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Southbound [Travel | South]

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Southbound [Travel | South] Empty Sat Sep 04, 2021 1:26 pm

Baska was a bit off for her, the time in which she was there, albeit brief, something that felt a bit odd. Perhaps it was the timing, her time in Baska largely interrupted by that of the sickness that had been building up and seeming to get worse and worse as time had gone on. However, it did not matter too greatly for her, at least not enough such that she felt that things were going to be of huge consequence. Departing now, although there was likely more for Vyra to accomplish here, could always wait. The ailment that was grossly affecting the people here, there was always a chance that things could improve, that the circumstances surrounding whatever it was that was affecting them would end up changing about. It was a hopeful stance, but either way, she knew that as it stood right now, the conditions did not lend for her to be able to remain there without putting herself at some level of risk and danger, namely given the fact that this ailment was so prevelant and actively infectious, even among that of the people who seemed at least to be healthy. While she did not seem to be unhealthy or suffering, it was for the best that she left for other parts before that situation changes.


- Departing Baska - 
- Arriving in Hargeon -

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