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She well underwent as she was finally back in Hosenka. Getting that rune, was it really worth it? The tall goddess went through the streets being welcomed back by city folk as some offered her coupons for their business and even parties. Karisa was a new woman, but her appearance was already spread out like a virus. Everyone knew what she looked like at the moment she stepped into it. She was a tall six foot seven woman with a curvaceous and nicely portioned body. Her children were most likely waiting for her back him where the place was under construction. The woman had instructed her companion to protect them at a hotel that was instructed by the Serpents. After helping them out as the first welcomer out of Hosenka, she received not only the building that was originally One-eyed Panther's, but the men helped out with getting situated.

She wanted to go take a shower first before going into business as Zhongli had some business proposals for her once she returned. Some businesses are going downhill and it is all due to some unknown gang that came from a different city. What were they doing here? Karisa will learn more after she gets refreshed from the after travel from Dahlia to here. Finally, she was introduced to the large luxury hotel that the Serpents set up for her. 'So this is where you are staying?' Eris wondered darkly as she gazed up with her own two golden eyes. How will the Goddess of chaos and discord handle human life? Will she be able to handle the things she will have to deal with while down here? She wondered exactly how it will work when she is with Kazimir and her children. There were a lot of questions she didn't know where to start..

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Her hand grasped onto the golden handle to open up the glass door. She was approached by the editor of the hotel who bowed respectfully. "I am glad to see you home," he spoke some well-mannered. It put a sweet smile on her face as she tilted her head back as any person with respect will do. Even though she was technically now a goddess, it did not mean she will treat anyone differently. She loved the innocent people and those that gave her respect and due to such she will give respect back. She did not believe in the whole 'one-way train' of anything. If they want to disrespect her, be dishonest then so will she and vice versa. It was not that hard to be good to her.

She went up the elevator and to her penthouse where she was then approached by her two children and her companion who bowed to her as well. "Oh please, no need to be formal."Her head tilted up to look at him as she was on her knees to give her two kids a hug. Her eyes gazed left and right to see both of them. She wondered what they were up to while she was gone. They spoke about how they were wondering how they'd be when they grow up. Perhaps they will be like their mother or the opposite. Karisa giggled sweetly with a motherly smile, "Oh you two.~ You have quite awhile to grow to worry about such things," she noted. Her eyes opened as she was told by the two how their mother could make them grow faster so they could take care of her. she was a little shocked,, but also hurt. The mother that had no childhood... now her children want to grow faster to take care of her.

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Her companion walked towards the table nearby and came back with a letter. "Here, some weirdo arrived with this," he said in his low tone. She opened it up quickly by taring off the top clear off. She grabbed the letter out of the envelope and handed the girls the envelope part. Off they went while giggling. They were satisfied by the most simple things. Her eyes read it as Zhongli seemed to have sent someone to deliver this. He had to go back to Hargeon and left his associate behind. There was a large business of medical drugs that some gang of people was stealing and taking for their own.

She closed the letter and sighed, putting her long arm under her large chest. Her eyes gazed at her companion, "Looks like I have to go out again,~ Take care of them please." Swiftly, she gave them a goodbye hug for the day and went out once more. She hated leaving them so soon, but business was business and she was a very busy woman. It was how she was able to afford all the luxuries her children are getting. After exiting the hotel she went down the street towards the more underground area, the Crimson section. This was where all the baddies loved being located at. She remembered how the enslavement grew here as there was backstreet selling and auctions within the large casinos. She put a stop to that as she will put a stop to smuggling some old person's shop. It was getting ridiculous and they seemed to be desperate if they were willing to do that. She went down deeper as the area was only lit up by bamboo torches. The walkway was getting thinner as she went closer to the second most deepest area.

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Karisa wore flats so there was no clacking against cobblestone, it was completely silent. Her long black hair shined and glistened as it revealed the brown within the hair. If you looked closely one could see a purple tint in there as well. People were peeking from their small bamboo houses that were attached to each other. Their windows were only slightly open just enough. Her eyes shifted to the left as she saw someone hiding in the corner. Karisa smirked with eyes that bled coldness, "I don't have time for this so either you tell me what I want to know or else...," she scoffed and threw the letter at him.

He looked at it with worried eyes. She was wondering what he was thinking about. Could he be thinking about betraying her? She was not so sure, but she was prepared. He studdered his words as he pointed towards a door not so far from them. "Good boy." She patted his head and walked off with a swing of her hips. Once she got to the door she lifted her long beautiful legs and kicked the door open. The men were surrounding a table filled with drugs. "Ah, so that's where it went," she spoke with an irritated look. The men realized who it was, but they tried to stay in their position. One of the men hesitated, but came up to her with a gun, telling her to get out. Kari's eyes became dark as her facial expression turned for the worst. It was more twisted as she laughed before the area became black. Blood splattered from outside of the house and the lights flicked from inside. It wasn't her, it was someone else. It was someone worse. She enjoyed listening to the screams of these horrible people. They deserved this, didn't they? Yes. Yes, they did. They would have done this to the people if it meant for them to get the drugs. They deserved their judgment of death, chaos and that was all. She took the medical drugs and handed them back into the business. She hoped their luck and left to shower off this fifth.


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