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A little family trip [Valerie]

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It was the day after their 'eventful' trip to the beach that Esperia had kept her promise of taking Hasani with them on a bit of a family trip. Of course, she had invited his caretaker along, knowing that an additional watchful eye was a good idea for the child, and it would give her some time with Valerie to talk about some things that been weighting on the vampire girl's mind.

The trip fortunately didn't take long, keeping in mind the growth of Hasani, she had suggested for the stroller to be brought along while she and Valerie would help Hasani walk most of the way. There was something refreshing to seeing that innocent life blossoming so much, a reminder that for Esperia there was more to life than the duties and oaths she had sworn, some of which only a handful of people truly understood the importance of.

Their destination was equally peaceful, a small and peaceful lake within the forest near Hargeon, close enough that wild animals didn't dare to venture there, and yet close enough that the harmless ones would sometimes take a peek.

After setting up a blanket on the grass and a umbrella, not that she needed to worry much about the sun, courtesy of the shade of the trees and her own resistance to it, there was still comfort to be found in shying away from the sunlight every now and then. After making sure everything was set up properly she smiled at Hasani, ruffling his hair for a moment after which she asked his caretaker to help the child change into some proper swim shorts, so that Esperia had a moment of privacy with her lover.

Esperia's gaze drifted along the lake for a while, after which she mused softly. "It's so peaceful and tranquil, the type of environment I'd love to see Hasani grow up in, a childhood free of the hardships we had to endure."

She turned toward Valerie, a hand gently grasping her lover's own. "And yet, I am not naive enough to think that it will last like that, life continues onwards, and there are plenty of people with ill intentions. I guess my own curiosity on certain matters doesn't help either~"

She giggled softly, seemingly amused at herself after which she continued. "And yet, I intend to keep my vow, I will be there for you and Hasani, forever and ever~ And yet, while I do not question your strength and resolve, I also know there are powers out there far greater than our own, fortunately they turned a blind eye to our existence for now, some even have forged positive bonds with us... and yet, the fact remains that there could be a time we will be forced to defend that which we treasure, even against a far greater foe."

She closed her eyes and allowed her head to rest sideways against Valerie's shoulder. "And yet Divinity does not mean immortality, no matter how strong one becomes, they still have their weaknesses. Perhaps one day I will find a way to overcome that, so that I truly can become an undefeatable wife to protect her lovely wife and adorable son~"

Her lips curved up in a tender smile, opening her eyes as she gazed into Valerie's own. "I know I said this a countless times~ But I love you~ This feeling, this joy that you brought me alongside Hasani is inreplacable~"


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The day had come, something at least was expected not to be forgotten about since the magical idea of having trust in some one as much as it use to be a something she never thought she could have the ability to do most of her life, She had been able too now and it showed that no longer had to let that be a lingering feeling anymore, Then again reflecting upon the past seemed never go for how long she was stuck in it.

Now back to reality and the current situation at hand. The group of four had prepared for this situation and adventure as the very simply and guessed way, Since they going for a family trip as they both mentioned taking, No one was left behind some how even Nasira was talked into it and she had never really considered it, either talking her into by not only making sure she had a break and went out side, Not only going swimming but also making sure she could watch over everyone she knew still.

It would be different how all four of them had prepared for this, Esperia and Valerie would be holding Hasani's hands while they got him to walk more and more, Nasira did not seem to mind walking behind them with the stroller and other things carried with it, Ever quiet as she was her darker tanned skin and always wearing black it was  always how they knew she was still here, after all she had never spoken much and made herself stand out too much.

At least Nasira always seemed content, it did make Valerie wonder if Nasira was still doing all of this for how many things she was missing in life, In the end she still would quietly keep it to herself. Now they seemed to talk to one another."You can wish that, The reality of it we do not choose how the future will be for him, Lili or anyone in general."It did seem bleak to mention, But it was not her disagreeing with her.

But with the holding on her hand and that other mention. It was still just both of them being on some what of the same mind set with one another. Generally keeping some things quiet she had not figured out what exactly this conversation was going to be about. "And in what worry do you have of on your mind currently with such a ponder?" Some things Valerie expected to have to consider it just was something she had expected to be a given, If it was brought up it might be something with in her wife's thought to have to bring forward.

Slowly it just started seemed maybe Esperia was just reflecting and her worries and what she should be happy about too."You carry a lingering doubt that in some manner would make you worry about things you can not do."There was still more about this, Valerie never understood the worry and chase for the power and weaknesses, it was something longer faded from her interest.

At least to Esperia's benefit, her chase of power was protecting her and the family being built. Hopefully maybe."When, a person should focus upon the strength's they have to prosper and protect the life they have now."Would it help? maybe but she would not judge if Esperia still felt otherwise it would change anything really as it was now.

After all, It did bring a smile to the normally some what stiff sometimes stone faced woman she was."I never doubted your love and intentions dear."That content smile on her face, Even if Esperia was looking at her with her own eyes, Valerie just quietly rested her head on Esperia's and seemed to just allow the moment to be."I do love you too, Even if they are words sometimes not often spoken."It seemed to make Valerie wonder if she had spoken these words often enough that it was still true, or spoken them rarely that it could be doubted, not everyone was truly sure in some things, This would just be one of many in her mind often left not spoken about.


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Esperia smiled kindly in return to Valerie's words, her gaze drifting to the lake as she pondered softly. "It is true that it is not up to us to decide how everyone's future will be. Hasani, Lilly, there are so many possibilities and uncertainties that could unfold. It's just that... I'm done with losing those dear to me. I always looked ahead, strove to reach greater things and make the world a better place for everyone."

Her gaze turned back to her lover as she continued to speak, a hint of regret in her voice. "And yet, despite all those noble ambitions, I kept losing things important to me, that realization that you can't protect everyone, it weighted heavily on my mind. And yet, those days I spend with you made me feel that as long as I can protect those within my reach then that is enough."

She nodded her head lightly and hummed softly. "Raising our children together, growing old alongside you and spending the rest of my life in a peaceful manner doesn't seem like a bad idea at all~ Every now and then a trip to another realm to satisfy my curiousity, and then every now and then a different type of trip alongside you to satisfy my other 'needs'~ I doubt there is much more I need in life~"

She giggled softly, clearly a bit amused at the thought when Valerie's smile and the words that followed made her shake her head gently in return. "Even if you're a bit more reserved with the utterance of those words compared to me, your actions show just how much you love me~"

As Hasani was being led back to them by his caretaker Esperia mused playfully out loud. "So~ How did you plan to teach him how to swim?"


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Starting to ponder if Esperia was maybe diving her mind far too into a future or her worries too in deep, Valerie was use to thoughts being in despair and depressing, normally having some one else be the guide away from the abyss.

So well it seemed she had been self aware in some manner, only just pointing out the plain and simple so for now, Maybe she needed to just kind of settle into listening more."I would normally say you are lingering upon your own negative thoughts too much, Then again I understand just how in some manner you can feel, Because it was something I had on my mind before."Well she was missing a mother,father and twin sister, So Esperia's worry was understood.

For now Esperia's plan seemed simple."Visiting other realms sounds a bit risky, Not my fancy but do what pleases you."And that was the magical part of being married to Valerie was the freedom to do what you wanted, as long as you loyal to the marriage she seemed content and happy. It made her simple and easy to deal with."I am sure it will be easy to balance out in the end."

It as a good question, entirely Valerie had just planned to just go out it blindly. Only mentioning."I had no plan, I was just merely going to find the more shallow section of water, Leave my self below him, Allow himself to get adjust and okay with the water and slowly start slowing him how."It was her plan, How it worked well it seemed it might not really be a good plan.

Even mentioning to Esperia since they had not enacted anything yet. with Nasaria waiting with Hasani for them both just laying there still."However if you feel much like you wish to input something as a suggestion, I will listen too."It was a good thing to allow that.

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