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Talk It Out (Quest, Tempris)

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#1Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe

Rinni and Tempris once again received letters from good old Doctor Gerard requesting urgently their arrival at the hospital.  The werewolf wasted no time heading to the hospital where she would meet up with her young friend and the doctor. As Rinni arrived at the hospital, the first thing she noticed was doctor Gerard pacing in frustration and she could barely make out the sound of mumbling coming from him.

As soon as the doctor noticed the two young ladies, he ushered them into his office. Something felt off. He was impatient, rushed. Nothing like the man they had first met at the start of this mess. She wondered what was wrong, but if she had to take a guess, she'd guess it was related to that Gang from before.

Boy, she hated when she was right.

"Those Cold Colliers have gone too far! Poisoning the main water supply?! Just because they hate society?! This has to stop!" Gerard rattled off an address to them, stating it would lead them to the Cold Colliers' base. "I need you to go speak with their leader, Mattoro. See if you can talk some sense into him."

"You want us to talk to this gang leader?" Rinni questioned, doubting that this plan was the best idea.

"Yes. See if you two can convince them to stop."

Rinni looked down at Tempris and sighed. She wasn't sure if it was a good idea. Would they even take seriously a child and a teen girl coming to their leader to convince them they meant no harm and only wished for them to cease this dangerous operation of theirs? It was risky, to say the least.

Rinni nodded to Tempris and the two girls left the hospital together. On her way out, Rinni activated her Pocket Dimension Ring and geared up just in case. She highly doubted this would go over without a fight.


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Once again, Tempris received a letter from the good ole doctor. There was not a lot of information, but given the situation last time with the group pouring those chemicals into the water, she knew she needed to take this. Also, the credit for saving the town would make this all the more juicy. So Tempris got her cloak and equipped her gear. It was time to save some souls.

When her and Rinni met up with the Doctor, he seemed in a panic. There was something up for sure. She could only guess it involved the gang but why is the doctor scared of this gang... well any more than the normal sinner. The doctor spouted his spill about how the gang was doing bad stuff or whatever. All Tempris really cared about was where and how many.

"Convince them to stop? Why don't we just take care of them now? They are criminals and her... Why do you want us to work with them?"
Rinni however accepted the terms which meant Tempris had to hold her own opinion. This was stupid, really stupid but that didn't mean she couldn't use force to deal with these sinners. Tempris lead the way with her sword on her shoulder flaming with all its holy glory. If these people were smart they would not cause any more problems. Even better though, they would give up and let her cleanse their sins.

Finally they would reach the location with 2 guards standing around looking very sinful. "That's them, I can smell the heresy." Tempris closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, "But if you really want to try to be all nice or whatever... go ahead Rinni."



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#3Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe

"I'm not entirely sure that's heresy you're smelling..." Rinni implied, nose scrunching up at the lack of personal hygiene coming from the two guards. She looked down at the blond beside her as she spoke her opinion, stating that if Rinni really wanted to play nice then go ahead and do so. The werewolf hummed and responded in a low enough tone to not be overheard by the guards who had clearly noticed them. "To be perfectly honest, Tempris, I agree with you. I don't like this one bit. When we get up there, I'll do the talking. But, I also know firsthand how powerful that sword of yours is. Keep it ready in case things go south."

As the girls approached the guards, Rinni was surprised to discover they were expecting her. Fully equipped, she hid her surprise easily behind her Corvo's Mask which allowed her identity to remain secret. "We're here to speak with Mattoro." She announced calmly, to which the guards complied with her request quite easily. There was just one catch.

"We require you to hand over your weapons before we take you to see Mattoro."


So much for plan A. Looked like they'd have to fall back on plan B. Rinni reluctantly handed her Arcing Bow and Arcing Dagger to the first guard. As the second guard approached Tempris and held out his hand, Rinni nodded to the girl. "Give him your sword." She then looked at Tempris as if to say 'trust me' as the guards left the Ranger and Paladin defenseless. "Never thought I'd say this but... take us to your leader." As Rinni walked behind the guards, her cuirass glowed an electric blue with each step.

Once inside, Rinni bowed to the Gang Leader as a show of respect before looking up at him and speaking as politely, openly, and respectfully as possible. As she spoke, she kept Tempris close to her side. She knew that without her sword the girl was basically defenseless. Well, that cloak she wears may be useful, to be honest. The fact they were unaware Rinni was a werewolf also played in their favor.

"You must be Mattoro. It's a pleasure and an honor to meet you at last." The words felt like poison on her tongue. "I'd like to ask that you no longer poison the water supply. For the good of everyone."

"Everyone?" Mattoro laughed. "What do we get of it?"

"I would assume that you two rely on that water source..."

"We have our own means of getting by. And society as done nothing to benefit our kind so why should we stop poisoning them?"

"Sir, the innocent animals... the small defenseless children..."

"Not our problem."

"But the children are innocent!"

"No one is innocent! I will not stop nor will I let some children speak down to me! Especially not a couple of little girls!"

This was not going well at all.

Then again...

She already knew it wouldn't.


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"No, that's heresy. Dirt, stench, and all." Tempris chuckled lazily, "I'll be standing by don't worry." Little did Tempris know, it would not be that easy. The guards wanted them to hand over their weapons. Like hell she was. She rather just burn them here. She was ready too reaching for her blade but Rinni wanted to comply. "Ugh find. Stupid rules." Tempris pulled out the weapon and impaled it into the ground at the man's feet. Tempris was completely against this but... it got them inside. Still, it was a terrible idea. She could feel it.

Once inside, they were taken to the leader of the group, Mattoro. Rinni took the lead for talking to them. This was good because Tempris was not going to play nice with them. If she had her weapon she would of just impaled the man here and now. The gang didn't respect Rinni's request and even laughed at them. That was strike number 2. No matter what Rinni did, they just didn't listen. Even worst, now they were just little girls and children. Who did this guy think he was.

"I'm sorry... What did you just say you sinner. We were very nice to you and complied with your stupid rules." Tempris stepped forward with a burning glare for the bastard. "If we are just children, why are you hiding way up there? Why dont you come down here and say it to my face. Better yet. I'mma just come up there and send you Illumi myself. Be grateful that I was..." Tempris reached for her sword but it wasn't there. She gave it up to come inside.

"Cute, real cute girls. But I'm good standing up here. But if you want to play so badly. I'll let my boys deal with you. Too bad you we cant make any more play dates because, you wont make it out of here alive."

Tempris gave an uneasy laugh. "Ops.. um Rinni. What are we going to do..."

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