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Know Who You Are [SQ]

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The Desiertan hunter dropped back onto the floor, putting his arms behind him and leaning on his palms for support. Daisia was excited, Bryson could feel it as her eyes remained on his being. "So what do you learn?" She asked the descendant of the Pharaohs. The boy smirked, turning to her. He was silent for a moment, thinking about if it was wise to let her know but after remembering that her family had served his own family for generations, he spoke. "I learned that our families had been on the run after being forced out of our land. I don't know the reason, but it's the reason why my mother wasn't able to become Pharaoh. I...learned that I really am the descendant of the gods..." He looked away.

"I remember hearing my fathers voice saying it to me, but I never thought too much of it." "Yes, it is true. You are the last of your bloodline that I could find. I tried to find your sister bu-" "Right. I also learned that my magic is similar to that of the gods, that I am truly blessed." The hunter said. "And my name...my true name is Khalfani." Daisia nodded in understanding before popping up to her feet. She scratched her head as she looked into the distance, thinking about what was next. The Desiertan on the other hand began to plan and attempt to figure out what he wanted to do next. "Is there a way that you can make me older by a few years?" He asked shifting his gaze back onto the now towering woman.

"It is not impossible, I have a special key that can transport us to another dimension- one where time moves significantly slow without you losing time in this world. Why do you ask?" The hunter nodded and paused, tapping his chin. "Amun-Ra... he told me that my body is not yet capable of handling the strain that comes with utilizing my power. In my current state I am not physically able to tap into this new power bestowed upon me. A few years should do the trick." Daisia nodded. "Huh...I see. Of course, there's just something I need to do first." Daisia said. The boy nodded before pushing himself to his feet and stretching his arms.

It was a a pleasure to meet Daisia and he was grateful that he had actually taken the risk and sat down with her. If he hadn't taken that risk then he wouldn't have ascended. He closed his fists, opening them as the power coursed through his veins. This was amazing and he couldn't believe how fast it all happened. "How long was I gone by the way? You know, when we astral projected?" Daisia turned around before pulling a key out of her pocket. "Thirty minutes or so. Anyway, I'll find you tomorrow, my lord." She said. What felt like ten minutes in the astral realm was thirty minutes in the real world. With that the woman's key unlocked a door in the middle of nowhere, and she walked through.

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