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Taking the second step [Traveling from Baska to Hargeon]

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Taking the second step [Traveling from Baska to Hargeon] Empty Thu May 13, 2021 10:58 am


To think she was really going to go ahead with this outlandish plan of hers. All things considered, it was reckless, too reckless, and too many factors that relied on other people.

It was early in the morning when Esperia was walking along the outskirts of Baska, her crimson-colored eyes gazing sorrowfully at the city. It would take a while before the results of her deeds would be set in motion, but she had sworn she would purge the corruption that haunted those lands. Turning away from the city Esperia made a sharp whistle, the sound soon causing a pair of heavy wings to beat through the sky, and in the distance she could see her White Wyvern appearing at the horizon. The silver-haired witch smiled briefly at the sight of her old friend, while at the same time she heard a pair of footsteps coming from behind her.

"You're still planning to go through with that crazy idea of yours?" Esperia turned around, the wolf girl in front of her making Esperia nod her head firmly in response to the question. "I need to do this Fenrir, as much for my own sake, as it is for my new family. Please head toward Orchidia and keep them safe. In return I promise you'll get to experience some neat battles soon."

Fenrir huffed lightly at her, crossing her arms underneath her chest as she exclaimed proudly. "Fine, but only because you asked so nicely."

Esperia nodded her head with a smile lingering on her lips, a hand raised up to pat the wolf girl's head after which she hopped onto the back of her white wyvern.

The beast seemed happy to see her, and oddly enough there was some form of comfort to be found in the idea of traveling by normal means. With those words in mind, Esperia's mount took flight, hovering a few meters over the grass upon which it finally started to ascent into the sky. It was time to start the next stage of her plan.

346/300 (50% discount to traveling, 600 words to travel to Hargeon)

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