head hurts, is this what some call whiplash? He closed his eyes and tried to refocus himself as he was done with this madness and hopefully return to his work.

With the race now over the only thing that was even on his mind was finding whoever threw him into this and make them regrate being born but after learning how they managed to pull off such a trick. This was going to make for an interesting report for Odin if he ever got the chance to write it up that is and given what is already on his desk this would probably make it to him for some time before it would be seen by anyone of importance. The informant looked around him and tried to remember every detail that was within the car for his notes as it would be a fun little side project to work on when he had the time.


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