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Raeburn Gamebell

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Raeburn Gamebell


Name: Raeburn Gamebell

Age: April 1st, X731/60 years old

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Boscosi

Ethnicity, Mother: Boscosi

Class: Berserker

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Back

Face: Kirei Kotomine - Fate


Height: 6'2"

Weight: 180 pounds

Hair: Red

Eyes: Red

Overall: Surgery isn't something that makes Raeburn skittish, and he might change his face later on after all. Changes to the veteran's appearance happen drastically, lots of the time just for jokes. Habitually, Raeburn's undertaken the identities of many other people and doesn't like showing himself. For his real appearance, Raeburn has fluffy dark red hair. Masks are often worn by Raeburn in his most comfortable and base form.

Under the mask of masks lies a disfigured man still. Having longevity expected of an evil mage, Raeburn still looks somewhat fine, yet he's got endless ugly traits. Pink burns like a clown all over his body, scars that look like they're from animals, overall Raeburn scowls if people can see him for who he is. Dragging live bodies around all the time, he can sometimes seem like he's on steroids in terms of his berserky figure.

Extra: Scars that can heal.


Personality: For many people, Raeburn personifies "this is the last day of your life and idc if you were having fun a second ago". Raeburn can be considered a lazy and crazed veteran in his own world. He'll approach any situation with a bubbling chaotic flair, no matter the seriousness of others. Always looking for the worst, Raeburn likes removing joy. Resting is an opportunity for stealing to the veteran. All property and positions are Raeburn's rights. For the sake of time, Raeburn bluntly assesses people by their position, and he believes anyone can exhaust their usefulness quickly. Loving to manifest disturbance doesn't make Raeburn want to stay around. Revealing, then cheekily disappearing after showing his malice, that's what Raeburn likes the most! Nothing is sacred to Raeburn, he will always go full-force, everything can be healed back. Acting on things to their source helps Raeburn keep his stability and focus. Whatever might lazily get things done fastest, Raeburn will pursue it temporarily. Generally, Raeburn works at his own pace, self-suffiency at every step.

Understanding doesn't appeal to the veteran, he hates that. Being known about and unknown people entering his territory disgusts Raeburn. Liking positions of authority, he'll take them and pretend to be others. If Raeburn had millions of jewels managing a guild, and there's upgrades to be had, he'd choose to hoard all the money to not even get any buildings like a medical center for 2 years. Direct combat is his specialty, Raeburn hates personally dealing with things yet he'll assert his dignity doing so. Using animal companions as slaves, Raeburn somewhat has anxiety of people coming for revenge after him, which makes his pets always somewhat angry. The veteran usually just acts as his own representative instead of himself, such as a guild master's secretary when he's actually functioning as a founder temporarily, or a subordinate. Memories and places are invaluably flimsy for Raeburn, he sometimes likes to punish listeners of his nonsense.


  • Stealing: All the things.
  • Discovery: New things to steal.


  • Stagnancy: The feeling of being in a dark age with boring consistency.
  • Seriousness: Why tho


  • Strong Company: Watch companions 360 no scope every universe. Yes.


  • Going Backward: Changing a tune, for what?
  • OPness: Some magics shouldn't exist, and they disappear from the world for good reason!


Strength: 1

Speed: 1

Constitution: 26

Endurance: 1

Intelligence: 1


Magic Name: Unlimited Magic

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Enhancement: Spell Fury

Magic Description: Named after aspirations, Unlimited Magic is only simple Arcane Magic. For now it's only been used for Raeburn to transition to cooler magic. Once upon a time, Raeburn had to punch people with his magic for them to die, truly bizarre times. The magic has access to self-buffs, offensives, and supplementary.


History: Raeburn had a quaint childhood, growing up in the tasty bowels of Illumin churches. In his soul, Raeburn's never wondered what god is more true than his own experience. Memories are vague, long washed away by Raeburn's many lively pleasures. What value is there in the small span of time in childhood? Lacking intrinsic respect for authorities brought Raeburn all sorts of trouble, but he eventually grew to silently fight better for what he wanted. Roaming around can be considered Raeburn's favorite pastime as he grew older. Experiences in a different place have always proved to increase Raeburn's values.

Traveling around to all sorts of different places, Raeburn's never been tied down to Bosco. Interfering in the happiness of others brought Raeburn all sorts of benefits, yet he eventually has grown older. When he was in his 20's, Raeburn could easily dominate an encounter to annoy someone more powerful, and now he's lacked the drive. Lacking as much interest in basic affairs eventually brought the veteran to be weaker and weaker. At some points, Raeburn's fathered children and even adopted those with potential. It's truly worrisome to try to make up for flaws in one's children. Hiding in a noble family in Iceberg for a while, Raeburn had his son Vice Gamebell raised normally, yet Vice eventually got boring and got kicked out for hardship in learning. Watching his new children, the animals never really pleased Raeburn.

Finding pleasure in the moment has been hard for Raeburn, as he's begun to long for more institutional benefits. At first, Raeburn decided to just steal the identities of others, liking to believe he'd have sway even as a D-rank weakling. The weakling couldn't find what he wanted though, and there's so many strong people, eventually interfering in even the most minor things with his little power became the most fun. Even if Raeburn is old and weak, he'd love to help push along others for forever as an old evil slave.

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