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I Foresee A Calamity (Guild Founding)

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I Foresee A Calamity (Guild Founding) - Page 3 Empty Thu Oct 28, 2021 5:31 pm

With a furious glare, Seika watched his opponent look upon with him with a look of indignation, as if he were the problem here. Incessant animal, how dare she. Teeth gnashed and aura burning furiously around him he prepared himself to continue the battle, even with Hitomi resting in his hands, he knew he could take on this worthless whelp. He didn't care if the person had taken out his superior, he knew he was strong, faster, smarter. He burned brighter than all of these plebians. His eyes watched as the woman drew upon herself, likely pleased with her handiwork as he planned on doing the same to Seika that she had done to Hitomi. Seika would not allow it. He couldn't be touched by those who he considered beneath him. Not while he burned so brightly, not while his superiors had placed their faith in him.

His right hand rose up underneath Hitomi, cradling her body carefully as he shifted his form back to be prepared to jump backwards away from the threat the woman posed. He was fully within his capabilities of dealing with her, but having Hitomi in his arms meant that he would have to be careful to not agitate her wounds or disturb her slumber. Furious burning golden irises focused as his mind sped through his available options. His muscles tensed along with Jikan's movements as he quickly jumped backwards in a burst of movement while simultaneously snapping his fingers from underneath Hitomi, unleashing a burst of flames that erupted from underneath the woman to wash over Jikan's form entirely. This movement and his attack where wholly unnecessary however, because as he performed them, Jikan's form was brought to a standstill, her body covered in moisture and burn marks. Seika could see he had done a number to the young woman already, the abilities of his staff being entirely overkill, but they were useful, and they were necessary.

Coming to a stop after his jump, he surveyed the scene and watched Jikan's body slump into the mud, the fight finally leaving her frame. He would wait a few more moments, his burning aura never dropping until he was certain that it was all over before finally releasing his hold over his magic and returning to his normal disposition.

Exhaling sharply, he held his chest as he slumped over Hitomi's frame and gasped for air. The power that had filled him, and the mentality he had taken had been entirely different from how he normally felt. It had felt amazing, yet it drained so much from him. He had never felt so... powerful... Holding up the staff in front of himself, he eyed it with a bit of scrutiny before stashing it back behind himself as he stood back up to his full massive height before looking around himself to see how the rest of the battlefield was going. Spotting Shichiro standing by the tower, he would turn and jog over to the man and the amassed bodies from their battles. Stopping before his boss, he would lay Hitomi down carefully next to the tower before checking over her frame and making sure that there were no lasting injuries before heading back over to the now extra crispy Jikan before picking up her form as well and carrying her back over to the others. Sitting her down as well, he would check over her body for any extra paraphernalia before discovering some strange stone. Frowning at it, he would clutch on to it before standing and saluting Shichiro finally.

"Captain Seika reporting. Sorry for the intrusion Ser Shichiro but we were merely responding to a reported disturbance in the area." He figured it was time to report and while most of this would likely be self explanatory, it was good for him to explain why they were there in the first place.

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I Foresee A Calamity (Guild Founding) - Page 3 Empty Mon Nov 01, 2021 8:56 pm

Watching the fight to its conclusion, it seems as if Seika had finally managed to put down his opponent. That was nice to witness as this means the end of this skirmish was finally over. Now that the remaining opponent was unconscious, he could have Panther Lily go and retrieve his musica sword back that had escaped his grip some time ago. Panther Lily had jumped off of his shoulder and walked to the area he had seen his sword last. As he did this, Seika had approached Shichiro holding the unconscious body of the opposition. He'd then tell Shichiro his name, rank and explain what he was doing here. Turns out he was here investigating some sort of disturbance that was present. Shichiro assumed the disturbance that was being talked about was what was going on here. Well, it was resolved  one way or another and Shichiro got what he wanted and then some. "Oh, you both were here because somebody reported this altercation? Huh, figured nobody knew what was going on here. Well, thanks for the assistance. I'll take this one guy I had dealt with earlier. You can take the other three. I'll go and get some other knights to assist us in transporting the captured criminals and then we can go about our day," Shichiro had said. 

He'd then suppress his inspiration aura and end his rallying shout spell. With that, he'd grab the unconscious body of Kyojin and begin to walk back towards the city of Orchida. Before he left however, he had turned and said, "Oh, one more thing, I came for the bounty primarily but I'm also searching for something else. It seems there are these runes that grant the wielder of all of them a wish of some kind. I'm collecting all of them to see if the rumors are true. If you see any, let me know." With that, the Kingsguard had continued on his merry way with Kyojin in tow, leaving the area. Panther Lily had retireved his sword and spotted Shichiro leaving the area. He'd pick up, sheath his sword and hurrying towards him as fast as he could go in order to climb onto his shoulders and continue to rest there from the wound he took.


W.C: 7,635

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I Foresee A Calamity (Guild Founding) - Page 3 Empty Fri Nov 12, 2021 4:13 pm

He waited for acknowledgement from Shichiro before dropping his hand by his side. It seemed Shichiro had actually arrived on site first due to reports of the group being here already, something that Seika and Hitomi were not privy too in the slightest. Regardless they had performed their duty and had taken down all of the criminals in the area and handled the event with little to no fanfare. It seemed Shichiro himself wasn't that impressed with the feat, the man already slinking a few of the bandits over his shoulder before addressing Seika on his portion of the events as well as letting him know about the strange object that Seika had picked up off of Jikan on his way over to them. Realizing that he had something that his superior needed in his possession, he passed it off, not needing the object himself since he had no idea what it even was.

Turning back to the remaining enemies as well as Hitomi, Seika kind of wondered how he was going to carry all of these people. He was a fire mage damnit. Luckily, a few Page's would arrive a few minutes later, likely responding to the fact that they had requested help damn near an hour ago. It was rather insane how slow news traveled down to the rank and file of the Rune Knights. Nodding over to the three remaining bandits, he briefly went over the fact that the bandits had been burned and that they would need medical attention due to all of their various wounds sustained over the course of the battle. Seika himself was rather surprised that he had made it out unscathed but acknowledged that there had been far too many close calls for his liking. Looking down to Hitomi in his arms, he realized that he had to get stronger. Not just for himself. And honestly not even for Hitomi, as cliché as that was. But if he was going to be someone that people relied upon to solve problems, he had to be strong enough to solve those problems quickly, and entirely. There could no longer be any "well maybe's". What he did had to be enough to put an opponent down as quickly and as hard as possible, or it would once again result in a situation like this. With someone he trusted putting her body on the line so that he could solve the situation in whatever way worked best.

Frowning in deep thought, He'd strap his staff to his back before picking up Hitomi in a bridal carry before hefting her back to Orchidia. Time would only tell what the ramifications of this ordeal would bring. The crimes of the culprits in this scenario were not known to Seika immediately, nor the reason for their sudden grouping, but he was certain that it wasn't something that could be brushed under the rug so to speak. He only hoped that their actions today wouldn't eventually lead to them being targeted by this group in the future.


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