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Demon Slayer RP! A Long Night

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#1Demonslayer RP 

Demon Slayer RP! A Long Night Empty Mon May 24, 2021 7:21 am


[align=center]Demon Slayer RP! A Long Night 13FbGSL[/align]

Demon Slayer is an anime/manga that we all love! We are not the first, but we sure will be the best Demon Slayer RP site out there. We invite you to join our site at www.demonslayer-rp.com ! Once you arrive you will see the links for our discord as well, join in and ask for help as you need it, we are more than willing to provide it. We are a growing community recently opened up in our final beta testing, and surely should be fully open soon. You can join now, get strong before the crowd floods in! Join now and claim rewards, become a demon, demon slayer , a wandering ronin, or something else as you so choose. Here are some key points to what makes us fantastic!

- Open Hashira Seats.
- Can create groups, dojo, orgs outside of the demon slayer corps, and end up founding your own.
- Combat is not mandatory, Socials and Solos allowed as well.
- Breath Styles from Canon and the ability to create custom ones as well.
- Custom Demon Arts, no "Banned" techniques, just general RP Etiquette.
- JcInk Premium site.
- Open to creativity.
- Member driven community.
- Events modeled after DnD.
- Choose your path, Demon or Human, or you could be a wandering Ronin if you want.
- Story telling and amazing scenarios to join.
- REWARDS for JUST joining the site.
- Many Many More, come check us out or just come hang in the discord.
- We allow Mature Content (18+) if properly labeled as such, but is not our focus, but more than welcome.

You can join us at www.demonslayer-rp.com ! We welcome all RP styles!

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