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Tempris/Gunter A-Rank: Baska City - Tournament Arc

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Tempris/Gunter A-Rank: Baska City - Tournament Arc Empty Sun May 30, 2021 10:24 pm


Tempris stood in the plaza sinner watching from on top of ledge. She let her feet dangle from the 5 meter wall from which the populous became too tired to correct. They realized she was not going to move and with that huge blade on her back, it was probably safer to not irritate her. Still, every once in a while, someone would be brave enough to question the girl what she was doing up there. There was one simple answer.
"I'm bored..."

Tempris wore a navy blue veil with a gold cloth over her forehead. her hair was neatly packed into the veil except for a few strains which hanged from the left side of her face. She had on a white collared shirt with a navy blue dress overtop. She had on black spanks and brown boots. She also had all her gear. After all, she never went anywhere without her weaponry anymore. Her world was to dangerous and she was never sure if she would need to baptize the good ole sinners in holy fire.

Still, today was not meant to be that day, or at least it wasn't suppose to be. It was nice outside but a little colder than normal. The sun was out and the skies were free. So she remain comfortable hanging out and enjoying Illumin's love.
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Tempris/Gunter A-Rank: Baska City - Tournament Arc Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1nLet all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
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Günter Von Wolf

As Gunter walked down the main road toward the arena of baska, he wondered what opponents he would meet. "I hope there strong" Gunter would say out loud, as he got closer to his destination, Gunter noticed a hot dog stand. As he remembered the taste of hot dogs he couldn't help but yell out "FUCK ME I MISS WEENIES." Gunter purchased one for Tempris and made his way to the Colosseum.

Once he got there He noticed Tempris waiting there with a look of annoyance, as he approached he would say to Raza "hey Tempris hows it going I bought you a Weenie, So whats the plan? Are we killing or not?"

As Gunter listened to Tempris's response he would be looking around quietly just to make sure no one was watching them or listening in, If Tempris started walking Gunter would follow.

Once Tempris finishes eating, Gunter would start making his way inside the area. Once inside Gunter would sign up and follow Tempris's lead for now. Gunter bagan limbering up, this was to make sure he was ready for whatever was inside. He would activate his Eye of Kaom and then look at Tempris while saying "ill follow your lead and back you up."

If Tempris spoke Gunter would listen, shortly after, a man would come out and say "Alright fuckers, you guys are up, 3 matches with the last one being the champion match, now get in there and put on a good show." Gunter would have all of his gear equipped with the exception of his sword, his eye woulds still be active as he walks into the arena to kick some ass.

As Gunter and Tempris stood in the arena They would be able to hear the crowd cheering for the combatants. The speaker would say loudly "Ladies and Gentlemen on one side we have some new blood to the arena, her name is Tempris Ashflare." The crowd would begin laughing at Tempris as she entered, then the speaker would continue. "Though this does look like take your daughter to work Or the beginning of a bad joke, ive heard down the grape vine that this little one is a strong combatant so we will see very soon if its not just talk. Next to her is Gunter Von Wolf."

The entire stadium would begin to Boo at Gunter and toss rotten food at him but do to his eye being active he is able to avoid the incoming attacks. The speaker would then continue by saying "Thats right Ladies and Gentlemen here in our little arena we have the Leech himself, the betrayer of Penumbral Guard, the annihilator of Fairy Tail, and The butcher Of Dahlia, May illumin strike you down and soak the arena with your putrid Blood so the crowd may piss on your ashes." After speaking the entire crowd would spit at the arena.

"Now without Further to delay i introduce there opponent's The Bloody Butchers Of Baska" as the gate on the other side of the arena opened up Gunter would see two big fat bastards with massive two handed cleavers. They would be wearing fur armor with Human faces sewed on to the armor and the smell of there BO was nauseating even from here. As the gate closed behind him the Speaker would yell "FIGHT" and the match began. Gunter would look stand in a defenseive position allowingthe enemies to get closer.



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Her nice day would not last long. It felt like a cold shadow ate away the warm light that gently rubbed her face. Now only prickly breaths of air poked her face. She could see him out of her peripheral vision but the feeling would not allow her to just ignore him. So at last, she recognized his presence.
"Gunter... I would say its a blessing to see you but..." A lazy chuckle finished her sentence. The man knew what she would say next so there was no point in continuing. If anything, she would rather save her fiery tongue from his icy presence.

The man however remain as charismatic if not as goofy as he ever was. Well, as he was when her sword wasn't drawn. When her sword was drawn the man appeared to be most uncomfortable. Maybe she should bring it out just to spite him. At last, she decided not to. The man was still stronger than her and who knew where his stupid minion was. Still, she was not about to just take a "Weiner" from the man. She folded her leg before rolling her eyes.
"Pass... I'm not about to eat something you call a 'Wiener'. Sounds filthy and full of fat." She huffed at the last question he asked, "Do I look like a murderer, Heathen? I don't kill people. I free their souls, send them to a better place free of the corruption of this world. And of course, I plan to do so if the opportunity presence itself."

The reason for the man's presence was more valuable than he originally lead on. Apparently, he wanted to make some money, a lot of money at that. He wanted them to partake in the tournament, something Tempris had done a few times before. However, the tourneys she had been involved in were minor at best.  So this would be a much more valuable use of her time, even if she had to work with the vampire. "I suppose... Sure."

Tempris jumped down from her ledge, landing gracefully with only one of her hands touching the ground. It did not seem like the vampire was going to lead the way, probably because he did not trust her. She would not blame him, though it was a little disheartening. Her own guild master couldn't trust her to not stab him in the back. She giggled and made her way to the arena. Once inside, he signed them both for the tourney. For some reason, probably because she was still a nobody in these lands, she was not allowed to partake. A mistake if you asked her but rules where rules... that is, when it involves you getting paid. But with the vampire here, she would be allowed to partake. So there was that. Maybe she should be grateful. It would be proper she supposed. She turned to the man to see him stretch and opening his stupid eye. Immediately she changed her mind and made her way to the arena. That eye was just too creepy. Why did it have to exist... especially on a creepy vampire. "Whatever... Just dont run away again."

As they walked into the arena a booming voice called out the the stands. Tempris reached for her blade started but quickly realized it was not a threat. They didn't do this at the lower ranking tournaments, or at least at the ones she partook in. The first thing it did was explain the rules. A bit redundant but whatever. There might be some idiot that did not know what they were watching. The next thing the announcer did was introduce Tempris. New blood they called her. She would disagree but this was the first time she had been in this circuit. She would let it pass for now. What was not acceptable was the laughter from the audience. Like who did they think they were. She gritted her teeth and turned to Gunter. "I hate this place already... We should burn it to the ground." The announcer saved the crowd from Tempris's glare with a last minute addition.

With the comment he made after the ignorant laughter of the audience. Tempris grew a new found liking for the announcer. After all, they weren't completely clueless with their research. It was not the best introduction, but it acceptable. She would give it a C+ and just smile. While looking forward. She did not care about entertaining the audience so she did not bothered to wave. If she was allowed to do anything, she would be setting them on fire. They deserve nothing better for their ignorance.

When Gunter was introduce, well... lets just say Tempris found a tiny bit of forgiveness in her heart. Without delay, the crowd proceeded to boo. Tempris even founding her self booing with her hand covering her mouth. However the little game had to cease and a rain of heretical fruit, eggs, and vegetables. She quickly sidestepped away from the man, knowing if anything got on her, she would probably have to do some cleansing after the whole event. The guild master had a whole record behind him, fitting of a heretical scum. It was nice knowing her feelings for him was validated by the crowd. Still, she was not stupid enough to try and piss off the man so soon. After all, if those feats held any truth to them... then he should be a man to reckon with. Still, they felt the need to test there luck... They were the ones who probably needed Illumin's attention if anything. Still, she held her tongue if only to not further bully the man. She did not want him running away just yet.

Finally, it was time to introduce the enemy faction. Tempris however did not care. All she wanted to do was just prove how stupid the crowd was for laughing at her... for herself of course. It was not like she cared about about their opinions or anything. So as the announcer gave them permission to attack, Tempris went on the attack. Without drawing her sword from her back, she ran at the men with the most heretical outfits. Tempirs would target the one on the left. Her goal was to test the waters for how powerful these men were. As soon as she made enough within range of his weapon, the man slammed down, force Tempris to jump back. The ground roared underneath the weight but she was not worried. If anything she felt like this was something she could easily deal with.
"I hope you dont make me fight them alone Annihilator of Fairy Tail."

With that she scanned the arena one quick time to see what was happening. If Gunter remained still, and the other guy went for her, she would feint another engage in a direction so that both of them couldn't attack her. Then she would kick the weapon back the first one struck hoping to throw him off guard. When the other struck with a vertical, she would hop onto the blade and then run up his arm to kick him in the face before jumping away out of both of their reach. Hopefully now the vampire was coming to help.

If he did come to help or the other guy went for him however, she would just jump on the blade of the one that attacked her and then run up his arm and kick him in the face. This was cause him to loose his balance long enough for her to land behind him and kick him in the back of the leg, forcing the man to fall down.

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Tempris/Gunter A-Rank: Baska City - Tournament Arc Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1nLet all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
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