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Tournament Arc [C-Rank NQ | SOLO]

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Tournament Arc [C-Rank NQ | SOLO] Empty Sun Jun 20, 2021 8:43 pm

A loud crash resounded from an inconspicuous building on the outskirts of Baska. Had it been near the city center then it would have likely drawn the attention of nearby pedestrians and Rune Knights alike. A short while later Ikazuchi would casually exit this particular building with an extremely satisfied expression. Based on that, it would seem that the sound from moments ago wasn’t due to some negative exchange.

At the very least, there was a particularly confused homeless man who was drawn into the area by the sound. There was an awkward atmosphere that enveloped the building after Ikazuchi left. Long after the content young man left the area, the homeless man would witness two other men carry another seemingly dead man out. This particular homeless individual vacated the area immediately after in order to avoid any negative repercussions that could befall a witness. It was clear that something shady had gone on.

As for Ikazuchi, he met the man who put him into a bloody tournament recently. He was naturally upset as the circumstance included some unique implications about his standing. The sound that the homeless man heard was the result of Ikazuchi losing control of his temper for a moment. One of the guards belonging to the man had spoken inappropriately and earned his ire. The result was a quick punch half killing the man.

After that, the organizer who was seeking to hire him eventually brought out a rather unique item in order to appease Ikazuchi. It had an unclear origin, but it was a rather notorious weapon that could be considered the bane of mages. This was given to him in order to calm his anger, and he was even promised a higher reward if he were willing to take part in the man’s upcoming event. ‘I guess I’m pretty popular?’ This was his thought as he made his way back to his inn to rest for the day.

Word Count: [310/1,000]


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After returning to his Inn a few days ago, Ikazuchi spent his time properly inspecting and training with his new weapon in order to adjust to it. It was only natural that he became more satisfied with it as he understood more about the weapon. His thoughts naturally wandered back to when he had encountered a young girl named Tempris. She had been wielding an extremely high quality and unique weapon that made him envious as a swordsman. He didn’t expect that after a few short months he would find himself owning two swords slightly worse in quality. It could even be said that both items were priceless if sold to the right individual.

He didn’t think too much about why the man offered him Spellcutter. Ikazuchi assumed that it was likely due to the fact that it was an item that could draw the interest of some dangerous people. It was extremely appealing to a Warrior like Ikazuchi, and giving it to him could prevent others from targeting the man if Ikazuchi was known to wield it.

As for Ikazuchi’s thoughts on the matter, he welcomed anyone crazy enough to try and steal his weapon. His rank as an Adventurer didn’t exactly reflect his strength, so he wouldn’t be in danger unless some particularly strong individuals arrived. As for people like that, he didn’t think that they would be idle enough to hunt someone like him. ‘Probaby…’

Eventually he was contacted by the Tournament Organizer, and was properly informed about what kind of tournament he would be taking part in. That conversation was rather interesting as he learned more about the concept of Gladiators who fought in tournaments against Magical Beasts.

Word Count: [590/1,000]


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If Ikazuchi had to use one word to describe his feelings after discussing the details of the “tournament” that he would participate in, it would naturally be excitement. He was lucky enough to be briefed on the various creatures that would appear beforehand, and many of them originated from the Worth Woodsea. ‘Well, I guess that’s to be expected considering how close the area is…’ Either way, he had encountered several of them but been unable to face them due to the survival circumstances. That wouldn’t be any issue now, especially since both his strength and the quality of his gear had increased since that trip.

The tournament briefing had occurred a short while before the actual tournament was scheduled to take place, so the briefing took place in a carriage which was heading towards the previously used arena. Ikazuchi had a bit of his excitement dampened when he remembered his previous experience. It wasn’t intentional, but he became slightly colder towards the man and his guards after remembering that scenario which left him feeling as though he was only at the level of a slave in the man’s eyes.

What he didn’t expect was that the area would have been entirely overhauled into a proper coliseum during the time that had passed since then. The stone floor and walls had clearly been strengthened to the limit with magic, and there was even a barrier around the spectating area. As for the lighting, it was perfect due to some magic that Ikazuchi didn’t recognize. He found himself standing perfectly in the center of the arena that had been provided with several metal gates on the walls nearby. He didn’t hesitate to unsheathe his swords in preparation for what would soon follow.

Word Count: [880/1,000]


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What followed could only be described as disappointing for Ikazuchi. It hadn’t been long since he had avoided most of these creatures in the Worth Woodsea, but he found himself easily dispatching beasts that were the size of carriages one after another. The excitement that became disappointment soon shifted to boredom. As a Warrior, he longed for a battle that could push him to surpass his limits. That wasn’t anything like what was being shown here today.

Perhaps due to his keen eyesight, or even his prior experiences, Ikazuchi found himself able to cut down these magical beasts within moments. Not to mention that his new sword allowed him to easily cleave through the magic attacks launched towards him by some of the more unique beasts.

The wide variety of creatures couldn’t be called challenging either. In the end, they were unguarded and oversized beasts who didn’t quite possess the intelligence or knowledge that something like a Dragon was famous for. These were simply beasts that were stronger, faster, and more magical than normal. ‘I wonder what they taste like…’ This idle thought drifted through his mind as he continued to litter the arena with corpses which continue to produce pools of blood due to his strikes.

Eventually Ikazuchi ended the life of the final creature that was sent to face him. It wasn’t difficult for him to face them, but he ended up covered in an excessive amount of blood due to the sheer volume some of the larger creatures had. ‘Am I going to just smell like blood at this rate?’ He couldn’t stop this concern from appearing in his mind after realizing he tended to end up covered in blood after battle.

Word Count: [1,160/1,000]


Tournament Arc [C-Rank NQ | SOLO] Empty Sun Jun 20, 2021 8:44 pm

After everything was wrapped up properly Ikazuchi turned his attention towards the spectator area and observed everyone. He knew that the barrier covering it was supposed to prevent him from seeing inside, but the blessing he gained from the world allowed him to bypass that. He could clearly see several people stunned by his display, and he even vaguely felt the excitement that many of them had as a result.

A few individuals seemed slightly fearful of his display, more so than the last one. It was likely that this was due to their inexperience and personal fear making them believe that the beasts should be more difficult to face. That wasn’t entirely wrong, but anyone skillful enough would be able to dispatch beasts more easily than men as they wouldn’t be equipped in the same manner.

Ikazuchi continued to stare up above at the organizer until the man eventually shook and took a slight step back. ‘It seems he understood…’ Ikazuchi was intentionally trying to inform his employer that he could see him, and that point was eventually conveyed.

It was obviously hard for the man to believe as he had intentionally had the perception blocking feature added to prevent this, but Ikazuchi stared at him despite that. No one else seemed to notice this though. Most of the other spectators were distracted by the discussion of the bloody entertainment and the bets that had been placed. The man who invited Ikazuchi had profited the most, but he couldn’t enjoy that as there seemed to be a Shinigami staring at him.

As for Ikazuchi, he left with a smile after making sure that the man wouldn’t try to cross him in the future. It was simple to pressure someone psychologically after a display like his, not to mention that the man was obviously fearful of him before this. His pay had been given during the briefing earlier, so he didn’t have anything to gain from this action. He simply didn’t want to be targeted by a sly individual like the tournament organizer.

Word Count: [1,500/1,000]

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