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Deserting Feelings [Storyline quest]

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Arisa was blinded by the light as she could not really see what was going on in front of her. Her hair flailed all over as a large amount of wind blew her way. She tried to open her eyes as a small amount of sprinkling sand flickered into her eye sockets. Where was she to the point that there was all this sand? Was it a beach or some sort? As she felt the wind finally calming down she realized that she was actually surrounded by desert. The area was super empty besides a few houses that seemed to be made out of some sort of red clay.

Arisa was confused by this and grabbed the first scroll that she and Ana worked on. she was unsure what exactly she was going to find out, but at least she will get to know something from all that work behind the scroll. she sighed and tiredly gazed at it while opening it up. She realized that perhaps that will tell her details she will even need to know to go further. Her eyes were blinded by blue light as the lettering told her details her. It was written that she was supposed to be now in Ana's time and she will have to go by the market area of the little village she was now in. She gazed everywhere with her hand above her eyes. She hated the sand for the reason that sand can get in anything and anywhere.

The heat was rather devouring her body. Arisa hated the heat and loved the cold. How could Ana endure this and enjoy such weather? Can you imagine the types of sunburns someone can get from the amount of heat the sun gives? Arisa did not really want to think about that against her own skin.

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The rays felt blistering hot as the sweat upon her brow sizzles as soon as it appears. She walks around to look for a shop of some kind. Maybe they will have some clothes that will fit this era. The people around here were cheeful and roamed around the streets with dancing and colorful streaks of clothing, This kind of made her feel cheerful as well. She made a small smile that risen into a larger one. She twirled and smiled while suddenly bumping into a child. Her eyes widened as she found her.

Her ruby eyes and white hair that glistened by the sun. She was filled with riches from face to ware. Was she from a wealthy family unlike the others? She apologized to the child-like Ana and bowed her head while then going to get changed. Her eyes cornered behind her to make sure the little girl was still there. Last thing she needed was to lose Ana and then having to find her all over again. Once she got better ware she was finally ready to go out there and find her. It was sooner than she thought when she saw the girl. Her own eyes watched her playing around with a boy that seemed like they were close friends. It was a happy sight so what all happened?

She noticed after so long that it was getting darker. Her eyes witnessed the two giving each other a hug which proved that they were close friends. Slowly, she followed Ana who was acting a little bit sneaky. Thankfully, she could not be seen since she did not really exist at this time so honestly the only one that will notice her will be anyone that also could mess with time like gods and goddesses. What Country was she in right now? She was unsure.

Deserting Feelings [Storyline quest] Sigme10

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She was hiding behind the shadows of each building, the alleyways as well as small boxes enough to hide her body. What was she exactly hiding from? She continued to follow and saw she was going towards a large wall that guarded a castle. It was huge, beautiful white stone with some red mixed within. The outlines were made out of gold as the front of it was made out of pure marble. The fountain within was remarkable as it made the whole area sparkle with shimmering water.

She walked through the pathway and followed her still. Softly she sighed and went up with her. She seemed to stopped the hiding and acted casually.. Her eyes gazed towards the people that were coming their way towards her. They bowed to her calling her princess. She was confused and then she went through the halls normally. Was Ana a princess in her first timeline? Why did anyone want to harm her if she was a princess? A loved one at that as she did not see any resentment from the people that were maids and servants.

Time went on by as time flew very quickly. She saw Ana's life passby as if it was clearly nothing. It seemed as if nothing really eventful happened within the gap that the time passed. It will stop when things finally happen or need be, correct? She was unsure due to the fact it passed ten years or so. Only thing she really witnessed was how the boy and Ana were getting closer as if they were siblings. It was a tad touching and almost made her feel like what her and another person had. It didn't end well for her so...

What Arisa did not realize was that something was changing every so often from the boy himself. Ana grew up into a beautiful young lady, Her father loved her a lot it seemed as she was cherished with anything she wanted. The people loved her as they were always happy to see her. Was it really true or was it false and they were paid to act this way? Arisa was unsure as she decided to continue on forward. Her mind started to receive a headache and eyes closed. Within an instant between the time of her eyes closing and then reopening she was now in a different year.


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Deserting Feelings [Storyline quest] Sigme10

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