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West to East [Travel]

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The smell of salt was great in the area as Ramses found himself leaving Port Astera. He had done everything he was suppose to do while in the seaside town and now it was time for him to continue his journey of exploring Fiore. He had yet to travel across the eastern parts of the country and wondered what he would find there. Ramses already knew of a port town that was similar to Astera in the eastern area, but of course he had never visited it. Anyway, it wouldn't take long for Ramses to exit Astera and come into the forest near it.

Deep in the forest would he find the giant dragon like beast curled up in a ball waiting for him. Without hesitation would Ramses climb onto the beast's back and make his way to its neck. With a shout he would command the beast to take to the skies and they would find themselves gliding above the clouds. The time he had spent in Fiore had been boring, besides the time he had came across a small battle, but that had been weeks ago. He wondered what ever happened to the Lich. The people with swords and shields had taken him away, but did he get sentenced?

Ramses had read up on the group called Rune Knights. They acted as a police force in Fiore and he knew he should steer clear of them until he grew stronger. His power was still weak and he couldn't let it be that for any longer.

Travel to Magnolia (50% Reduction)

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