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Something Smells Fishy [Quest]

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The sun bathed the town of Astera in its shining waves of light as Ramses stood on the beach near the port. For months he had been in the land of Fiore and had grown accustomed to their ways a little. You see, Fiore was quite different from his homeland. Sure, here and there you had your fair share of groups, but mostly all groups were apart of one faction. Ramses himself had been apart of one of those groups in the past, but many long years had passed since then.

During those time him and his group roared across the desert in hopes of expanding their territory for many years. After unlocking the secret to immortality he had left the group and continued down his own part. Anyway, like his home, Fiore had its fair share of "groups", but the people always seemed to call them guilds.

Back when he had first entered Fiore, Ramses was suppose to create a guild with Ezekiel, but the man was still hidden. He hadn't encountered anyone from one of the guilds yet, but he had took it upon himself to fulfill the requests of the those that sought help. Whether it was helping a old lady with groceries, or even stealing from time to time. He did whatever he could to earn money. And today his job was to find out what was happening within the sea of Astera and see why the fish were disappearing.

However, walking around as a skeleton always drawn attention near him.

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At the moment, he was inside of a small rowboat eyeing a man who sat opposite of him with their arms crossed. The man couldn't seem to take his eyes off of Ramses. He didn't know whether it was from fright or curiosity. Up above Asimov slowly followed the rowboat, so Ramses didn't have any worry if the man would try to attack him. His little machine wouldn't hesitate to blow the man's head off his shoulders and into the sea. As if reading his mind, Ramses would hear Asimov unleash a flurry of beeps and bops. The Lich knew that something had gotten the machine's attention and it had grown very excited. His eyes would scan the area and see that they were approaching the island where his quest would take place.

Ignoring Asimov, Ramses would begin to think about the quest. His job was to simply find out what was happening to the fish, and stop whatever was causing it by any means necessary. As soon as he stepped foot on the island, Ramses could feel the air become unpleasant. Ramses instantly knew that the mana coming from the island didn't feel right. It felt sinister much like his own. Ramses would look up at Asimov and nod. Together they would begin to walk towards the inner part of the cove and deeper into the island itself. Following the source of the energy that radiated in hopes of figuring out what it was.

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For what seems like hours he walked the island before coming upon the beacon of bad energy. A lone figure stood in a wave pool with his hands massaging the water in some way. The tides rising were black in color as if ink from an octopus was floating in them. "Hey! What are you doing!" asked the Lich in a loud tone, preparing for a fight. The man would turn around. All malice seeming to disappear at once. Within the waves the water returned to crystal blue, and fish would begin to appear. "I was about to take a swim traveler. Would you like to join?" said the man as he would jet towards Ramses in a burst of speed.

A solid punch would come to impact Ramses in his skeletal stomach, throwing him back. He could hear Asimov beginning to let off its attack. Ramses would rise with a grin. Holding his stomach, his red eyes would seem to pulse with a lust for blood. "I don't like when people initiate a greeting without the proper introduction." And just like that a battle would begin on the little beach. Punches, kicks, and even magic was exchanged between the individuals. The lich had come out on top. With the fight won, he would place his foot on top of the man's chest. "The fight was beautiful... I hope you make your way to the afterlife." said Ramses, as he put pressure on the man's chest. His chest would cave in causing blood to come from his mouth. Or so that was what Ramses thought it was. It was black, almost purple in color. A grin was held on the man's face as he exploded sending the purple liquid everywhere. "What in the hell?" muttered Ramses as he questioned what happened.

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Walking away from the cove, Ramses and Asimov would find themselves walking on the island again and back towards the small rowboat. The Lich felt like that wasn't the end of things, but he couldn't sense any other energy on the island. Looking up to Asimov, Ramses would say "Hey, scan the island and tell me if you see anyone other than us and the man who brought us here on the boat. Don't wanna leave and someone starts up another ritual. The machine would respond by flying off in the opposite direction that they were walking.

Ramses watched as he flew away and he would continue walking towards the rowboat. The walk had taken a few minutes and by the time he made it Asimov was already returning. The machine would let him know that no one else was on the island. Without question Ramses would enter the rowboat and they would begin their journey back towards Port Astera. The waves in the sea seemed to be calmer since leaving the island, but it all could be Ramses' imagination. He wondered what type of man he had just defeated only minutes earlier. The whole situation had seemed off to him.

A sigh would escape the Lich's mouth as he looked off into the sunset. Maybe in time he would figure it out, but for now he had other things to do. Soon he would head south and find what was waiting for him in the city of Magnolia.

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