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Temper Tantrums [Open/Social]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
There was nothing for her now. Her family was still on the shambles of being torn apart. No connection with anyone she could call a friend. The only companion she had was her daughter, Ragtime, and Lector. Hikari was as happy as she could be. Her small stature toppled over the oversized rainboots she intended to wear while holding her shark plushie, Bruce. By now, she was ahead of Lee by a few feet with Lector splashing in the puddle. Her giggles were the only thing keep her from falling over and just ending all of this pain. Her injuries were still healing, the bags under her eyes were more pronounced than ever.

"Hikari, please do go too far ahead okay? I have to see you." She would call out to her daughter. As much as she intended on the girl to call her Lee, Hikari was very clear on calling her Mom. By now, she didn't care. Ryu had already left for his work back in Hargeon and would keep her updated on the family's status. For now, she stayed in hiding. It was raining and wet outside with a slight chilly breeze. It was too cold to be considered for late July. "Mommy, Mommy, come look" called Hikari. Lee walked over to Hikari pointing to a candy store.

Hikari's and Lector's eyes lit up like fireworks, they were ademet on getting some sugar. Though, Lee denied them the sweets telling them it was not the best idea with her short on coin. Hikari was not too happy with the comment and demanded candy. "I want candy! I want candy! I want candy" she demaded. The five year-old marched around and paraded on strike. The single mother facepalmed, already getting stares from teh few people outside. "Hikari, that is enough! You are not getting any candy with that bratty attitude" she snapped. She grabbed the five year-old, who was already crying at this point and walked back to the inn in the rain.

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Tempris stood opened the door from the candy store, opening her umbrella which was navy blue. She wore a navy blue veil with a gold band over her forehead and a navy blue dress with with yellow buttons which pin the dress to her chest. Underneath the dress was a high collar white shirt which covered any spots being revealed on her torso by her dress. The skirt of her dress was wavy with yellow ruffles at the bottom which fell down to her knees. She had on her white dragon cloak over her dress. On the back of the cloak was a hook which her sword was attached to. In her hand was a bag of different assortments of candies she bought. Her work in Bosco and Stella, despite being a failure, was still rewarded. The church was grateful for her efforts enough and she thought she could at least treat herself for working hard and drown out the misery in sugar. If only she could have that drink from the bar and Rinni around.

A whining child pulled the girl's attention out of her head and over to a woman. She seen her before. Tempris turned to her before closing her eyes. Then she realized it the woman who was speaking to the mute person. What was her name again?
"Lee," Tempris called out remembering the woman's name, "You are in Hosenka too?" Tempris took a couple of steps to the woman before registering the fact that the kid was still there. The small girl was clearly younger than her which was a new feeling. Lately she has been dealing with a lot of adults and being the youngest person in the room. So it was nice to actually not be the kid the room. "Are you helping other kids in the area? Bless your soul." Tempris finished the sentence with a grin and did her best to clasp her hands together despite holding a bag of candy and a umbrella.

#3Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Lee's ears perked up, hearing a familar voice and scent that made her feel less alone. Her tired eyes gazed upon Tempris. The little girl she saw back in Baska when she was finding her family and wretched filth of a cousin. Hikari kepted on whining and protesting she wanted candy. The talk of the chuch did not bother her anymore. Right now, she just wanted someone, something, anything to talk to other than a five year-old and a spirit that never seems to stop.

"Tempris! Oh god, you scared me" she gasped a little The girl was so small, she nearly ran into her. She was expecting her to be a little taller than last time, but she didn't care. "Oh, yeah. Judina helped me out with family business. I am here til' further notice from the Nakamura family. How have you been?"

She wanted to hear about the girl's travels more than her own. The persona of actually being around people made her feel less alone and sad in this world. "Oh, thank you. This is actually my adopted daughter, Hikari. Hikari say hi to Tempris" she smiled. The five year old was way too busy gleaming at Tempris's bag of candy. Lee clung to the girl's raincoat and shirt collar preventing her from stealing the bag of candy. "Hikari. No. Candy at this hour is not good for a girl your age" she exlaimed one more time. Hikari frowned and huffed. Lector managed to sneak away with some of LeeAnn's money to buy some candy for the young girl.

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"Scared? Well, I am a powerful mage now. I been training a lot of out of Fiore. So its understandable to be scared." Tempris did her best to flex her bicep while holding her umbrella and gave a gleeful grin. It was nice to be recognized as strong. Even if it was by a mage who hasn't really seen her in action. If only she was in Bosco, then Lee would really be impress by her feats. Just like the other sinners.

"Judina? Oh umm... I think I heard that name before um. It was shortly before." Only then the girl's face went completely pale. The horror of the days to come after that event. "No. No. no... I don't know. I don't want to remember." In the girl's battle against her memories, her umbrella drifted away from her head and a bit of water started to drip onto her veil, waking her up. "Sorry... I... a lot has happen since I last saw you." She pulled the umbrella closer to her to shield herself against the cold sinful tears of the sky. Her blood dripped back into her face slowly returning its color.

"Daughter? Adopted?" Tempris turned to the even shorter girl who seemed a little annoyed, probably about the candy. "Oh, yes. I did not know you had a kid." Tempris bend down to the girl's height and gave her traditional "innocent" smile. After remembering that horrible time, she did not have the will to give a genuine smile. Lucky for her, most people fell for the childlike smile. Only question was, how would a child feel about it.
"Greetings little one." Tempris reached into her bag and pulled out two piece of candy. She then pretended to eat them both but actually only ate one. She held out her hand offering to shake the little girl's hand but revealed the piece of candy to only the little girl. "Its nice to meet ya. Think we can be friends." She hoped the candy would help sell the happiness she couldn't feel in the moment. Tempris then rose up and turned to Lee. "Its really cool... you being a mom. I know I..." Cold hands gripped the girl's heart but she tried to push through it. "I been on my own for a long time... I only recently..." She felt her voice weaken so she tried to shift topics. "I thank Illumin that there are people like you who are willing to guide those who do not share blood."

#5Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
She had an amused smile grew across her face. The demi-human did not mean 'scared' in the terms Tempris had thought. Though, she was not going to correct the girl. She didn't have the heart to defeat the proud mage before her. Since she last saw her, she had grown a bit and not in height, but strength and pride. Something LeeAnn had not seen in herself for a long time. "Haha, I am sure you have grown a lot since we last met. I can already tell that your are probably much stronger than me on some levels" she smiled.

Tempris had met Judina before, which was nice. Small world afterall. Her tired eyes shifted to alerted stare. She noted some of the facts of anxiety from her own previous experiences. "Kid, she has PTSD. Though, I think you already know that" spoke Ragtime. He poked at her a little bit reminding her of her own pain. Yes, she shared PTSD with Tempris, only hers were on multiple levels of horrid and terrible sights no one shall ever whitness. Quickly, she held Tempris close much like she would with any other child. "Ssshshshhhh" she hushed. It hit LeeAnn immedaitely. She never realized how motherly she actually was. Before, she never thought of herself as parent material. Tempris calmed down and seemed to be collected after several minutes.

"It's okay. A lot of...things have happened to me to since we last met. Tempris, has anyone ever told you anything about PTSD?" she asked. She was curious to how knowledgeable the child was. LeeAnn grabbed her umbrella from her back and opened it up for her and Hikari."Smooth. Smooth, Lee" commented Ragtime. He knew she could of asked her a bit better of what it could be. It no secret that this girl had experience something traumatic. She seemed to distract herself with Hikari.

"Yes, we found her in an abandon camp that was rampaged by a monster. MY brother and I took her in and called me mom so...here we are" she explained. It was something she never expected to happen to her, but was happy it did. Hikari was pure innocence and Lee was going to protect that as much as possible. Tempris interacted with Hikari, giving her a welcoming smile. "My name is Hikari. It's so nice to meet you too. You're so pretty, miss" she smiled. Hikari's mood changed on the dime all the time. She was a moody child, but a good kid nonetheless. She shook her hand and saw the piece of candy. Her eyes lit up and she gave a huge grin. Thank you! What's your name?"

Lee listened to Tempris explain she thought her being a mom was cool. She knew Tempris never really had a mom in her life or someone she could call family. Again, the way she was as a person. Not really wanting to be called 'mom' outright by anyone else, but she felt she needed to help Tempris. "I share you pain. I am all alone right now with a five year-old. I will explain later what happened. Though, if Illumin is in your favor because you're not alone in this world, Tempris. You have me" she smiled.

It was then that Hikari turned up to her mother and tilted her head like a puppy. "Mommy, what's an aluminum?" Clearly, she meant Illumin, but pronoucing it as a small child was not a feat she could achieve.

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Tempris felt herself suddenly grabbed by the woman and hugged. Tempris froze as she felt the warm seeming out of the woman's body. It was safe. It was suppose to be safe. However the girl was scared. In her head she chanted the phrase that got her through so much of her cold life. With her mind focused on her chant she calmed down and waited for what ever the woman was going to do to happen. However nothing happened. The woman released Temrpis and the brisk air kissed her skin waking her up from her trance. She would only fully feel her mind returning to this world when she heard the question from Lee. "PTSD... no? Sounds... sinful. I wouldn't be caught dead with any PTSDs." Tempris folded her arms and looked away to further show her distaste for such items.

The story about how Hikari was found was heart wrenching. Tempris wanted to hug the small girl, relating to the struggles of being a survivor of a horrible event. Though Tempris was able to make it out on her own, it was only because she was blessed with strength. This girl was far to young for such blessings. Unfortunately, Tempris still had a hard time really being so close to people like that given the events that happened to her. Luckily she did not need to express such emotion as the kid seemed to be extremely happy.
"Oh... how rude of me. I'm Tempris!" Tempris returned the childish grin, "No thank you! I think you are the true pretty one. You remind me of the princesses from the books I read." Inside though Tempris felt like glowing. Nobody ever complement her looks. Most people either wrote her off or stayed away due to her choice of clothing. She never really sought approval for her looks but it did feel nice for once.

"Thank you... I pray that Hosenka is filled with more people like you," Tempris raised her head with her hands clasped as best as they could, "As long as I have his warmth, I won't be alone. That's what a great person told me." Her happy moment cracked when she heard the child incorrectly say the name of her god. It wasn't a Sin in itself but it was a bit jarring. Tempris turned to the girl confused with a mixture of emotions she couldn't explain.

#7Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Just as she thought, Tempris had no idea what PTSD was. She sat down on a bench underneath a stone awning, where is was dry. Lee scratched her chin to try to think of a way to explain it. "It's not a sin. It means Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It's a sickness of the mind. It means you experience something horrible that gives you nightmares. I have PTSD. I noticed some symptoms you may have just like I do" she explained. Lee tried to explain in a nature to make it sound not as bad as it really was, but how could she hide the true nature? PTSD was a b*tch to deal with. She should know herself. To this day, she continues to relive those old days and now the new ones.

"Means you relive horrible moments. Certain things remind you of that memory..no matter how hard you try to push it back. There are many ways to deal with this such as a nice campfire, hobbies such as painting or cooking, or even being around loved ones. You've just got to find what makes you happy like Illumin" she explained. Her tone turned from a sorrowful and depressing to a light hearted and a little bit chipper. When she looked at Tempris, what ever she had gone through, she was strong for a girl her age. Lee hoped she wasn't tearing herself apart like she was. "Actually, Tempris you are a very strong young lady. Thought I should mention that" she commented.

Tempris had introduced herself to Hikari. The little girl lit up at her name, filling her excitement. "You're name is even pretty! You think we can both be princesses?" Hikari giggled running around and jumping in puddles. For some reason, the girl rather be in the water than dry. It was a weird thing her mother was trying to wrap her head around. She was a demi-human afterall. From what she saw, the girl was capable of holding her breath underwater or actually breathe from what Ryu had spoken about.

Lee smiled, a few small embers emitting from her raw emotions. "Tempris, you're too kind. I am just doing what I think is right, besides...why have children when you can adopt" she smiled. A lesser fond memory made her winced a little of the news of how she was incapable of having children a few years ago. This filled the void for her a lot, if not a lot more. "What's an aluminum" she kepted asking, tugging on Lee's pant leg.

"Honey, it's Illumin. Il-oo-meen. It's a god that a lot of people worship. Tempris can explain Illumin better than I can" she said. In all honesty, she just didn't know anything about the religion or what it was about. Usually, religion was something she was not too fond of and wanted her daughter to be kept out. Though, Tempris seemed to already kinda change her views on it. It still wasn't her fortay, but made it not to be in a bad light. Hikari turned to Tempris. "Tempris, who's Illumin? What is she like?"

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"Sickness... of the... mind?" Tempris could not comprehend such a idea. How come a mind get sick? Worst, if it was sick how would one even cure it. You couldn't just feed your mind medicine. It sounded a like a silly idea, something preposterous to the young zealot. "No. I can't have sickness of the mind. Faith would protect me. Ever since..." The girl started to tremble as she accidently went back too far in her own mind. It felt like cold sweat filled her veil as she tried to break the woman's description. She did have a bad thing happen. She did try to come up in her memories from time to time. But...
"Well. I serve Illumin. It is the greatest happiness to fulfil my duties and enact his will. So even if I did supposedly have this STDP sickness. I would be cured simple because of that. Right. Right. I don't want to be weak with a sickness... please... I dont want to be sick." Her voice was growing quietly. She could feel her eyes water, at the thought of not being right. After all, her so much has happened. She had learned so much about her past and her life. What if her failures were a result of this sickness that she definitely didn't have. Something else she did not know. It was like destiny was against her faith. "Can I still be strong if I'm sick?"

"Aww, thank you. I suppose we could be princesses. But why be a princess when you could be a Holy Knight." Tempris dropped her umbrella so that she could pull out her sword and raise it in the air and impale it into the ground while laughing. The flames burned brightly purifying the rain drops around her with its radiating presence. "I think knights are more brilliant." Tempris bend down pretending be a knight kneeling, "Malady, may I purify the ground around you. Wouldn't that be more fun than sitting on a stuffy chair hehe." She raised her head and gave the little girl a wink.

Now it was time to do the hardest thing Tempris had ever had to do in her life. Explain who Illumin was. Of course she knew who he was, but so did everyone. So how did the little girl not know. "Illumin... He his the... creator. He gave birth to the world. He gave us life. He gave me purpose. All that is warm is is his love. All that is cold is that which is forsaken. That is Illumin."

#9Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Lee could tell she was too young and didn't comprehend such as complex problem. Mental health was not her strongest suit when it came to personal care. She tensed a little, worried that she might of set something off in the girl's mind. "Illumin cures all sickness. If you feel happy by Illumin's warmth, then go for it. I am sorry if I mentioned anything" she spoke. Her stomach churned making her insides feel like butter. She didn't mean to set this girl to feel some was worse than she already probably felt. Her mind geared to make sure what she said next wan't detrimental to the girl. Ragtime grew tired of this and overtook her body. Her ice blue eyes growing a slight darker shade. "Yes. You can be much more stronger than anyone can imagine. You're alive, aren't you? Illumin has plans for you, make it happen. Become strongest mage in all of Earthland" Ragtime spoke. Her eyes shifted back to its original shade.

Hikari tilted her head a little. "A knight, like a prince? Isn't that for boys or can girls be knights too?" The five year-old was still trying to wrap her head around the idea of breaking social norms out of storybooks. Lee kneeled down next to her. "I used to be a Knight. A rune knight, but not a holy knight" she said. Then the woman let the girls be. Hikari jumped up and down seeing her sword. "Yes! Yes! Purify the ground, purify the ground" she spoke. She let the girls play pretend while gazing up the raining sky.

She looked behind her to see the girl's giggling and playing. Tempris was a good playmate for Hikari, seeing the five year-old finally have someone around her age to play with, even if it was a twelve year old. Illumin was the creator? That must of been a lot of work for one person. He needs a break. Can we give him a break? Tempris...can we give Illumin a gift for creating the world?" she smiled, looking up at the girl. LeeAnn felt a little anxiety rising inside her knowing what might come next, but remained composed and listening.

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"Faith can bring miracles. I exist as proof... I'm proof. But... faith can't just fix all. It won't work. It didn't the change. The wrong faith... no matter how devoted, can make everything worst. And and... I..." Tempris attempted to swallow her pride, "No matter how much I pray and serve... It doesn't change how cold I feel. It doesn't make the old me... any less cold." The girl started to tremble while rubbing her arm. "It... it doesn't matter. Cause I'm not sick..." Her voice was weak but stared down with desperate determination to avoid what truth the woman in front of her would present. She could hear her own words repeat over and over in her head as her mind tried to convince herself that she was fine. However, deep down in a cold corner of her heart, something inside of her believed it.

"Well... I was never told I couldn't be a knight cause I was a girl. I was even a Rune Knight for a short while. Though... things happened..." Tempris was a bit surprise to know that Lee was also a rune knight. However she would do her best not to show it. She did not run with the type of people who should be worried around them. Plus, what she was doing was helping the world. So it shouldn't matter in the first place. So with her princess's permission, she raised her hand and pretend to use magic. "Purification! Purification! Purification!" She followed the girl pretending to bless the ground before her.

Tempris giggled as the girl spoke highly of their god. "Illumin created the world around us so that their could be life. For him, you being born is the greatest gift a god could ask for. You living your life by his will is how one can thank their creator. Those temptation may lead us astray, forgiveness can be found within his warmth." Suddenly Tempris stopped, realizing she was rambling a bit. "Ah... sorry. It is so rare that I get to talk like this. If you really want to thank you. Then keep living the best life you can live. So that one day you can tell him about it!"


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As Tempris followed the girl, she slightly pulled a muscle in her leg. Normally, it would hurt like hell. Why didn't it bother her that much this time? Ah, it must've been from all that stupid dancing with the Boots of Riverdance. Cursed item! At least it paid off somehow. Tempris has received an increase of +10 in Endurance.

#12Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Faith. That was something she possibly was missing in her life. What defined as faith. Lee stared out into space reflecting on her past actions and choices. Attempting to confess her love to Manzo. Telling Hikaru she was adopt (not that's kinda not the case) and about her past. Judina fulling accepting her for who she was. Tempris was proof of that faith. She had that. The one thing in her life she always had faith in was her family. The one thing that was always consistent and the most supportive people in the entire universe. Her ice blue eyes turned into a a darker shade of a cerulean blue. "Faith...living proof. Tempris, you are living proof. Never thought someone younger than me would teach me something I thought I knew about. You're very mature and smart for your age. No...you're not sick. It's nothing" she smiled. The darkness in her eyes remained through the whole walk. LeeAnn could read her like a book, though. She was hiding something, denying it. The demi-human knew that because she was doing the same. The same logic applied that if she kept wishing and lying around something good will happen. LeeAnn was tired. Ashamed. Burdened with guilt. All of those negative feelings really pushed her to the brink of questioning her existance. Ragtime made his presence known to Lee's subconcious. "You're doing it again, kid. You have to stop this. All these negative thoughts really eat you alive. Remember when Hans died then your aunt? Those were dark days, its only going to get darker. I will have not choice, but to lock your control away until I think you're ready to take on the world" he scolded, but spoke in a assertive tone.

Seeing Tempris be so kind to Hikari made her smile. Ragtime could feel something blossom in her heart. Lee knew Hikari and her future was the few things that were mkaing her feel more and more motivated. Tempris explained about how knights weren't just for boys and treated her like a princess. Hikari adored princesses from storybooks. The small girl giggled then turned to Lee. Hikari's face turned worried. Tears were in her eyes. Silent tears. Hikari had never seen her mother cry before. This made her tilt her head. "Mommy, why are you crying? Do you want to be purified too? Oh, you want be a princess too?" The small girl kept bombarding her with questions and worried thoughts. LeeAnn hugged both girls and silently, cried. "Thank you Tempris. Thank you for...showing me the light of...faith" she whispered. She left it up to Tempris to decide what she meant, but Lee had now understood what she meant earlier. Tempris would onto explaining Illumin. LeeAnn could see the passion in her eyes when she psoke about it. Even Lee, who hated religion, seemed have her attention when she spoke. Something in Lee clicked about everything so far. Hikari smiled.

"I will live my best life for mommy and Illumin. I will make him proud. Mommy?" She felt Hikari tugged on her pant leg. Lee looked down at the small demi-human staring at her with large blue eyes and long dirty blonde hair. "Yes?"

"Im hungry. Can we get something to eat?"

Lee smiled and nodded. "OF course, I will pay for a meal for all three of us. You two choose and I will pay for it. It's on me Tempris" she smiled.

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Tempris folded her arms and looked away, "But of course. I'm happy you can realize this. It's not every day I decided to be so benevolent to others. And and.." her face was red has she fought the desire to smile from the woman's praise, "You get it. I don't need to explain further." This made the girl feel better, but the woman's previous words did hang in the back of her mind. It filled the cracks in her happiness which her pride could not probably fill. Still, this feeling was warm and the girl was nothing less of than expert at clinging on to a thought and pulling herself away from her own negative thoughts. Thus the idea of knights and princesses was the perfect escape from her own thoughts and cold memories.

Tempris did not allow her attention to return to the woman until the small girl brought the question to her mother. "Yes yes... purification, all those around the princess must have their pains and sadness burned away. For only light may lie before the great princess." Tempris's eyes sharpen over Lee with a sadistic smile briefly before softening into a more innocent and child like façade. It was a habit of her, a warning normally for those she target. Though today, it was simply a motion. The chains of her mother kept the girl's fire from breaching the invisible stone barrier which surround her. She had to wait for the right fuel, the right sign to spread out and help this world. So when Lee gave Tempris her own thanks, the girl became a bit startled.

Never in her entire life has someone thanked her for her work, her words, her views as a follower of Illumin. It was a weird feeling and inside, she could feel her inner flame fall into tiny embers. Even if she was given the fuel... today... she just wanted to rest. For her heart was not in it. The girl lowered her umbrella to lowered her head to hid her face from Lee, not even she knew what it looked like a mist her confusion.

"Oh... thank you for the offer but..." Tempris looked up and saw the small girl excitement, "But... Is it not the princess's privilege to decide the place from which she would like to dine?"

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#14Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
She understood what the girl was attempting to say. It made her smile down at Tempris, making her grow more warm inside. Without even thinking, her fire magic made her feel warm around her. Hikari felt it and stared at her mom without saying a word. There was a habit or pattern that her emotions took over her magic without even realizing it. The true warmth from her made Hikari feel ever more safer much like Tempris would of felt. She smiled at the purification. Tempris was good with Hikari.

The small girl giggled and around around it circles. "Purification, purification, purification. You're purified now, Mommy!" smiled Hikari. The adopted mother patted her daughters head then looked at Tempris switching from a statistic smile to a innocent one. This made her feel a little unsettled affirming her earlier suspicions, but she remained silent about it. Lee was trying to remain a open mind about how people are. Change was slow for the kitsune, but she was happy with this current interaction.

A woman such as Lee who has seen a lot of horrible things and experienced a lot. Her life always felt as a painful existence. With Tempris provided a different perspective to her. Faith was a subject that never occurred to the demi-human. Lee noticed the gears turning in Tempris's head when she thanked her for her words. It seemed she had never experienced being thanked for something like this for. The true words of Illumin came from Tempris's heart. It touched Lee in a way no one else could. "If you say so, Tempris, Hikari what do you want to eat" she smiled. A huge grin appeared on her face. "Seafood! Seafood!" Hikari chanted over and over. This made Lee's face grow pale, seafood. Shit. "Why not something else, sweetheart" she smiled.

Hikari grew pouty. She puffed her cheeks and crossed her arms while Lector gave her a look as well. "I want seafood. You always avoid it" she demanded. Lector agreed. Lee sighed, admitting defeat. "Fine seafood it is, Tempris are you okay with that?" She would asked the small mage next to her. Clearly, Tempris was a strong young woman for a girl her size. Lee gave he credit for that without a doubt. "Seafood makes her feel sick is why. It's the smell, but she can just use nose plugs or something" smiled Lector.

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.

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Tempris looked towards the little girl, curious what she would ask for. The last thing that came to her mind was seafood. Tempris could not help but smirk. When she first met Lee, she was eating fish. Now she would be dining on fish. Was it fate, maybe this was a sign that the woman loved the sea and its bounty. The thought quickly died as she noticed Lee trying to get the girl to pick something else. Did the woman not like it? It was pretty cute to watch them push for their cause.

"Actually, I do not mind eating seafood," Tempris was really interested where this was going, "Does thou not respectif the princess's wishes? shame. hehe." Continuing the play pretend and knight act. Tempris moved beside the little girl holding her umbrella over the girl's head. Sadly, Lee gave in. It was really quick to, almost as if the little girl knew just how to push her mom to get her what she wanted. It was really cute but not very fun. While the smile stayed on her face, the feeling behind it was gone.

"Ahh, I didn't remember you getting sick when we first met Lee. I would of never guessed."


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Lee Nakamura
Tempris seem to not mind. She seemd to just go with the flow, but she knew how to play with words. This really tied Lee's hands. Hikari really loved to play her like a fiddle. Lee being the sucker she was for these two girls made bite her lower lip kinda clueless how to respond. She stared at Hikari, who had a raised eyebrow then at Tempris who made a comment about how she wasn't sick when they first met. It struck her. Ragtime was the one controllling her when they first met and Tempris got mad because that kid ran into making her drop her fish. She puzzled pieced that together quickly. Inside her head, she could hear Ragtime cackling at her situation.

Ragtime instantly too over. She had her hands over her face. A sadistic smile yet daring smile appeared on her face. Her eyes were a very slight shade of a off frost blue. "Well, that's because I am a dragon slayer now. A fire dragon slayer. Our noses are quiet sensitive. Shall we go eat some disgusting seafood" she grinned. For some reason, Lee had a bad feeling what Ragtime was going to do. He was a pot stirrer in a good way, but sometimes he wanted to stir the pot for his own entertainment. They went to a seafood restaurant that was nearby. Karisa had given Hikari a map marked with the best seafood restaurants. The child was happy to have this, but she didn't know how to read a map. Ragtime controleld LEe's body to take the map and read it. She chose one that was the nearby. When they entered, Ragtime and Lee were hit like a truck with the smell of freshly cooking seafood. Hikari's mouth watered.


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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.

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