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KERII! It's Atan- KERIIIIIIIIIII!!! [Atani / PSF – Woowoo!]

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#1Daiko Flayme 

KERII! It's Atan- KERIIIIIIIIIII!!! [Atani / PSF – Woowoo!] Empty Thu Jul 01, 2021 8:43 am

Daiko Flayme
After having entertained the kids outside, Daiko was sent to the hall of Blue Pegasus’ Guild HQ where a bar had been opened for the more mature guests in town to enjoy Easter. The masks were a little smaller this time, akin to the one Daiko wore yet at the moment, and he could definitely sense a change in the air… this was time for maturity to flourish-

Oh, excuse him… upon walking up to the entrance, Daiko just had to throw an annoying guest out. The tilting dude who looked like he had drunk an ocean of whiskey threw his glass at someone, and Daiko wasn’t tolerating that. He wanted to start a fight, he could do that far away from Hargeon… sadly, Daiko couldn’t just throw him across town, for he would die upon impact, so out of the gates was just as efficient.

Coda was now wearing a small, white collar with a black butterfly tied onto it to look extra fancy. Although, she pulled on it with her beak a few times, she seemed to behave just fine and kept some animal-admiring guests company while Daiko readied their drinks. Some whiskey and gin would be a good combination along with lemon juice, a little salt to make the throat crave the refreshment from the two cubes of ice thrown in, and then some fresh apple juice to give it a nice taste. Then, he closed the steel jigger and shook away without a care in the world, wondering where she went. “K-Kerii, if you got any entertainment thingies to do before they get bored, now’s your chance…” he mumbled to himself, wondering where she went. The guests had demanded something ‘hot’, but apparently, his Fire Magic wasn’t what they sought to spectate.

Then again, there was also the game at the middle – with one click, a certain game called popper would pop up, and apparently, people played with lots of money on the line. That would work! People usually loved winning money, just like he did!

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KERII! It's Atan- KERIIIIIIIIIII!!! [Atani / PSF – Woowoo!] Empty Thu Jul 01, 2021 10:24 am


Atani Tathvir
Bâd gurth vi ngalad firiel
- 400 | @ Daiko -
Earlier during the party, during the time Atani was entertaining children with the egg hunt, the young Wood Elf unfortunately had to take her leave rather early to deal with matters of her own. After having taken care of them, however, she was more than willing to return for the rest of the festivities. In particular, the parts that were going on in Blue Pegasus' guild hall. While the children had their fun with searching for colorful eggs, adults tended to unwind in a different way. A way that involved alcohol that Blue Pegasus' bar was more than willing to help with.

Before she returned to the festivities, Atani made a trip back to her house to change out of her bunny costume. (It was far more revealing than she would have liked.) Instead, she wore a springtime dress-- the kind that was cut short above the knees with loose sleeves that fell on her shoulders. Likewise, she braided flowers into her hair in case the theme of her outfit wasn't obvious enough. The green emblem beneath her collarbone was on display, clearly dignifying her as a guild member who was helping out with the festivities.

It seemed she was not the only one at the guild hall that day. Daiko, the mage she had met earlier, was behind the bar mixing drinks.

"K-Kerii, if you got any entertainment thingies to do before they get bored, now’s your chance…"

There was that name again. Kerii.

"It's Atani," she chimed in, stepping closer to Daiko. While some of the adults were entertained by this game of sorts in the guild hall, not all were of the gaming kind, and not all could get the turn to play themselves yet. So, in the meantime, Atani would put on a little show with her magic. Twirling around, the hydromancer spread her arms out high, and multiple streams of water spouted out from above. Glowing with magic, they plopped their way into empty water glasses, filling them so none of the bartenders had to break from their drink-making duties to do so. Plus, it gave a little spectacle. All citizens these days seemed to be entertained by a little display of magic.

"That's a pretty collar you got for Coda, by the way." The elf turned to Daiko at the conclusion of her magic. She didn't recall seeing it before at the egg hunt.
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KERII! It's Atan- KERIIIIIIIIIII!!! [Atani / PSF – Woowoo!] Lu7gGv2
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#3Daiko Flayme 

KERII! It's Atan- KERIIIIIIIIIII!!! [Atani / PSF – Woowoo!] Empty Sun Jul 04, 2021 2:37 am

Daiko Flayme
… No. He wasn’t going to get used to calling her anything else but the name she met him with… it just felt weird to call her anything but Kerii…





Hence, upon her chime, his brow twitched comically. No the hell it’s not!, he thought, knowing far well that her name was Kerii… was it really amnesia? Shouldn’t he at least respect that she was, somewhat, another person right now?

N-No! That was too difficult to do for him! Imagine if Alisa suddenly got a headache and forgot everything about Blue Pegasus and their guildmates… it’d be a tragedy! Why would he want to just forget the past Kerii like that? That felt more disrespectful to her than treating her like another person. No, no, just a hell no!

And she was using her Magic to grab the attention of their fancy guests present, succeeding in so more than Daiko could earlier. Perhaps his Magic was more suited for entertaining children, in the end… wasn’t she using- wait, Water Magic?

… N-No, no, no, wait a second, I thought she used Wood Magic! Even her Magic’s changed – arrrrrghhhh, this is too much for my braaaiiiiiiin!!! She really is different now- s-shut up, Daiko! She hasn’t changed that much, she just forgot a few things, that’s all!

Coda noticed the troubled look on his face and pecked him back on track just as Kerii noticed the new collar that the raptor was wearing. “Ah-W-Well-I-Just-B-Bought-It-“ the Fire Mage stammered while trying to talk with Coda pecking away into his skull as usual. Soon enough, Coda spotted the elven beauty and jumped from the brown bartender’s shoulder and landed on the desk before laying on her back in an attempt to do some kind of alluring pose… that just ended up looking goofy due to her birdy composure.

“… And what do you think you’re doing, little girl?” he playfully asked before stroking Coda’s exposed belly with his fingers in an attempt to tickle her, causing the avian mascot to wiggle and peck back at his fingers, “Ye-H-Hey-Ouch-Y-You-Asked-For-It-“

“Uh, is my drink coming, o’er ther’?”

“O-Oh, yessir, coming up!” Daiko replied to one of the guests, a tall guy in his thirties with smooth, black hair and a fancy tuxedo, who had been waiting for the mixture in the jigger from earlier. Daiko picked it up and left Coda in Kerii’s care as he waddled towards the guest with a prepared glass cup with his mixed drink, decorated with a slice of lemon, a few aroma-inducing flower leaves and a very fancy straw.

The guest happily accepted it and took a sip while Daiko returned to Kerii. “Hey, want a drink too? I think I’ve really cracked it with these recipes…!”

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KERII! It's Atan- KERIIIIIIIIIII!!! [Atani / PSF – Woowoo!] Empty Sun Aug 22, 2021 1:37 pm


Atani Tathvir
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- 244 | @ Daiko -
Atani looked to Daiko curiously as he seemingly became flustered about her complimenting Coda's collar. Not flustered in a bad way, but in an almost embarrassed form. She wanted to say something like 'what's got your feathers in a bunch?' but that would have been too cliché for her.

The fire mage became distracted with Coda. Rather than making drinks for customers as he was supposed to, he stopped to scratch his avian friend. Soon after, a customer became annoyed with the wait time on his adult beverage. Once again, Daiko gave a flustered response and went to work on the man's drink. It was done in no time at all, but while Daiko was occupied, Atani took a break from her task of entertainment-- her magic could do the work without her paying much attention to it-- and gave Coda the attention she wanted. She was a good enough substitution for Daiko. For one reason or another, the raptor took quite the liking to Atani.

After Daiko was finished, he returned and asked Atani if she wanted something to drink. "Think you can do a red sangria?" she asked. Had Daiko not been on the job, she would have suggested he had a drink too to unwind... It looked like he needed it.

The rest of the day was lost in history. Another day of festivities, another celebration courtesy of Blue Pegasus. It wasn't the first, and it certainly wouldn't be the last.
- exit -
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KERII! It's Atan- KERIIIIIIIIIII!!! [Atani / PSF – Woowoo!] Lu7gGv2
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