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#1Knuckles Shi 

 No Stone Unturned  Rank: D Empty Sun Aug 01, 2021 3:45 pm

Knuckles Shi


The chaos would be heard in the background as women and men were frantic.  One of Mattoro’s men was waiting where Knuckles had stored his things, having had the money owned to Knuckles and a message for him. "The boss was happy with the work Mate, Mattoro says if you are interested in some more money, he has another job for you.  If you want in, follow me. "  And the man moved away from the site.  Knuckles was impressed, that must have tailed him here from when he left the tavern he was staying in. Having nothing else to do, Knuckles suited up and made way following behind the man. Now words were spoken as they traveled away from the mines and deeper off the path. Sometime later the pair arrived at a fair-looking warehouse.  Knuckles noticed it was well built and probably done by the foreman and his lackeys maybe? For a group of miners they sure had skills, he wondered why they just did not move on and find something better instead of seeking revenge.  Overall it did not matter, this work paid decent enough and scratched the ich of the Demon within his mind. The always lurking Beezelbub had found joy in the last job Knuckles completed for the former miners.  While death may not have followed suit, the destruction alone did enough to calm it for now.  

Once inside Mattoro’s man lead him to the back room, where the foreman sat at a table with others.  Upon seeing the red-haired man walk into the room he stood laughing a big-bellied laugh.  The inside was plain and simple, more like a clubhouse than a secret base of operations, but then again these men were simple folk.
"Hohohoho! My friend you came!   Ah but of course you did, I knew it from the moment I saw you, you spoke and dressed like a company man outside the office, but you fought like a warrior with something to prove no? Like us, you want revenge on someone who wronged you and you let that beast out.  Anyway, the job. " The man paused as he let a growl escape his mouth and motioned for the room to be cleared.  Walking towards Knuckles, after everyone moved past the armored man and motioned to place an arm around the Shoulder of Knuckles.  An armored hand lifted to grab the wrist of the man as Knuckles stared daggers at him.  No words were needed as the man cleared his throat before motioning to the table taking a seat behind it.  Knuckles scanned the room before moving to the table pulling the chair out with his foot and taking a seat in a manner where his left palm laid on top of his sword.  
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#2Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

"So like I was saying this job is a bit different, no bombs, no danger, just a simple follow and Identify of some men of interest. You see there will be a rare meeting happening here in Baska in four days, I need you to identify three men who will be attending this meeting. I need their names and a description of them all. That's it." He lifted both arms as if to say simple enough.

Knuckles closed his eyes as he thought of a plan. "And do you know when they will be arriving?" He snapped his fingers. Giving Knuckles the times and days of arrival for the men Knuckles stood up and went to prepare himself.
Knuckles made his way back to his room, he cleaned himself and set out a new set of clothing for the morning. Waking before dawn he went down to the part of town where clothes were worn down and dirty, wood barely holding walls together and the bellies were empty. Gathing a few good men he paid them a fair bit of coin for a job and extra for a meal before the job started. To ensure they did not run off with his money he had them stay with him while they ate then escorted them to follow. Knuckles explained his plan, he wanted them to get in front of the cart coming from the north in about an hour or so, the carriage would be pulled by two white steads.

The mean acted as intended, the horse came down the way, the jumped out made some threats, waved around some sticks and tools, Knuckles came out, yelled halt to them, declared himself a Sheild of the People, drew his blade and they ran off. In fashion, the carriage pulled up and the door opened, a wealthy man took a deep breath and thanked him. "My God, thank the skies for a man of class and honor to be here when needed. I do say young man You have saved me from having to unleash my men on these fools. " Knuckles removed his helmet and parted his hair as he bowed slightly tucking his helmet under his arm. Standing back to a full height he gave a smile. "Of course my Lord, I come from a family of success too, I could not stand by and let the rift raft attempt to steal or harm a man of class. Though a word My Lord, do be careful. Baska is a lovely city but recently there has been an attack at the mines. I hear it was only by chance that the workers escaped with their lives, all but one. They say an inspector went in to look at a gas pocket but the explosion was man-made. I'd look into some extra guards while you pass through town. "

With that said Knuckles bowed again and turned as he started to lift his helmet to place back onto his head.
The Company man sighed. "Dear me, that must be why I was asked to come so urgently. Good thing I was already on my way to see to another matter. Sadly I will be staying here for a few days. I do not mean to insult a man of class Sir, but would you perhaps be opened to being a hired sword? I can pay you well and shall only need you for a few days. "

Knuckles grinned before turning around, his grin shifting to smile as he faced the man. " Well My Lord, I would be happy to assist you, I know the town well and where the threats may be awaiting. I've done this for a decade now. " The man gleamed with joy. "Good, My name is Sir Kalaus. " He extended a hand to Knuckles, taking it Knuckles acted in kind. "Knuckles, a pleasure Sir Kalaus. "

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#3Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

The rest of the plan would be carried out in a matter of days, when the other two men arrived the three of them had dinner and drinks the night before the meeting, catching up in a sense. Telling exploits and business deals, wild nights with young and beautiful women. Bragging about new collections of clothing, items, horses, etc. Knuckles had been introducing him as a fellow man of class but not treated like an equal, though they did the question of his roots. Knuckles informed them of the Family business, acted in the manner in which he had been trained by his parents in sittings such as these. It seemed to boost Kalaus above the others that he had a man with money, working as a guard for him. He told the tale of Knuckles coming to his aid.
After Knuckles saw the man back to his place of rest he wasted no time in meeting back up at the Warehouse.

In Detail Knuckles told of their attire, tone of voice, speech, the shade of white and grey in their beards, the shapes of their faces. With the Magic item, it took them about two hours to get the images right. Knuckles pointed to each of the images and named them with a smile. The meeting was 10 hours, and the information had been gathered. After collecting his payment, he waited to see if there was anything else he could do.

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