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Where Does One Start?(Ball, Lee.)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

Where Does One Start?(Ball, Lee.) Empty Wed Aug 04, 2021 12:23 pm

Judith Karlinius
With how the ball was, it was not overly shocking that now, Judith was pondering who to socialize with, For the most part she had wanted too or in some manner met everyone else at this ball before.

Some of the new faces where interesting to consider speaking too, some of the old was always nice since it was wonderful conversation of a life update, since in general Judith tends to always have something to talk about with the other people she know.

it was just the stranger that always interested her, most people did, most living people did too. But unless something else really, What better Judith was to do then walking about by herself and see what happens.

Better first to get herself a glass of water since she had not really wanted much such else and explore for none of her norms just seemed to be of her interest.

This roam around part seem the better for until some one she would find perfect for going in to talk too, Then stopping in place, Judith seemed to cast her gaze upon the sight of some one would she would start sneaking up on.

Lee Ann, some one who was busy or always just out of sight, So who better else to talk too then her. She was just trying to be sneaky about it, because in some manner, she was trying to sneak in a hug on Lee, Judith also just worked in odd ways as she always does.

This one might be a bit difficult for Judith because Lee was not alone, But she did know how to at least manage to sneak as she always did, Not that this was an attack anyway, at worst Lee got a jump hug, Nothing out of the normal.

#2Lee Nakamura 

Where Does One Start?(Ball, Lee.) Empty Wed Aug 04, 2021 12:32 pm

Lee Nakamura
Liam noticed someone approaching her, but was too late to let Lee know. The eacort reached out to Lee. The demi-human felt a hug causing her to jump out of her skin a little bit. She looked behind her to smell and see Judith. A huge smile crept across her face, relieved to see her. These days she was so alone that anyone would do. Judith was always a warm face to interact with.

"Judith! Oh my gods, it's so good to see you" she cried. The dragon slayer hugged her back. The embrace was warm and enough to help fill the void. "How have you been? It's been so long. I have been so busy with being head of the family and just personal life" she exclaimed. Liam's eye stared at Lee and Judoth enjoying each other while he stood guard almost to tense to enjoy himself.

"Oh, Judith. Please me a family frien dog mine, Liam Overby. He's my escort for tonight's ball" she smiled. Liam silently bowed his head a little without without word. He was thr silent type and remained on watch to make sure no one was going to hurt her. Everyone at the ball seemed to be someone she knew or knew of. There were some new faces that she hadn't heard or seen before. Small world this place was.

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#3Judith Karlinius 

Where Does One Start?(Ball, Lee.) Empty Wed Aug 04, 2021 2:19 pm

Judith Karlinius
It seemed Judith had achieve that first part, Not that it was not totally easily to foil that plan, At least in the end it was all a harmless situation, Like Judith ever would need to justify hug anyone she knew, Nonetheless the internal thought of the tiny mother would move on to the conversation at hand."It sure is delightful to you as well Lee."Leave to Judith to always be happy to see anyone, the normal of her in which she expected everyone to expect of her.

Judith seemed to be a more plain then her normal vast in depth conversations of her life."My life has been fairly normal and stable, Some bleak some delightful it is the normal course of life."Details were spared, Just seemingly being a personal choice of hers this time.

So Lee just travelled with companions of that, just about to be expected."Ahh, Such a lovely friend."It was nice to travel with some one as always, Then again this time around, Judith had traveled alone, Just not really mentioning it because it was nothing really to worry about, Judith did not fear anything to happening to her.

"this event is always interesting, For it always shows new and interesting people, Even if everyone seems to be putting themselves into their groups quickly."Judith quickly remarking about it, At least she had find some one to talk too, Most of the other people she had seen talking to before that where here, were busy in their own way.

"But alas, social norms it was to be expected. But I am happy you got here safe none the less."She would just quietly take a small sip of her cup of water."I can not picture a lot of people enjoying the idea of being a head of a family."casual talk from some one who had a family but never was in that high enough section to need a head of them.

#4Lee Nakamura 

Where Does One Start?(Ball, Lee.) Empty Wed Aug 04, 2021 9:27 pm

Lee Nakamura
The conversation was like any other conversation wit another person. Light talk about life and updates on their accomplishments. Judithw as always positive to talk to since she had ran into her in Astera the first time. This was around the time she was with Manzo. How she shivered thinking about it. Life then was much different than it was now. Actually, it was easier. She didn't have to worry about lives at her own decisions. Someone having her head on a hit list for something she never understood.

She gave a gentle smile to the older woman. "I wish I could same the same for me. Seems you have a much easier lifestyle than I do" she teased a little. Judith seemed like a happy woman. Lee did wonder about her secrets. Their attention turned to the ball and how all the fancy dressed people were. "You have a point, Judith. Humans by nature like being in familar groups. Anything that's forgein to them can be considered a threat. Though, what I just said probably sounds more beastial and harsh. It just shows how cold some people can be. Are there still two light guilds in Fiore? Or any there more?" she asked.

"Being head of the family was my father's choice, I do have a choice in any matter in life. Though, I do find myself fitting this role quite well. Is it fun? Nope. Though, its important to me. Besides, it really has put into perspective how much I care for my family. Now than I am a mother, it's even more important" she spoke. She cleared her throat as gestured to Liam to get her a drink. He quickly left making her more comfortable. She relaxed a little. "Judith, you have an idea of who I am. What kind of person I can be. Do you see me in Blue Pegasus or leading a guild? Reason why I ask, my family has suggested giving people of non-human races a place to belong and provide a voice between humans and non-human races since I have been both at one point or another" she asked. This was a topic very few knew about. For the slayer to this open was a rarity. Her blue eyes stared at the people dancing and isolating themselves to each other's own cliques.

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#5Judith Karlinius 

Where Does One Start?(Ball, Lee.) Empty Fri Aug 06, 2021 4:15 am

Judith Karlinius
So many questions, some manner she would not have any problems really answering because it was just how she worked. But with her first comment her only remark was."It seems like I do, Keep in mind the years I have walked this earth as well,With in the over 60 years,The days for me at one point where busy."Not trying to really to dismiss Lee's life but pointless the differences between them.

Time was an experience all of it's own in which in age Judith had many years over Lee, It in some manner what made Judith the wise woman she is."To my records, There are only two light guilds, Unless one is to pop up while my gaze is else were."It still was the two she knew of her guild and the one Lee was currently in, Not many have shown up of late.

It seemed Judith was posed to figure out how to answer by examples in her life, then again one thing did stand out."A mother now? some one surely has been busy, That part of a life is a true deal breaker for some, hopefully your managing will with that."She had not asked many things about that part.

For something else was far more important for Judith to explain, In almost typical way of speaking and giving advice Judith had two ways of going about this. Her first answer she made sure to walk over to Lee take Lee by both of her hands and stare at her and merely state."To follow the opinions and ideas of how some one wants you to do, Will be one that will always leave you in a road of long travelling doubt, For the view from others will change, When the guiding of the heart will be the one you should follow most."Yet again, long winded but in some manner expected entirely of Judith to logically say.

With the view of the more logical part maybe easily pointed out."However as Fairy Tail's in house bartender, cook and server. The inner workings of the guild can be some what different depending on in which the guild is built off of."Could also just be how life of Fairy Tail was, It was a strange guild even if seemingly empty for the most part.

But she did continue."Allow me to imply a few questions to ask in her ideas: Can you do what you want in your current guild?, Do you have the time and resources for such things on your own? And finally even if suggestion of family, Is it entirely what you want to do with your life?"Judith surely could figure out easily all of these things, It was most likely easy to figure out, But it was always posed to a person with such things in mind because sometimes you just need to ask them to yourself to be sure about it, yet again another series of simple questions.

#6Lee Nakamura 

Where Does One Start?(Ball, Lee.) Empty Sun Aug 08, 2021 9:40 pm

Lee Nakamura
If there was anything Judith was good at, it was making her think. She hasked so many good questions the young demi-human never thought of. A lot indeed did happen since htey last saw each other. It probably been at least two years or more. The year difference made her head hurt a little. Thinking was not her fortay at the moment. "I thought so. You get it though. Still my parents are in their fiftees and starting to become less busy now that me and my cousin, Miles, is taking over the work" she replied.

The fact there was only two light guilds, currently, shocked her. That explained why Atani felt as if she still had no place to go. The situation was more dire than she had originally realized. Quickly, her eyes darted ot everyone and the smells made her assure herself there was more than humans and herself. Lee's attention was broken with the question of being a mother. A small laugh came onto her lips. "Yeah, it just kinda happened. Funny enough, I am incapable of having children myself due to a lot of strain on my body and just health reasons. I've tried to get pregnant with magic, and everything, doctors said my body keeps thinking its some infection. Low and behold, when my brother and I found this little girl abadoned in a raided camp by a horrible creature. We defeated the creature and this girl called me mom. How could I not. She's a handful, but she's bright and very sweet. I am having Karisa's guild helping me keep her safe while I figure out things with my family and myself. The guild is safe and plenty of things to keep a five year-old demi human busy" she explained. That was a long answer for Lee, but she was happy to talk about her daughter. Hikari was a sweetheart and wanted the best for her. As much as her daughter did, she was always wanting her mother to be happy. She had even go as far as becoming a matchmaker for her.

The following phrase resonated with the slayer. She lead with heart, not how people wanted her to lead. Of course, she did take everyone's suggestions, but thought everyone's safety and assurance of survival to be number one. That's what she did with her family, but in the end it lead to her grandfather's death and possibly her best friend. Lee's face went pale. She never could forgive herself now. She couldn't bring herself to tell Judith. It would eat her up and Lee would worry her even more. Maybe this was a matter she would keep herself. Judith went on explaining all about her life in FAiry Tail and how it was like. LeeAnn beginning to put two and two together. All the silence broke when she answered her questions.

A grim look come on her face. "I have to do it for them! For my grandfather, for Judina...for those who are suffering. It was all my fault about what happened. If...I was there to save them both...they would still be here. All of this is...my fault. My stupid cousin! They believed in me and my cause, your daughter saved my whole family. I have to because...I dont belong in any guild for sure. What about my daughter? My friends in Blue Pegasus...they don't feel well...at home. I can lead a guild and the family, besides...I am not doing this alone. My family is pretty capable and sturdy when times are tough. My cousin, Astrid, is taking control of things and ordered me to hide until the coast is clear. Right now...she told me to rest and...grieve." Lee just let out her feelings that were bottling up inside her for way too long. The young slayer had tears streaming down her face. Its was difficult to let go of those two in her life, espcially Judina. She was her best friend and it wasn't easy to misplace. For sure, Judina would want her to move on and live a happy life.

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#7Judith Karlinius 

Where Does One Start?(Ball, Lee.) Empty Tue Aug 10, 2021 7:15 am

Judith Karlinius
This only seemed to make her laugh."Here I only slowed down because my husband had wished me to at some point, Then I merely buried myself in work with  a garden."Not shocking to anyone Judith would have a garden of plants, But simply life made the simple person happy."Can't say any one in my group has slowed down."This seemed to make Judith ponder upon a thought in her mind for a moment, Then just kind of left it at that.

So that was Lee case, It did not seem to make Judith think any less in the situation at hand given what Lee seemed to be currently."Such strange and fragile things the body is, No matter what differences we all have. It all works the same even if sometimes the problems we all have a truly unique to the person them self."Was this entirely Judith's point? no she was going to make it she just also had a normal tendency make open observations, At least they were harmless and open ended ones.

Judith's true end point was."Keep in mind, A child can still be family, Adopted into or born into. No matter if one is considered family they are."Judith's adopted some one before she just never really mentioned it much, It left people always able to learn more form her as they brought up subjects."Just keep in mind, Balance between work and guild life will be hard, I am only lucky I joined Fairy Tail after my children grew up."

But Lee's solve was not one Judith seemed to question after all, Judith even could have just been fine with Lee mentioning it just felt like it was something she wanted to do. The passion there was just equally as fitting for the situation.

Something however was always just normal was, in some manner just as equally as some one suggested it before, Some one would do the same as well, Judith was no exception to that."You are being suggested that for a very good reason."Judith still would be the ever wonderful emphatic person she is.

Tears, in some manner frees the soul. At least is something Judith would always would say, the voice of the soul could be expressed in many ways, Then again Judith seemed to look around for a moment simple because, Lee needed a hug again and maybe jumping up might not be a good idea.

So she would just fine a close by chair that would make the distance between them good enough that it would normal enough. After all in some manner Judith just felt these things worked normally. Leading Lee to rest her head on one of Judith shoulders, even if the distance was vast for Judith being smaller then most people."In the end, no matter who gives you the advice, It shows it is most likely for reason."Then normal of Judith she would continue on as she always did.

"To allow the mind to process for many reasons, no matter who: My daughter, your friends, your family. All suggest these things for a reason."Hopefully it was perfectly clear that allowing time to actually take effect for some one to relax and recover even if small."To hold off upon, ones emotional need will only cause a failure in the end."It was hopefully the point, Lee was a smart enough woman that she most likely knew, Judith just had a equal understanding of some one stubborn enough to try and work with it.

#8Lee Nakamura 

Where Does One Start?(Ball, Lee.) Empty Wed Aug 11, 2021 2:53 am

Lee Nakamura
Her parents were getting bored. Her mother was not as much of a problem since she still found work with tutoring younger children with magic. Though, her father had a harder time with this change. He was either bothering one of her family members or complaining about something. When Lee came home, he would immediately be at her beckon and call, which was funny. Now that Hikari was in the picture, things were much more lively. "My father has a hard time accepting me growing up. Anytime I mention about a guy, romantic or not, he demands to speak to him or shows some sort of interest to protect me. With my current situation, he cannot see her since he's...not doing too well" she spoke. Her eyes turned a little sorrowful.

Aaving Hikari in her life was much more of a challenge than she anticipated, but an enjoyful one. She knew since having a severe illness like the Parasitic Plague would cause her to have issues down the road. Adopting was the only option to have children. That was she fine with, but a small part of her wanted to have children biologically. "It was the only real way for me anyways. Since I am infertile, adopting Hikari has filled a huge void in my life" she smiled. Though, finding that balence was still a little more difficult than she would like to admit. Thankfully, she had Karisa from the Emphyrean Divine guild helping her with Hikari while she sorted herself out. If there was soneone she could trust with Hikari, not Ragtime nor Lector could fill that position, she could focus a lot more on her daily life like the old days. "With my family out of commission, I have no one to watch Hikari. So I had to rely on the guildmaster of Emphyrean Divine to help me out. Karisa has been so helpful. I have no idea how to thank her" she smiled. Hikari's safety and well-being was always on Lee's mind. Hikari was a very bright girl and was a weasel. Ragtime was the probably the culprit giving her ideas.

The more she thought about Raymus and how much they connected over being 'outcast' in their own guild. Atani, feeling like she had no where else to go after Lamia Scale disbanded. She knew she had Atani next to her. LeeAnn thought about them and the thousands of others who could benefit from her idea for the guild. She would welcome all who needed a place to stay, as long as they didn't hold a bounty or caused trouble. "They all believed in me. How could I fail them now" she whispered. Small tears appeared in her eyes as she thought about it more. The shorter woman in front of her made her feel more accepted of her choices and faults. She thought she would be mad or upset.

Judith lead her away from the crowd and sat in a chair, letting her rest her head a little. Heavy with emotion, she just let the tears stream her cheeks with a silent cry. Judith spoke the truth that she could understand. LeeAnn had to let these emotions set aside for awhile. Though, for how long? LeeAnn didn't know what to think. She was a person of action while greving that's how she dealt with the death of Aunt Paisley. That was the hardest death to the point she left the family and did her own thing for a while trying to find Manzo. After that, she gave up and returned home. "Time will heal all wounds. I know. It's how long? I have always been a person of action, but I act upon my emotions. I get angry, I punch someone or something. I want to make a statement I may myself heard. Ya see my point? I need to be surrounded by friends or a family member..." she spoke. Then she paused a little. A certain family member came into mind. Kon was a cousin through her mom's side of the family. She rarely spoke to him, but she felt compelled to talk to him. He was the few family members that she had outside of her cousins and siblings. "I have a cousin...him and I rarely talk, but we do keep in touch every once in a while. He's the only other person who has known me just as long as your daughter has. I probably should contact him" she whispered. Her eyes were a little red and swollen from crying hard.

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#9Judith Karlinius 

Where Does One Start?(Ball, Lee.) Empty Thu Aug 12, 2021 5:54 am

Judith Karlinius
So these were her options, Then again Judith had yet to really extend the offer."Not to stir competition with in the matter of whom I trust most being that being Karisa."Judith seemed to be leaving something else open for Lee to consider."You could always if need be drop your young one off with me, Do bare in mind...she might be taught gardening or Blacksmith workings depends on who she ends up being around."It was Judith extending the offer, Just to be sure she did not feel to limited with people to watch over her child.

Then again Judith was just good with most people.It was just how she worked."Road to happiness it a strange path, One even if I do not know the direct way to it."At best Judith's wise ways and age did not know how to clearly explain anything in that realm. Nonetheless she would also compliment Karisa."If you seek some one reliable to help she does well in that manner, It will also help she does have children of her own and have experience to deal with children, With a bit of freedom to handle it as well."

For their continuing conversation that lingering doubt seemed to be trying to continue her mind to focus. To worry about failure now, Would only just work against what Lee felt she needed to do."Do not set your mind up for failure, You will only cause what you should not seek." Almost sounds like both Judina and Judith spoke in the same language in that manner. Almost like Judith speak in figurative ways and Judina just had reflected."Consider merely just striding forward, Keeping in mind as well."Judith still would add reality into her worlds even if she was still trying to help some one."Failure is a normal course of beings, To linger upon it will only make it worst when it happens."

It was Judith's way of not sugar coating anything but still trying to get a person to not drown themselves in a world of depression. It was not the best place out there, People just made the best of it they could. Even with this part, It showed Lee one thing, Judith had her own lingerings."From personal experience...some wounds last a days or an eternity, It is how the person is able to manage it."Eternity seemed like a very strong word to use for such a phrase might be just to prove a point.

But it was just as normal people do Judith was just  more sticking to her normal. Where they seemed at least they could try and react with in the moment. With family matters well Judith was unsure if it was her entire place to mention that."I would say it would be a good idea, For it sounds a lot more simple with that idea then a few other things you have mentioned."So, Judith was just telling Lee, Yes go to that in her own manner. Then again Judith was happy giving her opinion, the hugging was extra, Expected but extra.

#10Lee Nakamura 

Where Does One Start?(Ball, Lee.) Empty Sat Aug 14, 2021 2:55 am

Lee Nakamura
Lee did not blame Judith for trusting Karisa more than her. From what she understood, Judina and the guildmaster of Emphyrean Divine were close long before LeeAnn had met Judina. She gave a smile, believing and admitting Judith was right. LeeAnn knew she could trust Karisa out of everyone she went to ask for help. "I wouldn't have it any other way. Someone that amazing to help me and Hikari deserves that kind of trust. Even I am amazed by her beauty and kindness. I trust her with Hikari and even..you. I think someone else that's not me is good to teach my daughter things I cannot. She needs to be well-rounded and find things she likes to do. I may take you up on the offer. You will be paid, if you don't mind that is" she smiled. She really liked the idea of Hikari spending time with Judith. The woman was wise with words and had many hidden talents she didn't know about.

She listened to the woman and sighed. The tears only kept coming down, making her feel more vulernable for people to stare. She ahted showing emotions for this reason, people staring at her. LEe wiped her red, puffy eyes. They were a bit swollen, but not too badly. Happiness was not easily acheived for her. In fact, that was towards everybody.

"There can never be happiness for me. It never lasts too long" she frowned. LeeAnn sighed as she thhought about her foundation of her family being shaken. Her realtionship with her older brothers were shaking too. Hikaru didn't even talk to the family and Ryu was the cloest out the three of them to almost being dead toe the family. Hikaru was probably just busy with life. He was always too independent. "Honestly, my cousin is the closest thing I have to family right now. I barely talk to him, but if I need help, he just may help me. God, I miss my family so much. I miss having someone to talk to about my problems" she vented. Ragtime was the closest thing to that right now. Hikari was too small and innocent to completely understand.

"This guild is a good idea. Think about it, Hikari would be in a safe place with others who are like her. Like me...I will have a place I belong and help people in one way or another like how you are helping me or how Judina did"" she explained.

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#11Judith Karlinius 

Where Does One Start?(Ball, Lee.) Empty Sat Aug 14, 2021 4:53 pm

Judith Karlinius
Even if Lee would not have it any other way, Judith just knew how mothers worked, Even would even state it in some manner."Do keep in mind, A mother is picky being in terms of their children...Some don't take suggestions beyond their norms lightly."Judith most likely have encountered a few of these before, So she would just mention it as she normally did.

But Judith had many personal experiences she just never really mentioned them openly, it is how she build up her wise and knowing way of being. sixty years of life might help with that, Even if she did not look close to it, Judith was a strange being that had almost seemed to maybe know her own way go keep seeming so young, Even yet she never lies about her age.

On the subject of Lee's happiness maybe this where Judith's age and wit might step in. Even if it might not make sense still right away."You pose that into your mind, You will forever be bound to it."It sounded like normal Judith witty old age speak, There still was something to it."What you should come to, Is that your enjoyment in life could be the very things before you: The people, The guild, The friends, Your daughter. All are the puzzle pieces to this happiness you seek, You just need the mind to it together."It was the Judith way of telling some one, Happiness could be the people and things around you now, Rather then worrying on what your mind tells you what you are missing.

Judith was trying not too be too blunt about it, But Judith much like the daughter Lee enjoyed the company of so much, was extremely blunt by nature, one of the few traits mother and daughter did share."You will never need to pay me to look after your daughter, I was just giving you a warning of what she could be taught under myself and my husband watch. I will at least not feed your child a lot of sugar."Judith was not that much of a monster, Even if she could be.

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