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Baska - Talking Skull [Solo] [D-rank]

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#1Jin Takayama † 

Baska - Talking Skull [Solo] [D-rank] Empty Sat Aug 28, 2021 10:11 pm

Jin Takayama †
I really wish we hadn’t accepted this job.” Izumi groans as she clings on Jin’s right arm. The job she accepted was one given by Cain, a previous client of theirs. Cain was a purported necromancer with a horned white skull for a face, though the one-time Jin met him, his face was covered. The jobs he gave were dubious to say the least and, as such, very few accepted his requests. This current job involved retrieving a skeleton’s skull from a graveyard. A pretty straightforward job until Cain revealed the caveat that not only had the skeleton gained sentience from a spell gone awry but also that it was dumped in a graveyard full of ravenous zombies. Given that it gained sentience, they were tasked to either convince the skeleton to return with them or do so by force. Izumi hated all of it and wanted it to be done with as soon as possible. Jin smirked, knowing that he would be able to use force if necessary. “You should have expected this when you accepted a job from a guy who has a horned skull for a head.” Izumi huffed, giving a light jab to Jin’s side as they neared their destination.

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#2Jin Takayama † 

Baska - Talking Skull [Solo] [D-rank] Empty Sat Aug 28, 2021 10:15 pm

Jin Takayama †
A thick fog began to roll in, settling just above the ground all throughout the area. The moon was coated in a reddish tint further cementing Izumi’s immense dislike of the job at hand. It wasn’t long before they heard it. A quiet, whisper-like moan crept up on them. That whisper was accompanied by a chorus of others as a rather sinister lullaby. Izumi squealed as she dug her nails deeper into Jin’s skin, her grip on his arm tightening. The duo suddenly stopped, her legs refusing to move another inch. Jin could only sigh as he managed to wrest his arm free. He grabs her bag and reaches into her bag before pulling out his mask. He lets it dangle within his right hand as he places the bag over his shoulder. He takes a step forward but receives a small tug on his shirt. “Relax. You don’t have to go any further. I’ll handle it.” Slowly, she releases the death grip she has on his shirt as the man walks forward. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees her pace around, terrified of her surroundings. For her sanity, he’d end things quickly. Jin made his way through the thick fog, barely being able to see what lay in front of him. The chorus of groans grew louder and louder as he descended deeper into the fog. Faintly, Jin could see some movement a short distance away. Slow, lumbering movement which seemed to be one of the sources of the sounds. “It’s time.” Jin replies as he prepares himself.

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#3Jin Takayama † 

Baska - Talking Skull [Solo] [D-rank] Empty Sat Aug 28, 2021 10:17 pm

Jin Takayama †
It wasn’t long before the sources came into view. Their skin was arctic-white and glistened in the moonlight. Lifeless eyes stared straightforward as the area permeated a rotten smell. A smile spreads across his face as he places the mask over his mouth, the familiar click echoing. He charges ahead and delivers a quick punch to the nearest zombie, cleanly knockings its head off of its shoulders. The two zombies surrounding it meet a similar fate as the man continues ahead. One by one, a zombie falls only for two more to quickly appear in front of it. Jin relished it as he continually fights his way through, not caring how many stood before him. After a few minutes of fighting, he hears the faint sounds of singing in the distance towards his right. Knowing that only he and Izumi would be in the graveyard, and that the last thing Izumi would be doing is singing, Jin knew that the singing had to be from the target. Not wanting his growing bloodlust to overcome his reason, Jin immediately dashed towards the direction of the singing. The chorus of groans echoed as Jin pushes his way through, eventually coming towards a large tomb. He swiftly kicks the door in and moves inside, finding the skeleton pacing around in the back. Upon entering, the skeleton stops and moves towards him. Not waiting to see what it would do, Jin cleanly punches the skull off of the body. Both the skull and the body crash to the ground, Jin quickly picking up the skeleton. “You didn’t have to do that you know.” The skeleton replies to the surprise of Jin. “Probably not but I’ve no time to sit and talk.” He places the skull within the bag and begins to turn towards the exit.

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#4Jin Takayama † 

Baska - Talking Skull [Solo] [D-rank] Empty Sat Aug 28, 2021 10:19 pm

Jin Takayama †
As he exits, Jin sees the horde of zombies beginning to draw near the tomb. The rotten smell of flesh overcomes his senses as the zombies climb over each other in an attempt to get closer to Jin. “As much as I’d want to, I don’t have time for this.” Jin replies as he nimbly leaps on top of the tomb. He only had one shot and needed to make it count. Jin cups his hands and draws them to his side. He takes a deep breath as he begins to focus his mana towards the point between his cupped hands. A light-blue energy orb begins to swirl around the point as Jin’s body trembles holding the energy in place. Once enough energy has been built up, Jin lets out a guttural roar as he thrusts his hands forward, releasing the orb of energy out as a wave. The wave explodes out in a bright light on contact with the ground, enveloping all zombies in its wake. As the light fades, most of the zombies are gone without a trace as those remaining roam around aimlessly as if they were confused. Seeing this as his time to act, Jin leaps down and makes a beeline towards the exit. Harder and harder he pushes his body before he can faintly make out Izumi’s still pacing form within the fog. He quickly runs up to her, inadvertently startling her with his rushed appearance. “Shit! Don’t do that!” she replies as she hunches over in an attempt to catch her breath. “I got the skull. We need to go before the rest of the zombies get here.” Jin sternly replies. Izumi, not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, quickly turns and heads away from the graveyard.

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#5Jin Takayama † 

Baska - Talking Skull [Solo] [D-rank] Empty Sat Aug 28, 2021 10:22 pm

Jin Takayama †
Before long, the duo makes their way back into Baska towards their designated meeting spot with Cain. Just as before, the towering hooded figure approaches them, his beady eyes glaring directly at them. Izumi, still freaked from the graveyard, once again moves behind Jin. The hooded figure, paying no attention to her, begins to converse with Jin. “So, it seems you are the one who helped me with my little job. You do have it right?” Jin quickly removes the skull from the bag, placed in squarely in the hooded mans’ hands. The man raises the skull to his face, a slight chuckle escaping from within the hood as the skull begins to speak. “Wonderful.” He mutters in almost a trance-like state as he hands Jin a bag full of jewels. “Again, I thank you. I hope our next meeting is as mutually beneficial as this is.” With a brief nod, the towering man departs leaving Jin and Izumi alone once more. Izumi, after peeking around to ensure that he is gone, fully emerges from behind Jin and takes the bag of jewels in his hand. She counts their prize, ensuring all is correct before she speaks. “That guy gives me the creeps. Something is definitely wrong with him.” “You didn’t have an issue the last time we met him. You met him originally without me.” “That was before I found out he’s basically like those damned zombies.” Izumi huffs as she begins to head back to the tavern.

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