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Ana: Befall the Princess [SL]

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She witnessed the woman who she dragged alongside her grow up into the woman she once was. It was like watching a seed grow into a beautiful tree in the blink of an eye. The man and woman became close friends like she as if she thought Ana could never due to her hatred. Was it this man's fault?! Soon she will find out as the winds of time swooned her in a circle. She saw now her and her father speaking about something and Ana was freaking out. Arisa walked closer to her as she was in a hall of gold and white marble. The walls were decorated with nature and paintings.

Ana ran towards the balcony of her room and leaned over the railing of thick marble dramatically. She cried and wondered why it had to be some stranger from another kingdom. Her heart already belonged to someone, her friend who lived in the village. She felt as if her father betrayed her yet she could not get herself to hate him. As the same day turned into the night she watched Ana hide behind a black cloak. Her face was hidden behind a scarf of the same color. Slowly, she snuck out and went to visit her friend.

She waited by the alleyway and leaned against the wall of the same store Arisa got her outfit. Patiently, she waited for her to end up doing something. Arisa opened the map, but by that time she heard a man call for her softly. The two held hands and gazed at each other passionately. Ana sadly told him the news and with that, he backed away. His face was filled with pain as his hands let go of hers. Shaking his head he spoke something that Arisa could not hear and stormed off. Ana, witnessing him leave her made her fall onto her knees and cried.

Ana: Befall the Princess [SL] Sigme10

Ana: Befall the Princess [SL] Empty Mon May 17, 2021 4:36 pm


As she was on her knees still, she suddenly saw a flash of light coming closer. She heard guards yell out to find the princess. Her heart panicked all of a sudden as she got up quickly. Her eyes couldn't believe what she was seeing as they were searching through people's homes. How did they know she was here? Did someone tell on her? She backed away slowly and ran off, not seeing what happened to them. Arisa herself gazed towards the village as the place started to go up in flames. Were these people not loved? Arisa thought that till she saw a symbol on the guard's armor.

The symbol didn't belong to this Kingdom so who was at fault? She turned away filled with sadness and followed Ana's path. The time skipped once more to what looked like a few months from then. She was suddenly in the Throne Room as the king was sitting down and Ana was facing an unknown man. He had blue eyes of ice and hair of ash blonde. His smile was sinister, but perhaps in front of others, it was innocent and genuine. As she watched she suddenly realized that he was the man who she was going to marry! He wasn't even from the same country! He was from...

She gazed as the light flashed into her eyes once more as the time went forward. The wedding went on as the people of this city gazed at them from the balcony close to the throne room. People cheered in happiness not knowing his real intentions and neither did Ana at the time. She seemed sad deep inside and it was probably because of the guy back in the village. After their marriage, they went to the room where they mated with each other as she was at the time forced to.

This story seemed all grand and happy, but at the same time sad. The fact that she had to marry some stranger instead of the one she loved was tragic, but not enough for Ana being the way she turned out. She gazed around and started to walk. The area was quiet and the further she walked the darker the outside got. Time was roaming during her walk. She was so focused and the surroundings meant nothing to her at the moment. Arisa needed some time to think about it all of the time. Time to process it all even though she was the controller of time already. It did not matter though. She had to figure out Ana's true fate as it was the cause of even Kuri's Timeline.

The weather started to stir into darkness as thunder roared. You could hear the clank of metal being hit by the rain. It was a peaceful sound, but the meaning of such weather could be grim. As she believed, she heard screams that came from down the hill. Arisa quickly ran down the hall and searched for the room. There were so many damn rooms in the area. Her eyes glared in irritation as there she is some signs saying where certain rooms were. It took a little bit, but she found the only room a group of people was surrounding. Arisa walked through the gathered people who appeared to be blocking the King's Chambers. The King was lying lifeless on the bed as his body was halfway hanging on the edge of it.

Blood was pooled across the floor as if someone literally slaughtered him like an animal. Ana oddly was missing though and so was the husband of hers that she was forcefully married to. People started to whisper and put out rumors, but soon enough they found the closest person to them. Apparently, Ana's village crush was found closest to the Palace. Once Ana found out she was even more devastated and locked herself in her room. Arisa was unsure what to do since she wasn't physically there enough to do anything just yet. It took time for her physical presence to do anything. Only a true god or goddess could make it happen.

She went around and looked for a solution and wondered if perhaps she missed something. As everyone was forced to leave the area she investigated the area. Under the bed, looking for perhaps anything, but then she slapped her head remembering she had the power to motion time. Quickly, she clenched her fist as her eyes turned into clocks. She watched as she saw the person kill the King.


She should have known it was him. It was obvious from the beginning. If anyone knew how politics worked, they will know that it is always a game. A serious game that turns your own life into a game of life or death. People will try to kill you to get higher in status or to be filled with power. Arisa clenched her fist in anger as she was sorry for the one that was convicted when they were innocent in the first place.

A flash of light appeared in her eyes again. The only thing Arisa could get out was a sigh and 'here we go again. She wondered if it was possible to deflect that side effect. There she stood as she then saw Ana suddenly being cuffed and taken down in the dungeon. The area was filled with stone and the one who was supposed to love her, take care of her had women hung over him in loose clothing. They were drinking and watching Ana sob as she was pulled down into the darkest part of the dungeon.


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Ana: Befall the Princess [SL] Sigme10

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