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Homeward Bound [Baska to Orchidia]

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Homeward Bound [Baska to Orchidia] Empty Tue May 18, 2021 3:04 am


One thing she counted herself blessed for was the fact that when it came to traveling, she could always rely on her trustworthy mount. The White Wyvern seemed to enjoy traveling across the country, and even when it went off to do its own thing all it requires was one sharp whistle from her to get the creature to return to her side.

Esperia had just finished visiting Baska's market, purchasing a few souvenirs in the form of toys for Hasani when the vampire made her way to the outskirts of Baska. Even now the thought on what to do lingered on her mind, the note that was left behind by the Magic Council, the trade she was offered was a tough one.

The moment she stepped outside the city Esperia whistled sharply, causing the wyvern to emerge from the nearby woods as it let out an excited screech. Sensing the troubled mind of its partner the wyvern lightly bumped her head against her shoulder, making Esperia smile briefly and pat the creature on its shoulder, explaining with a soft smile lingering on her lips.

"Don't worry about it~ Take us back to Orchidia please~ Hasani and Valerie are waiting for us."

200 WC to travel~

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