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The Turning [SQ]

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#1Venus Rosé 

The Turning [SQ] Empty Mon Aug 30, 2021 7:50 pm

Venus Rosé


She never knew there was anything that was more ecstatic than this. There was this sudden raw surge of power coursing through her veins as she drank the blood that spilled from the wrist of her victim. The man was limp in her arms, and gazing at his lifeless body she wondered if she even needed to kill him to begin with. She merely only needed a drop of blood to progress into her transformation, but then he would have wiggled in her grasp, or even harmed her while she was drinking and she was not going to let that happen so eventually she decided that his death was for a good cause—for her.

The body was plopped onto the ground like a piece of rubble she’d discarded as she turned to vampire lord with blood trickling down her lips and neck, a sinister smile creeping onto her lips. Cecilion didn’t stop her instead, he watched her, as if he was observing what she was going to do next so the redheaded rogue continued to drink on the blood until she felt a jolt of pain shot up through her mouth and winced in pain.

She spat out something tiny, but hard and bony, covered in blood onto the frozen ground. A tooth. ”What the—“ Her fingers reached for the inside of her mouth and touched the sharp forms that protruded from her gums. It felt like someone was slicing through the flesh around the roots of her teeth.

”Fangs. Your transition is progressing well,” were the words from the vampire. She couldn’t believe it was actually happening—she wasn’t sure if she should be elated or horrified that she was slowly drifting further away and away from being a human—hell, she was already no longer one.

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#2Venus Rosé 

The Turning [SQ] Empty Mon Aug 30, 2021 9:13 pm

Venus Rosé


Venus believed that she was still human when she had awoken from her slumber, but the missing heartbeat against her chest and wrist stated otherwise. ”…I’m dead?” She found herself asking the question, it was more to herself than to the vampire. She knew the answer to her question, she knew that it was coming, but found it hard to believe that everything was real; that she had woken up as a corpse, that she was still alive and dead at the same time, that there was nothing else she wanted than to kill the vampire for talking her into this.

To make it worse, she liked it; the indescribable feeling of rapture she felt when she relished the blood on her tongue, the power she felt growing within her when she’d fed on the humans. Mortals—as she once was, as her victims were and she craved that strength and power that was brought upon to her as she sank her newly formed fangs into the flesh of the man.

She was hungry, so hungry that there was nothing she could see other than blood as though she hadn’t eaten in years, decades even. Her eyes were bloodshot, everything before her was red, red and red. There seemed to be a man talking to her repeatedly, his voice nothing but an echo. She felt more of her flesh ripping apart as her fingers sprouted claws and more fangs grew out of her gums. Constant headaches and a constant thirst for blood, Venus could hardly keep her head straight—let alone control herself—and before she realised, she was losing her sanity.  

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#3Venus Rosé 

The Turning [SQ] Empty Mon Aug 30, 2021 10:02 pm

Venus Rosé


It seemed that Venus had passed out once again and aside from waking to a splitting migraine to spare, she woke up in a pool of blood; not hers but the Icebergian warriors she’d killed. She gazed upon the dead bodies, with all their injuries on their necks with bite marks over their flesh. What had she become?

Despite how little regard she had for the human lives, she didn’t wish to cause this wrath. She could hardly remember a thing—she woke up as a corpse with the vampire’s blood in her veins, the next thing she knew she was drinking every ounce of blood in these mortal’s bodies. There was still an undeniable expression of shock on her face and she remained in silence, unable to explain the deed she’d done.

”Feeling guilty?” the man asked, watching every move she made.

”Why didn’t you stop me?” she hissed with a hint of exasperation and frustration that the vampire had not once interfered to stop her from killing the entire Icebergian camp.

”I can’t stop you from feeding. It’s—“

”You could’ve at least stopped me from killing all of them.” She spat, crawling back onto her legs. She wasn’t sure when her next outburst would occur but at least, for now, she was in control of herself. The vampire remained silent.

Her legs almost gave away beneath her, showing that she was still weak. Perhaps she still needed time to get herself adjusted to the new body she’d just obtained and though she was still Venus Rosé, it almost seemed like she was no longer herself anymore.

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#4Venus Rosé 

The Turning [SQ] Empty Tue Aug 31, 2021 12:09 am

Venus Rosé


The both of them had attempted their best in hiding the dead bodies from plain sight, which was mostly just dumping and burying them beneath a pile of snow. There was silence between them during the entire process, mostly because her thoughts were too occupied with everything that’d happened in the past few days, with how she’d died and was brought back to life as a vampire. Venus was not one to be sentimental, but she never had the chance to bid her human-self farewell before she was turned, as silly as it was.

Perhaps it was due to the changes that were occurring inside her body, she felt unlike how she was before; emotional, easy to anger, easy to throw tantrums. Venus was also hardly one to question her decisions albeit, after reflecting on everything that’d happened: how she was no longer human, there was a pang of regret and she wondered how different things would change from now.

It wasn’t as though her human years were any memorable or precious to her—most of her childhood up until her teenage years were nothing but a blank and the memories that were important to her past that was the memories she made when she was a part of Daeva Eye. Perhaps this would be where she could make a fresh start as a vampire.

The assassin looked up at the sun and not once had she recoiled from the light as fast as she did that second. Was this another weakness of being a vampire? She could also feel herself burning like she was being lit alive from the inside. This was not only such a big disadvantage to her, but it also meant that she wouldn’t be able to go out during the daylight as much as she used to. At the very least, she was done feeling sorry for herself.

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#5Venus Rosé 

The Turning [SQ] Empty Tue Aug 31, 2021 12:12 am

Venus Rosé


”Remember, we’re weak to light—well, not me, but you.” There was a hint of mockery in his calm, relaxed voice as if to make fun of Venus for just having completed her turning.

”How is that fair?” she frowned, noticing the item on his finger he flashed before her, which she assumed was an item that protected him from the sunlight.

The vampire only smiled at her. ”Hone your self-control. I didn’t turn you into a vampire so that you could massacre humans. There are times you can choose not to drain an entire body of their blood.” It almost seemed like a pep talk a father was giving to their child before they depart, and Cecilion was practically doing that.

It was strange how Cecilion was far different from how vampires acted. Vampires are creatures of pride; arrogant and cunning and he was the complete opposite of what she’d read and known. Or was this merely just one of his manipulative tricks? Despite how she had already sacrificed her life for his escape, she still found herself questioning his ideals and wondered if they would ever share the same beliefs—she doubted it.

Cecilion had accomplished everything that he’d wanted here; he had escaped from that cave that was once his prison, he’d helped her with her transition as well so the only that was left of them was to part ways.

”There’re many things I have to tell you, now that you have turned—so much knowledge you’ve yet to know, about our world but there’s not enough time.” The vampire lord was serious; he had always been earnest with his words but when he’d spoken his parting words, there was some sense of hope towards her as though he was expecting her to accomplish something. But, what?

”Then, just take me—“ Before she could even finish her sentence, Cecilion slowly disappeared into a speck of dust, leaving her stranded alone in the middle of nowhere on the Icebergian mountains, desperately shielding herself from the sunlight that threatened to alight her.

Come to Nebuchad.

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